Best Methods How to Hack WhatsApp in 2021

Methods How to Hack WhatsApp
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With the advancement in technology, it’s getting more difficult every day to keep an eye on what your spouse or kids are doing on the internet. Whether you want to know who your husband chats with all day or just concerned about your child’s activities, there are several reasons why people want to hack someone’s WhatsApp without letting them know. These methods will help you in knowing how to hack whatsapp in 2021.

If you’re on this article then you’re probably trying to find a WhatsApp hack that lets you monitor all the WhatsApp data, including; text messages, images, videos, and much more. In this article, we’ll give you a few methods so you’ll know exactly how to hack someone’s WhatsApp without being noticed.

Is It Possible to Hack WhatsApp?

Don’t worry, you’re not the first person to ask this question. There are a lot of people who want to know how to hack WhatsApp without access to target phone. WhatsApp may seem impossible to hack but with a few tricks, you can easily get into someone’s WhatsApp remotely without physically checking their smartphone. 

How WhatsApp Hacking Works

WhatsApp hacking allows you to track all the WhatsApp information of the other person, including; 

  • Read All Conversations 
  • See Images and Videos
  • Incoming and Outgoing Call Records
  • And Much More. 

It will give you access to all the WhatsApp activity of the other person so you’ll know exactly who they are talking to and what’s going on behind your back. 

You don’t have to manually open the other person’s smartphone and check their WhatsApp activity because that will alert them and they’ll know that someone has accessed their personal chats. With the WhatsApp hack, you’ll be able to monitor and see live conversations without causing any kind of trouble.

How to Hack WhatsApp Account Free No Survey No Download?

Hacking a WhatsApp account is a bit difficult than you think! There are plenty of websites on the internet that shows that they can hack any WhatsApp account but turns out to be a scam. WhatsApp hack uses a lot of resources and is possible with a WhatsApp hack app that is made specifically for this purpose. In order to hack a WhatsApp account remotely without letting the other person know, use the below popular tricks;

  • Use WhatsApp Web Version via Scanning the QR Code

A free but risky way to access someone’s WhatsApp account is to sync it with the web version, known as “WhatsApp Web”. It will allow you to monitor all the WhatsApp activities and chats but the hard part is that you’ve to physically access the target smartphone in order to sync it with the WhatsApp web. If you want to go with this WhatsApp hack then follow the below steps;

  • Open WhatsApp Web ( on your PC or laptop.
  • Check the box which says “Keep me signed in”.
  • Now the most difficult part, open the WhatsApp app on the other person’s smartphone. It has to be passcode or Touch-ID free in order to enter.
  • If you enter WhatsApp then go to the menu and open WhatsApp Web. Now scan the QR code on your PC with the target’s device and you’re in.

This WhatsApp hack will give you access to all the WhatsApp data but is very risky as you have to physically get access to the other person’s smartphone. There’s also another downside to this method, if the other person opens the WhatsApp web section in his/her smartphone, they’ll know when their device has been hacked and from which device. Anyway, it’s a free method and can be used to hack a WhatsApp account. 

  • Use A Spy App

If you want to know how to hack WhatsApp without access to target phone then this method is the best! This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to hack someone’s WhatsApp account and gain access to all their WhatsApp activities without any risk involved. With these spy apps, you can remotely gain access to all the WhatsApp data and monitor all the conversations.

There are many spy apps on the internet but we personally like “mSpy” due to its user-friendly interface and affordable prices. With this WhatsApp hack app, you’ll instantly gain remote access to all the WhatsApp information and also get many extra advanced features that no other spy app offers. From reading text messages to multimedia files, mSpy allows you to monitor all WhatsApp activities on a single dashboard. 

  • WhatsApp Password Recovery Feature

It’s a very old trick but can only work if you’re close to the other person. For this WhatsApp hack to be successful, you’ve to know the email and password of the WhatsApp account that you want to hack. It’s very risky because when you change the password, the target person also receives an email alerting them that their password has been changed. 

  • Social Engineering and Password Cracking

You can try and guess someone’s password to hack their WhatsApp account but a few wrong attempts and you’ll be locked out for at least a month. Not the best method but can work if your luck is right. 

After reading this article, we hope that now you know how to hack WhatsApp account and gain access to all the information.

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