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How To Convert BTC To LTC on Different Platforms

The best and easiest way to perform crypto exchange is using a converter. With the development of the crypto market, instant exchange platforms started to appear and now they are in high demand. Unlike centralized services, they don’t require users’ documents and verification KYC, making the converting process much faster, profitable, easier, and safer.In this article you will read about How To Convert BTC To LTC on Different Platforms.

There is one more way to buy or sell coins – through forums. Mind that it is quite unsafe, as you can’t be sure that a person who gets funds from you does not disappear. Be sure to work only with reliable services.

Crypto converter’s work principle

The fact is that most instant converters have in-built calculators, which contribute to fast and profitable operation. Even a beginner who has never exchanged coins before can handle the calculator. They usually have an intuitive any Internet user can understand. No registration and no unnecessary questions!

How to cope with the converter on your own

This is a short instruction on how to use BTC to LTC converter:

  1. Enter the Godex.io site and find the calculator, placed in the middle of the main page.
  2. There are two columns for you to choose the coins, in our case, BTC and LTC cryptocurrency. The left side is provided for the coin to sell, the right – for the one to buy.
  3. Now specify the number of coins.
  4. In a matter of minutes, the calculator will show you the current rate for your deal. The fact if that system tracks the rates on various sources to find the best for your application.
  5. If the price is okay for you, go ahead. If not, wait for a while and the system will propose another option.
  6. Indicate the wallet address and be especially attentive since a single mistake will cause failure and the funds will be lost.
  7. Pay for the application and wait for the exchange to complete. Usually, it does not take more than 30 minutes for instant converters to proceed with the exchange.

Pros of an instant converter

  • When you work on platforms like Godex, you are certain both your funds and personal data are protected. The coins you exchange don’t arrive at the exchange address, they move from one wallet to another in the process of converting. Thus, no hacker attack may harm your deal. Moreover, you don’t have to provide your personal information and documents, staying completely anonymous.
  • Godex decentralized exchange does not set the upper limits for conversion. Thus, you may work with any sums, which is good for large players on the market.
  • If you only begin trading, Godex will be good to you, as it provides the best rate for your deal and its interface is intuitive, there is no chance to get lost and make a mistake. Be attentive while entering the wallet address, and you will succeed.


There are several ways to exchange cryptocurrency – via centralized exchanges, forums (direct exchange), and decentralized platforms. The latter is considered to be the easiest in use, the most profitable, and safe. Besides, they don’t demand registration, which contributes to your anonymity.


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