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Top 7 Best Clubhouse Alternatives for Android in 2022

In recent times, ClubHouse has been one of the most popular social media platforms. As an alternative to popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, users love to use Clubhouse to communicate with people all around the world. However, there are some users who don’t like Clubhouse and looking for an alternative tool for communication. If you are looking for the same, you just have come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll talk about some of the best Clubhouse alternatives for Android smartphones and tablets. So, you can get one of these apps on your device.

Clubhouse isn’t the only app that helps users to communicate via voice instead of text. There are various other apps are available as well that help you do that. However, some of these apps might not have the same features as Clubhouse. But, as Clubhouse alternatives, you can surely use one of these apps on your device, and use it to communicate with others easily. Below, we have described the features of these apps. So, you can get one of them on your device, and use it for voice communication on your Android smartphone or tablet.

About ClubHouse

Clubhouse is a trending social media app, available for multiple platforms including Android. With ClubHouse, you can communicate with users available on the platform. It is a social media voice chatting app. So, on Clubhouse, you can create a chat room, and add other Clubhouse users.

Then, you can communicate in the chat room via audio communication. So, instead of traditional chat rooms like Facebook groups, Clubhouse uses voice chats for communicating. If you want to host a meeting, or just want to hang out with your friends, you can use Clubhouse to do that easily. It’ll help you to get more interactions compared to traditional texting methods.

Best Clubhouse Alternatives

Although Clubhouse has been a popular social media platform, many users often look for alternatives to Clubhouse. This is because they might not like the features of Clubhouse, or they might want to move away for other reasons.

So, if you are wondering if there’s any alternative to Clubhouse available or not, then let me tell you that there are many Clubhouse alternatives available out there. Especially, if you are using an Android smartphone or tablet, then you’ll get various alternatives that you can use on your device, and make audio chats easily without any issues.

Here are a few of them:

1. Facebook Live Audio Room

Best Clubhouse Alternatives

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms nowadays. Over time, Facebook has added various features and integrated them into the platform. Facebook Live Audio Room is a feature of Facebook that they have recently introduced. This feature of Facebook is similar to Clubhouse. You can create a live room on Facebook, and add your Facebook friends. Then, the room members will be able to communicate via voice on the platform. So, if you want to use a Clubhouse alternative platform on your Android device, Facebook lives audio room is one of the best among them.

And the best part about Facebook’s live audio room is, that you don’t have to download any additional app to use this feature of Facebook. As it is available on the Facebook app itself, you’ll be able to use this feature of Facebook without downloading any additional apps. So, it’s completely free to use Facebook Live Audio Room to create a conversation with your friends. You can do that easily without any issues on your Android device. However, an extra feature that you get with this platform is the fundraiser feature. Where you can raise funds for an event from the participant.

2. Twitter Spaces

Twitter has recently introduced the Twitter spaces feature for users. With this feature, you can add Twitter users to your own Twitter space, and communicate with them with voice chatting. So, Twitter Spaces is one of the best Clubhouse alternatives, that you can get on your Android device. Just like Clubhouse, it’ll help you to communicate with the participant with live voice chats. But, you can’t make Twitter space private. It’ll be public, and any Twitter user excluding users whom you have blocked can join Twitter spaces.

Unlike Clubhouse, you can add up to 10 speakers on Twitter Spaces. So, that’s one drawback of this platform. However, you can control who’s allowed to speak on Twitter spaces. You can add co-hosts and allow them to speak. There’s also an option to remove people from the space. So, if you don’t want someone in Twitter Space, you can remove the user easily. You’ll get the spaces option of Twitter in your Twitter app itself. So, you don’t have to download any other app separately. Also, Twitter Spaces is free to use. So, you can use it, and unite with other Twitter users, just like Clubhouse.

3. Spotify Live

Best Clubhouse Alternatives

Spotify Live, previously known as Spotify Greenroom is a social media platform, where you can host live audio chat rooms and add other users. If you need the same features as Clubhouse in an alternative app, then Spotify Live would be good for you. It has the same features as Clubhouse, even the interface is very much similar. So, Spotify Live is one of the best platforms to get live audio rooms. However, Spotify Live is an experimental project of Spotify. So, there might be some limitations to this platform.

