How to Prepare Kava at Home

Prepare Kava

Kava is a popular drink that relieves stress and anxiety. It is also known to be effective for insomnia and other sleep disorders. Plus, there is evidence of significant mood improvement after taking a single cup of this drink. Also, at higher yet controlled amounts, Prepare Kava as it  can relieve pain and promote relaxation of both body and mind. Check more benefits of this potion on this web source.

You should first speak to a healthcare professional if you want to try Kava. In general, it’s a safe herbal supplement with many health benefits. But it can have some side effects resulting from excess intake. For example, this ingredient might interact with some medication, so your doctor should know if you plan to take it. Also, pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid this stimulant. 

Buy Quality Blend- Prepare Kava

Unless you live in Western Pacific Islands, the chances of running onto raw Kava are almost none. It’s available as a powder, ready-made drink, extract, or pill to consumers around the world. Every form has its pros and cons, but you should prepare this drink at home to get the most from this magnificent plant.

The first step is to buy a quality blend. This powder is a grind plant root, usually brown or yellowish, depending on the brand and plant type. You can buy it in specialized stores, bars, online shops, and e-commerce platforms. It’s legal worldwide, so you don’t have to worry about that.

A micronized Kava root is easy to blend with water. The resulting drink will be flavored and full of healthy kavalactones. These substances promote muscle relaxation and make the brain calm and focused. This form of Kava will give you the best flavor and the most satisfying effects.

Steeping in Water

The most common preparation method of Kava drink is by steeping it into the water and making something that resembles tea. The root of this plant is grounded into a fine powder, but these particles won’t dissolve when mixed with water. So you have two options.

First, you can leave it just like that. Simply stir a tablespoon of Kava powder into a cup of warm water and leave it for a few minutes to combine. Never mix the powder with boiling water, as it can destroy all those beneficial compounds.

Not straining this drink will leave some extra fibers in it, which are beneficial for your digestive tract. But if you want a silky, easy-to-swallow potion, filter Kava and water solution. Use cheesecloth or any piece of clean, dense fabric for straining. Don’t rely on regular coffee filters, as they won’t work.

Traditional Preparation


The best way to enjoy a healthy Kava drink is to knead it. It’s a traditional preparation method that takes some time but results in a tasty and healthy potion. Specialized bars worldwide use this method to make flavor-rich and potent drinks from freshly grounded Kava root.

Natives prepare this root by kneading its powder in shallow wooden bowels. For at-home Kava Kava experiences, any shallow bowl will do. First, fill it with the desired amount of water. Then, you’ll need something to strain the liquid, like a muslin strainer bag. Avoid cheesecloth and t-shirts for this preparation method, as they can leave sediments in strained liquid. 

Fill the strainer with a teaspoon of grind root per cup of water and close it tightly. Next, steep it into a bowl with hot water and let it sit for ten minutes. That will lose fibers from grind particles and beneficial kavalactones. 

Once they have dissolved, you need to knead the strainer by squeezing out the Kava-rich liquid. Do that inside the bowl. The resulting mixture should be milky, a bit oily, dark brown liquid. You can dissolve it with extra water or milk. Let it cool down, transfer it to a cup, and then add sweeteners of your choice.

But the preparation doesn’t end up here. You can use the same filter with Kava powder for making a so-called second wash. It means repeating the procedure in the same bowl with half of the original amount of water. This liquid will be less potent and aromatic than the original one, but it still provides some health benefits. 

Easy Method with a Blender to prepare kava

The traditional preparation requires a lot of time, and the usual way of making Kava often doesn’t provide its maximum. The powder won’t decompose entirely when you stir this solution by hand, leaving all those beneficial kavalactones unused. 

A blender can come to the rescue for a faster and more efficient Kava preparation. Once you’ve crushed the root, you can add it to a blender along with the desired water amount and blend it for about five minutes. Halfway, you can add some milk or coconut oil for a silky texture. Then, strain the liquid through a cloth and enjoy it once it’s cooled. 

Culture of Drinking

The longer the Kava root has steeped in liquid, the more concentrated the solution. The resulting drink should taste a bit earthy but not bitter or sour. Regardless of the preparation method, it’s best to drink this potion cold. At this point, you can add some spices aor fresh herb (mint and cinnamon will go quite well).

If you prefer sweetened drinks, you should add a teaspoon of honey or agave syrup. You can also add artificial sweeteners if you count calories. It’s believed that this potion has thermogenic effects, meaning it can boost your metabolism to burn extra calories.

If you make a Kava drink for the first time, be sure to consume a small amount first. Different people will have different reactions to this substance, so you should start small to see how it works for you. After a few sips, wait at least 20 minutes before taking a larger dose. 

With quality ingredients and little time, you can prepare Kava drink at home. The procedure is simple, and even the slightly more complicated one is worth the effort. The resulting liquid is a real blessing for the health of your body and mind.



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