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From Segregation to Integration: The Landmark Case of Brown v Board of Education

The 1954 decision in Brown v Board of Education was monumental. The Supreme Court overturned the Plessy decision, which allowed racial segregation in public facilities as long as they were equal. Studies have shown that integrated schools improve students’ college degree chances. However, segregation is still problematic due to redlining, housing discrimination, and zoning laws … Read more

How Fun Board Games Boost Your Child’s Education

Aside from the competitive nature of board games, they also offer family bonding time. This is especially beneficial for kids who are shy or have communication difficulties. Board games can help kids develop logical reasoning, number sense, and creative thinking skills. These skills are essential for all types of learning, no matter what field kids … Read more

Breaking Down Barriers: How Online Platforms Revolutionize University Paper Purchases

Online platforms for university paper purchases refer to digital marketplaces where students can buy academic papers. These platforms have brought about a transformative impact by making paper purchases more accessible and efficient. This article aims to explore how these platforms revolutionize the paper purchasing process and break down barriers that have historically hindered students. Accessibility … Read more

How to Cram a Test the Proper Way

Cram a Test the Proper

Imagine you’re in the middle of the last week of your exam preparation and trying to maximize your study time. But you don’t seem to get some of your study concepts right. More often than not, cramming isn’t the most efficient way to study.  However, even the best students have to hustle in the last … Read more

Developing Strategies for Achieving Optimal Supply Chain Visibility

Our modern economy has become increasingly interconnected, leading many businesses to leverage a complex network of global supply chains. As a result, managing these intricate networks and ensuring accuracy throughout the entire supply chain process requires careful planning and attention – behavior critical for optimizing an organization’s visibility across the supply chain.  However, not every … Read more

5 Reasons Why College Professors Love Assigning Essays

5 Reasons Why College Professors Love Assigning Essays

Getting homework assignments, especially essays, is something that most college students do not look forward to. After all, these writing assignments take a lot of time to complete. Students need to do initial research, outline, compose the draft, and edit.  Although many college students may consider assigned essays a bane of their existence, they bring … Read more

Perfect Gadgets for Online Education

Gadgets for Online Education

Online education has improved the quality of education in this digital age with Gadgets for Online Education, making it easier for students to access the content at their leisure. It has also assisted professors and institutes to teach creatively without the necessity for classroom interaction.  Students are expected to be more interested in the subjects … Read more


Commutative property

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are the four fundamental operations in mathematics. These operations follow some fundamental properties. All these basis operations may not follow all the properties altogether but each mathematical operation follows a few properties based on some condition. The commutative property is one of the common fundamental properties. This commutative property is … Read more

Family programs for future students in the UK 

Family programs for future students in the UK

St Giles International English Language School offers Family Course programs for the whole family for future students. This is a great opportunity to combine vacation with study abroad for children and their parents. Recall that St Giles International is an international language school with campuses located in the UK, USA, and Canada. Today, the language … Read more

5 Signs of High Intelligence

Signs of High Intelligence

Being able to assess a person’s intelligence is quite a useful skill. If you are asking for advice, conducting a job interview or just communicating, it is important to understand who your interlocutor is. There are no universal ways to assess someone else’s intelligence, but there are signs to look out for. There are five … Read more

Opportunities for Students You Didn’t Know

Opportunities for Students You Didn’t Know

There are many reasons to dislike the current educational system teaching is bad, technology is outdated, a lot of unnecessary information, etc. I used to think so too, and to one degree or another. That being said, there are many opportunities for students that they don’t even realize they have. In this article, I decided to … Read more

PMI PBA certification training


The PMI expert in Business Analysis certification was presented in mid-2014 by the Venture Project Management Institute (PMI). Highly esteeming helping true experts build up their professions through certification and training, we have sent a few of our mentors through the application and pilot PMI-PBA certification test measure. What follows is an assortment of 10 … Read more

In Person Learning vs Online Learning: Understanding for Parents

in person learning vs online learning: understanding for parents

Schools in the country are back in session for a few weeks already. Thus, it is a good time for parents to analyze how well it is going periodically. You have to keep track of their health, studies, and every other aspect during these trying times. If your child is a part of online learning … Read more

How to Increase Memory Power to Have a Sharp Brain?

how to increase memory power

Humans are cognitive beings that possess a voracious thinking power. The memory power that human beings possess is one of our greatest assets. It is this memory power that allows us to learn and understand things progressively over the years. Memory is not just important for learning and understanding, but it is the foundation of … Read more

Successful career path: little-known facts

Successful career path

Striving to succeed in a profession, we often focus on prestige and salary. Working twelve hours a day without holidays, one can get the desired income and lose the taste of life. What does a successful career mean, and how to get it? Specialists from the best professional online resume writing service AccuroResumes decided to … Read more

Abstract Data Type: Beginner’s Guide to Know the Structure

abstract data type

Logically the abstract data type or the ADT is a mathematically based model that allows one to see the data. One can apply it regardless of how one can implement it. That means the user should need to stay concerned with the data and not with the construction. The user is actually encapsulating the data … Read more

Practice Tests from PrepAway – Your Best Preparation Tool for Microsoft 70-740 Exam

Microsoft 70-740 Exam

There are a lot of IT companies that offer the certification programs, and Microsoft is one of them.But its certificates have more value in comparison to any other in the IT industry. Microsoft is the name that almost every organization or individual recognizes. It is one of the leading IT corporations that has been on … Read more