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How Trực Tiếp Keno Works

When we say online casino games, the first thing that comes into our minds is slot games, baccarat, poker, roulette, live casino games, and more. However, since the surge in the popularity of online casinos all over the world, casino operators upgraded their roster by adding sports betting, lottery, bingo, and trực tiếp keno.

Let us focus on live Keno – what it is all about, how it works, and where to play.

What Keno is all about

Keno is a new type of lottery launched by Vietlott on August 23, 2019. Its simple gameplay and high frequency of prize openings have attracted a lot of players. What makes this game more exciting is players can watch live Keno at websites, keno dealers, and on their mobile phones.

What is Keno? It is a game that works just like the lottery. Players place bets by choosing numbers that range from 1 to 80. Keno is a game of chance. Numbers are drawn, and if the drawn numbers correspond with the numbers you have selected on your card, you win. It is often played at modern casinos, and today, it is also being offered at online casinos.

How to play Keno

To play Keno and qualify for the prize, players must choose 1 to 10 numbers out of the 80 numbers. Twenty of the 80 numbers will be randomly drawn by the system at each draw. The player keeps track of these 20 numbers to find out if they appear on the selected numbers on his card.

A minimum bet of 10,000 VND is required for a set of numbers. One ticket can only participate once in the prize. In other words, players can buy as many tickets for a specific draw for more chances of winning the prize. They are also given a chance to participate in one draw or in multiple draws of up to 30 draws.

Baby and Big Keno Lottery

There are several types of keno lottery, among them the Baby Keno Lottery and the Big Keno Lottery. In the first type, there are twenty lottery numbers with thirteen or more numbers that have values that range from 01 to 40. On the Big Keno Lottery, thirteen or more numbers have values that range from 42 to 80 out of the 20 lottery numbers.

Even and Odd Keno Lottery

Then there is the Even and Odd Keno Lottery, where players choose “EVEN” to join in the prize. Here they get to choose from the 13 or more even numbers on the list. They select “ODD” if they want to wager on the 13 or more odd numbers on the list.

Keeping track of live keno results

What makes Keno more exciting is that players do not have to wait a long time for the results of the draws. They can watch the live keno draw and know the results right after the draw. Keno is open from Monday through Sunday. Live Keno draw schedules start from 6 AM to 9:55 PM.

The system issues ticket sales automatically to the players with a bonus opening frequency of 10 minutes and after the end of one spin. There are 95 spins daily, and players can play up to 30 draws in succession.

There are several ways for players to monitor Keno results:

  1. Vietlott’s YouTube channel – everybody is familiar with YouTube. Thanks to live streaming technology, Keno players can now watch live Keno results via Vietlott’s YouTube channel in the comfort of their homes or on the road. All they have to do is install the YouTube app, go to Vietlott’s YouTube channel Viettlot TV, and register. You will then receive notifications and updates on the latest Keno lottery results.
  2. Vietlott’s Ticket Counter and Agents – Vietlott has over 2000 sales agents nationwide. Players can go to the Keno agent nearest them, buy a ticket, watch the live draw, and know the result right at the ticket counter of Vietlott’s registered sales agents. These ticket counters have TV monitors where players can watch the live Keno draw and view the results right after the draw.
  3. Lucky Best App – Install the Lucky Best app on your smartphones and have access to live Keno draws and results. In addition to this, you can also order Keno tickets using the Lucky Best app online. No need to go to the nearest Keno ticket counters. All it takes is a smartphone, a reliable internet connection, and a click of your finger.

Technological innovation has provided us with access to a lot of ways to entertain ourselves and earn extra money in the comfort of our homes through online casinos. Aside from that, players can also keep track of the results of the draws of some casino games, like watching live Keno draws using different methods. Online casino gambling is a safer and more convenient way to have fun and win without worries.

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