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CCleaner Pro Apk Download Latest Version for Android Devices (2020)

Looking for the latest version of CCleaner Pro Apk? If yes, then you just have come to the right place. If you want to clear the unused files and RAM on your Android device, then CCleaner is one of the best Android memory cleaning app that you can get for free. Hello guys, we are back with Another cool Android MOD apk for you. In this post, we’ll learn about the CCleaner Pro app. We’ll discuss the features of this app and will show you the complete installation process. You’ll also get the direct link to download CCleaner Pro Apk for your Android device. So, read this post till the end to know all the features of CCleaner Pro for Android.

ccleaner pro apk

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CCleaner Pro is the pro version of popular Android Storage and RAM Management app CCleaner. You can clear Junk, Unused apps, RAM of your device with this Android tool. It is an all-in-one solution to clear the storage and RAm of your device. If you’re facing low storage on your Android device, then you can give it a try. CCleaner Pro Apk tool has 50M+ downloads on Google Play Store, and it got an average 4.6* reviews. So, you can guess how popular CCleaner is.[/su_box]

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App Name CCleaner Pro
Size 16 MB
Version v5.0.0
Required Android Version Android 4.0+
Total Downloads 500,000+


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CCleaner Pro Apk Description

CCleaner Pro Apk

Android devices come with their own internal storage. Every Android device has a different internal storage size. It could be 8GB for low-end devices, and it goes up to 265GB for high-end devices. The same things go with the RAM (Random Access Memory) of the device. It could be lower or higher and depends on which Android device you are using.

The internal storage of an Android device is used to store system files and apps. The newly installed apps are stored in your Android device’s internal storage by default. Not only the apps, sometimes the internal storage of your Android device is full of junk files and cookies and caches and what not!

Plus, the users of the device store files in the internal storage of the device. If you download any file from the internet on your device, it’ll be stored in the internal storage of your device. The same thing goes with the files received by Bluetooth, Xender, Whatsapp, and other file receiving options.

Sometimes we forget to delete the unused files received by these file receiving options. Suppose you received a meme image six months ago from one of your Whatsapp contacts and you have not deleted the file manually. It is stored in the internal storage of your device for six months. So, it’s using some storage of your device. You forget about this, and someday you see that your internal storage is full and you’ve to clear the internal storage of your device to store new files.

At that time, it gets complicated to clear the unused files one by one. There are hundreds of files in the internal storage, and you end up wasting your time and effort for deleting those unused files manually.

What if I say that there’s an app for your Android device that’ll help you clear those junk files. Yes, you have heard it right. CCleaner is the app that you need if you want to clear the unused files on your device and free up your device’s internal storage.

It helps you to find all the unused files that you have not opened for days and gives you the option to delete those files. You can clear those files with just one click without wasting any time or effort. CCleaner will display all the junk files, and you can choose which file should be deleted and which is going to stay.

It can also clear the RAM of your device. If you open an Android app and forget to clear the app from the background, it’ll take some RAM of your device and your device will become slow. But, you can clear the RAM of your device using CClear at one click.

Overall, CCleaner is a swiss army knife tool who wants an all-in-one Android storage and RAm management tool to clear junk files on their Android device. It has many features including Storage Cleaner, Optimizer, App Manager, Memory cleaner, and so on. Each feature of CCleaner has its own feature. For example, if you want to clear the RAM of your device, you have to open RAM cleaner option, if you want to monitor the apps, then you have to use the app manager option.

As I said earlier, the user base of CCleaner is worldwide. It has users from different countries who are using it daily on their Android device. We are talking about the Pro version of CCleaner, which is called CCleaner Pro or Cleaner Professional. The Pro version has all the same features of the free version. But few features have been added in the Pro version of CCleaner. The Pro version has No-Ads features, and it’ll help you to use CCleaner without any interruption.

CCleaner is easy to use. The functions of this Android tool are available on the homepage of the app. You can choose your desired option and run it. It’ll first scan your device’s internal storage and the show all the junk files on your screen. After that, you can choose to clean the files.

Installing CCleaner Pro on your Android device is a very easy process. You just have to download the latest version of CCleaner Pro apk on your Android device and then start using it. If you want to know the complete installation process, then keep reading.

Now, let’s talk about some highlighted features of CCleaner Pro.

