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Dolphin Browser Apk – Download Dolphin Browser Latest for Android

There are many 3rd party browser apps are available for Android devices. But, among them, when it comes to choosing an ad-blocking browser, Dolphin Browser comes to the top of the list. If you are thinking to try our a new browser app on your Android device, you should give a try to Dolphin Browser. To use this browser on your Android device, first, download the latest version of Dolphin Browser apk from the link below. Then you’ll be able to use this browser on your Android smartphone or tablet. There are many features, available on this browser.

Dolphin Browser is a free browser app for Android devices. Compared to any other Android web browsers, it has some useful features that you can use while browsing your favorite websites. And it is completely free to download this browser on your Android device. To download the Dolphin browser apk, you may use the link below. We have also described the detailed features and the installation process below in the post. So, read this post till the end if you want to know about all the features of Dolphin Browser. Then you can choose if you want to download it or not.

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Dolphin Browser Apk

Dolphin Browser is a really popular 3rd party browser app for Android devices. If you are looking to use an AdBlock browser, you can use this browser on your device. Dolphin Browser has some useful features that users can use including flash player, ad blocker, gestures, fast download support, etc. Overall, it has most of the features that a good web browser should have. Dolphin Browser has over 50 Million+ downloads on the Google Play Store and has an average of 4.1* ratings from the users.[/su_box]


App Name Dolphin Browser
Size 27.7 MB
Version v12.2.3
Required Android Version Android 4.0+
Category Browser


Dolphin Browser Apk Description

Most of us use our smartphones to browse the Internet. Thanks to the latest 4G technology, nowadays, we can use the Internet almost anywhere in the world. However, to browse the Internet on your smartphone, you’ll need an active Internet connection. You can either use a Wi-fi connection or Cellular data connection to use the Internet. And to browse a website on your smartphone, you need a browser. Just like PC browser apps, there are different browsers are available for Android also. You can just use these browsers to visit your favorite websites and use the Internet.

Compared to iOS, there are many browser apps are available for Android devices. As it is an open-source OS for smartphones, Android OS is really popular nowadays. There are even browser apps in different categories. Some browser apps like the Brave browser focuses on privacy and there are some browser apps like Firefox Focus that you can use on any Android device. So, when choosing a browser app for Android, it gets really difficult for us. But, we have a complete guide to choose the best web browser for Android, you can read it from here. Although the primary feature of every Android browser is the same, to browse websites, bit still user experience matters.

The UI or interface of every Android browser is not the same. That’s why most of the users choose a lite and simple browser than a fancy looking browser for Android. Most of the time, users get in the trap of fancy web browsers and end up seeing annoying ads in the browser itself. You’ll probably not like watching ads when you are visiting a website. So, choose a simple and lite browser app is always the right decision. Or you can just choose from the most popular browsers for Android and use it on your Android device.

As I said earlier, there are browsers that come in different categories. The Adblocking category for browsers is really popular among Android users. Although you should always support individual websites for displaying ads, still there are some websites that display annoying malicious ads that no one would like. To block these ads, you need to use an Ad blocking app on your Android device. Among all the adblocking browsers, Dolphin Browser is one of the best. It is a free browser app for Android that’ll help you to get rid of annoying ads and malicious pop-ups while browsing a website.

Dolphin Browser is really popular in its category. Because it is a popular web browser, it has got a good reputation from the users of this browser. And it has many useful browsing features that you can use on your Android device. Although the download speed completely depends on your Internet speed and the download server, the developers of the Dolphin browser claim to boost the download speed. Private browsing or Incognito browsing is really popular nowadays. And this browser app has the option to browse privately on the Internet. You can just turn on the private browsing mode on Dolphin Browser and browse in private mode easily.

We all know that Google Chrome is the most perfect browser app for Android. But, if you want to try an alternative, you can surely try out the Dolphin browser on your Android device and utilize all the features of this app. It’s completely free to download the Dolphin Browser apk on your Android device and use it on your device. Just download it from the link below, follow the installation steps, and you’ll be able to use this browser on your Android device.

Although the Dolphin browser itself block ads on the Internet, you might see some sponsored content on this browser app. But, that’ll not affect the performance of this browser and your user experience for sure. However, if you ever feel it’s affecting your user experience, you can uninstall it anytime and use an alternate browser for browsing. Below, we’ve described some of the highlighted features of the Dolphin Browser. You can go through all the features and then use them after installing this browser on your Android device. Dolphin Browser is a free browser app for Android. So, you don’t have to spend a single penny to download this browser.

