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Coronavirus Myths and Misconceptions that You Should Avoid

Coronavirus or COVID-19 has been declared a global pandemic by WHO. There are thousands of peoples who are currently infected with this disease. It’s no doubt that this time is very hard for us. Governments of every country are trying to fight against COVID-19. And they are suggesting their people stay at home. As there is no cure for COVID-19 as of now, we can only stop spreading this disease if we stay at home. Social distancing is the only way to stop Coronavirus as of now. However, there are many myths and misconceptions about this disease. So, in this post, we’ll bust some Coronavirus Myths and share the real truth with you.

In this situation, we shouldn’t afraid of this disease. Instead, we can stop the spread if we don’t go out and obey the lockdown. The reason we’re telling you to be calm is, there are many misconceptions about it. So, you shouldn’t believe in those misconceptions. So, we have decided to share the real truth behind all those misconceptions. Coronavirus Myths can be dangerous. So, instead of panicking because of a myth, you should know the real fact. You’ll find the facts about COVID-19 below.

Top 8 Coronavirus Myths

1. COVID-19 is Just Like Flu

Coronavirus and Flu both have some similar symptoms. But, they are not the same disease. A COVID-19 patient can get similar symptoms of Common Flu like Fever, Dry Cough. But, they are not the same at all. Because the mortality rate of COVID-19 is higher than the Flu.

COVID-19 mortality rate goes up to 3%. So, as you can see, there could be more casualties because of Coronavirus. However, both COVID-19 and Flu can lead to pneumonia. And flu doesn’t spread quicker like Coronavirus. From one patient, it can infect thousands. So, Coronavirus is more dangerous than the Flu.

2. Cats and Dogs Can Spread COVID-19

Currently, there is no proof that cats and dogs can spread Coronavirus. Even, there isn’t proof if Cats and Dogs can actually get this disease. Scientists are trying to find out the real truth of this myth.

There has been only one case in Hong Kong till now where we have seen that a dog owner who was infected with Coronavirus has infected his dog. However, the dog didn’t show any symptoms. So, it proves that dogs and cats may have got the virus but it can’t infect them. As of now, scientists are telling that Coronavirus can spread only human to human.

3. COVID-19 is a Completly New Disease

Well, COVID-19 is not a new disease. Coronavirus has a large family. We have seen a similar SARS disease in 2002. SARS was caused by a similar virus that belongs to the same Coronavirus family.

But, the difference between SARS and COVID-19 is, COVID-19 has more mortality rate and it is increasing rapidly than SARS. Although in both cases, humans are the primary host and they spread human to human. And we have seen that SARS spread in particular countries. But, COVID-19 has become a global pandemic.

4. All Patients with COVID-19 will Die

This isn’t true at all. COVID-19 has more mortality rate than Flu, but we also have seen recoveries from COVID-19. There are already hundreds of peoples who have got COVID-19 but the tests came negative after a few days. That means, they recovered from this disease.

Our immunity system can fight against Coronavirus. And this is the reason why many people who got COVID-19 are fine now. They have completely recovered because their immunity system fought with COVID-19. So, patients with low immunity have more mortality chances. Not everyone can die.

5. Only Aged People Dies

There isn’t an age limit of COVID-19. But we can say that as older people have low immunity, their immune systems fail to fight against Coronavirus. And this is the reason elderly people has more mortality rate than younger people.

However, the immune system completely depends on the body of an infected person. So, we can’t tell that only aged people will die because of COVID-19. But, analyzing the mortality rate till now, we can say that aged people are dying than younger people with Coronavirus. So, you should eat some Healthy Foods to boost your immune system.

6. Wearing Face Mask will Protect You Completly from Getting Coronavirus

This is another Coronavirus Myths. Wearing a face mask will help you to prevent Coronavirus a lot but, it doesn’t protect you from getting this disease completely. Because, as we know, the main source of entering this virus into our body are droplets.

So, if you wear a mask, the droplets can’t enter through your mouth. But still, your eyes and ears remain open. So, it can enter through eyes or ears. Although a face mask doesn’t protect you completely, still, it’s recommended to wear a face mask. Because it’ll stop the droplet from entering through mouth or nose.

7. Spraying Alcohol on Your Body Kills Coronavirus

First of all, spraying alcohol or any other chemical is extremely dangerous for your body. Especially if you spray over your eyes and nose. And it’ll not kill the virus if it’s inside the patient’s body and if the patient is already infected. So, spraying alcohol on your body will not help all.

8. Coronavirus Can Spread Through Parcels

This is another Coronavirus Myths that we have heard about. But it’s not true. Because, according to studies, Coronavirus can live on surfaces like Cardboard, Plastic for a certain time. And usually, parcels are kept at different temperatures for hours or days. So, it’s not confirmed that one can get Coronavirus from a parcel or box. Because there is very low risk.

Final Words

So, guys, I hope that you liked this post about Coronavirus Myths and misconceptions. You can share this post on your social media platforms and tell the facts of Coronavirus. Currently, staying at home is the best option for us. So, don’t leave your home unless you have an emergency. Also, don’t forget to wear a mask whenever you go out. Because a mask will lower the chance of getting Coronavirus.

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