On Spotify Live, you can create a room, and then add other users to the room. And just like Clubhouse, in each room of Spotify Live, there’ll be both speakers and listeners. Additionally, there’ll be a host who has created the room. If you have created a room on Spotify Live, then you’ll be able to add or join the users. You can add up to 1000 users to a single room with Spotify Live. So, there’s one benefit that you’ll get with Spotify Live. And you can use it on your Android smartphone or tablet without any issues.

4. Discord Stage Channels

Discord is known as the ‘social media platform for gamers’. Many gamers use Discord to communicate when playing a game on their devices. Other than communicating, Discord users can also share photos, and videos, and chat on a Discord channel. However, Discord Stage Channels are a little bit different than the regular channels of Discord. Because, with Stage Channels, you’ll be able to create a channel, and then make audio-only conversations. It’s the same as Clubhouse where some users can speak, and some can only listen to the conversation. The creator of the channel can decide that.

Discord also has a channel option named Discord voice channel. The difference between the Voice channel and the Stage channel is, that anyone in the voice channel can use the live voice chat option. However, with the Stage channel, you’ll be able to decide who’ll be the speakers and who’ll be the listeners. You can also make the channel private or public according to your choice. So, as a Clubhouse Alternative, you can surely use Discord Stage Channels and make voice conversations easily without any issues. You’ll get this feature on the Discord app itself. So, you don’t have to download any app separately.

5. Reddit Talk

Best Clubhouse Alternatives

Reddit Talk is an exclusive invite-only feature of Reddit where subreddit users can communicate with each other in a virtual room. It is available only for some selected users. And you can apply for Reddit talk if you want to get access to this feature of Reddit. There are various options are available on this platform. You can be a moderator, or you can be a speaker on Reddit Talk. So, Reddit Talk is one of the best Clubhouse alternatives that you can try on your Android device.

One con of Reddit Talk is, that it’s not available for everyone. You can apply to join Reddit Talk with this link, and fill up the Google Form. It’s free to use Reddit Talk and you’ll be able to do that without any issues. So, Reddit Talk is a great way to communicate with subreddit users via voice chats. As told earlier, currently, Reddit Talk isn’t available for every user. However, we hope that it’ll soon be available for all Reddit users and everyone can use it. If you want to get access to Reddit Talk now, just apply through the link and communicate with Reddit users easily.

6. Telegram Voice Chats

Telegram is a popular social media message app and one of the best alternatives to the popular social media messaging app, Whatsapp. Just like other social media messaging apps, you can create groups on Telegram and add group members to the group. Earlier, you could share messages, voice messages, photos, videos, etc to a group chat on Telegram. However, after recent updates, Telegram has added a feature named Voice Chats that is similar to Clubhouse. So, Telegram Voice Chat is one of the best Clubhouse alternatives that you can try on your device.

If you already added to a Telegram group, or if you are a group admin on Telegram, then you can create the voice chat option, and add other Telegram users to the group chat. With the voice chats feature of Telegram, you’ll also get a push-to-talk feature that’ll help you to talk when you need. As this feature comes built-in with the Telegram app, you don’t have to download any 3rd party app to use the feature. Overall, Telegram Voice chat is a useful feature that you can get on Telegram, and use for voice chatting, just like Clubhouse.

7. Spoon

Best Clubhouse Alternatives

Last, but not least Clubhouse alternative on our list is the Spoon app. Spoon is a popular social audio platform that you can use instead of Clubhouse. Spoon is mainly used as a podcasting platform. However, you can also add other users to a podcast and host it.

It’s free to download and use the Spoon app on your Android device. So, you can use it without any issues, and host live audio streaming. There are various features are available on the Spoon app that you can use. So, for voice chat hosting, Spoon is one of the best Clubhouse alternatives that you can try on your Android device.


Clubhouse is undoubtedly one of the best platforms for audio chatting on Android devices. However, if for some reason, you don’t like the features of Clubhouse, try the alternative platforms on your device, and use them for hosting audio chats. Above, we have described all the platforms that you can use to host live audio chats on your Android device. So, get one of them, and use it as an alternative to Clubhouse. If you liked this article, you can share it on your social media platforms. Use the share buttons below to do that. You can also comment down in the comment section below, and share your thoughts.

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