Dolphin Browser Features

Dolphin Browser Apk

Basic Browser Features

Dolphin Browser has all the basic browser features like bookmark, multiple tabs, incognito mode or private browsing, etc. You can just use this browser to browse your favorite website on your Android device. Or you can just search on the browser to search anything on the Internet. You’ll get all the basic browsing features with Dolphin Browser. It also has flash support for all websites that’ll help you to watch videos in HD mode on different websites. All the basic features and fast browsing loading speed makes Dolphin browser a perfect browser app for Android.

Ad Block & Pop-up Block

Ad-blocking is the main highlighted feature of this browser. Along with ad blocking, you’ll also get a pop-up blocking feature with the Dolphin browser. Using this feature, you can get rid of malicious pop-ups from displaying while visiting a website. Sometimes, pop-up ads promote malicious apps on smartphones. To block them, you can use the Dolphin Browser. When you use this feature on this browser, your browsing experience will improve a lot for sure. So, if you are looking for a pop-up blocking browser for your Android device, you can surely go with the Dolphin Browser.

Add-on Support

Dolphin Browser has different add-on support that you probably won’t find on every Android browser. These add-ons will help you with different things while using this browser to browse the web. There are really awesome and useful add-ons are available for this browser that you can use. There are add-ons like screenshot taking, IP show, Brightness adjust, Dropbox support, QR Code scanner, Tab reload, etc are available that you can use for different purposes. This add-on support is an exclusive feature of Dolphin Browser. You can just enable your favorite add-on and use it when you need it on this browser app.


The dolphin browser is a customizable browser. You can use this browser on your device and change different themes on the browser. You can also change the background of the browser and choose over any background picture you want. The customization option helps to improve the user experience on this browser.

Easy to Use

It has a really simple and straightforward interface. You can easily browse any website you want and you’ll find the options to choose different settings. The interface looks great while browsing a website using the Dolphin browser on your Android device. You can also set the default search engine for the browser if you like. It has major search engine support.


Just like the other good browsers, Dolphin Browser is free too. It’s completely free to use this browser app on your Android device. To use this browser, you don’t have to spend any money. You can simply download, install, and use it on your device. You don’t have to buy any subscription or spend anything on this browser. So, you’ll get all these features for absolutely free with this browser app. Just download and use it on your device.

Download Dolphin Browser Apk Latest Version for Android

You can download the latest version of Dolphin Browser apk from the link below. It is the direct link to download this apk file on your Android device. The download link is completely safe and you can download the apk file without worrying about anything. If the download link is not working, you can just comment down in the comment section below and we’ll update the download link. After downloading the Dolphin Browser apk, if you want to know the installation process, just follow the installation process below. We have described the complete installation process to install this app on your device.

   Download Now

How to Install?

  1. To install the Dolphin Browser on your device, first, go to Settings>Security option on your device and enable the ‘Install from Unknown Source’ option from there. If you are using an Android 7.0+ device, you’ve to allow the file manager of your device to install an external apk file. If you have already done this step, you can proceed to the next step below.
  2. Download the apk file from the above link.
  3. Open the file manager app on your device and go to the ‘Downloads’ folder.
  4. There you’ll find the Dolphin Browser apk file. Click on it to install.
  5. Click ‘Install’ to install the apk file on your Android device.
  6. It’ll take a few seconds to install the apk file. Just wait until the installation process completes.
  7. After completing the installation process, you can open this browser from your app drawer and visit any website you want.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Is it Safe to Use Dolphin Browser?

It is completely safe to use Dolphin Browser on your Android device as of now. There are millions of users who are using this browser as the default browser on their Android device. However, there were some security breaches happen with this browser in the past, but in recent times, it’s safe.

Is Dolphin Browser Available for iPhone?

Dolphin Browser is available on the official app store. So, you can download this browser on your iPhone and use it. The iOS version of this browser has similar features to the Android version. So, you’ll be able to use all the major features on your iPhone.

Is Dolphin Browser Chinese?

Yes, you can call it a Chinese browser. The main company is acquired by a Chinese company and they are a major stakeholder of this browser app.

What’s Unique in Dolphin Browser?

Rather than the basic browsing features, the Dolphin browser has exclusive add-on support that you can use. It also has gesture browsing support where you can draw on the screen of your device to open a website on this browser.

Final Words

So, guys, I hope you liked this post. If you liked, you can share this post on your social media platforms and tell your friends about this browser. Just use the share buttons below to share this post. If you have any questions or queries, you can just ask them in the comment section below and we’ll try to solve your issues.

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