CCleaner Pro Features

  • Storage Cleaner: CCleaner helps to clear the storage of your Android device. You can use this option to scan all the files stored on your device, and it’ll show all the junk files, cookies, cache, and other unused files. Then you can clear the storage, and it’ll free up the internal storage. When you browse the internet with your internet browser, it stores some caches, browsing history, and other junk files in the internal storage of your device. CCleaner scans those files and gives you the option to clear it. After cleaning the junk files, you’ll see the minor speed difference of your Android device. It’ll free up the internal storage. So, you can store new files in storage. If you are using a device that has 16GB or less internal storage, then you probably have noticed that after installing some apps, the system of your device sends you a notification saying Your Internal Storage is Full and You have to Clear Your Internal Storage to install new apps. This Storage Cleaner feature of CCleaner will help you to Clean Cookies and junk files and will give you storage so that you can install new apps without uninstalling the already installed app on your Android device.
  • Optimizer: CCleaner optimizes your device and shows you which apps should be uninstalled or which folder should be cleaned. After optimizing your device, you can use your device more freely. The storage analyzer analyzes your device’s storage and shows both the free and used storage. It shows all the Big sized files that are stored in your device’s storage. You can choose if you want to delete those files.
  • Memory or RAM Booster: RAM booster is one of the most useful features of CCleaner Pro. This RAM booster option helps you to boost the RAM of your device. Let me tell you why you need to boost the RAM of your device. Some apps remain still as running condition after you close them. So, it’ll use the RAM of your Android device to run. But you don’t need the apps to use your RAM after you close it. So, you can use the RAM cleaner option of CCleaner Pro to free up the RAM and boost your device. It’ll clear all the apps that are running in the background and free up your device. This feature is useful to those who have 2GB or less RAM on their Android device. You can monitor the apps that are currently running in the background and cleaner them.
  • App Manager: CCleaner has an inbuilt app manager in it. You can monitor all the apps that are currently installed on your Android device. Then you can choose to uninstall the unused apps to free up the storage of your Android device. It’ll show all the apps sort by size, and you can uninstall the large-sized apps from there. It also gives you the ability to uninstall the system apps on your Android device. You can find the apps that are draining your battery and remove them from your device. It shows which apps are consuming data. Overall, the app manager of CCleaner Pro is pretty cool.
  • Automatic Cleaning: You can enable this option to clean your device automatically. If you don’t want to clean the files manually, then just enable the automatic cleaning option to clean the files automatically. It’ll scan your device and will clear all the junk files, unused apps, and boost the RAm of your device.
  • No Ads: The Pro version of CCleaner has not a single ad in it. Sometimes, it gets really annoying when you are using an app, and an ad pop-up comes in front of you. But fortunately, the Pro version of CCleaner is free from all the ads. You don’t have to watch annoying ads while using CCleaner on your Android device. This feature gives better user experience while using CCleaner Pro. You won’t interrupt by any annoying ads while using CCleaner Pro.
  • Free: CCleaner Pro is a free app. You don’t have to pay or purchase a subscription to use CCleaner Pro on your Android device. You can use it for absolutely free. Just have to download CCleaner Pro from the download link below and follow the installation process to install it on your Android device. Then you are ready to go. It is one of the best and useful free apps that you can get for your Android device.
  • Simple Interface: CCleaner Pro has one of the simplest interfaces ever. You’ll find all the options in one place. The interface of CCleaner pro is pretty straightforward, and you can use all the options quickly. The features of this app are well organized. Just choose which task you want to perform with CCleaner Pro, and it’ll run it.
  • Lite: CCleaner Pro itself is a very lite app and doesn’t take much storage on your Android device.

Download CCleaner Pro Apk Latest Version for Android

You can download the latest version of CCleaner Pro Apk from the link below. It is the direct link to download the app, and it is 100% virus-free link. CCleaner Pro is entirely safe to install and use, and you can use it on your device without any doubt or worries. If the download link is not working, then you can comment down in the comment section below, and we will update the download links. If you want to know the installation process, you can follow the installation process below to install the app successfully on your Android device.

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How to Install?

  • The very first step is to go to Settings>Security on your Android device and enable ‘Install from Unknown Source’ Option. If you are using Android 7.0+ devices, you have to grant the permission of your file manager to install an external or downloaded apk file. After you enable this, you can proceed to the next options.
  • Download the apk file from the above link.
  • Open the file manager of your device and go to the ‘Downloads’ folder. There you’ll find the CCleaner Pro apk file. Click on it to install.
  • Click ‘Install’ to install the app.
  • It’ll take some time to install. Wait until the installation process completes.
  • After completing the installation process, you can open CCleaner Pro from your app drawer.

Final Words

So, guys, I hope you liked this post. If you liked, you could share it with your friends and family on social media by clicking the share buttons below. If you have any questions or queries regarding CCleaner Pro, then you can comment down in the comment section below. Visit our Homepage to explore more apps like this.

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