Main types of betting games

Most bookmakers offer bets on Dota 2, League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – these are the most popular games and esports disciplines all over the world. In the bookmakers of the CIS, you can sometimes find World of Tanks matches, but large tournaments for this game, as well as for the football simulator FIFA, are not organized so often.

League of Legends

In general, League of Legends (in esports the name is often abbreviated to LoL) is almost the same as Dota 2, so you can bet on it almost the same. From the unusual in the League of Legends, you can add a bet on which team will destroy the inhibitor first (this is such a structure at the end of the road).

World of Tanks


In the tank simulator World of Tanks (in eSports they are shortened to WoT), two teams of seven players each play. The battle lasts fifteen minutes, and there are two ways to win it: by capturing the enemy base or by destroying all the opponent’s tanks. Please note that WoT and Tanki Online are completely different games.World of Tanks is popular, first of all, in Eastern European bookmakers, so bets on it can be found there. The list of bets is standard: team victories, odds and totals of cards, battles and frags, time for the battle and how it will end. We will tell you further about the strategies for betting on World of Tanks and other esports disciplines.

Types of bets

Betting on esports is almost the same as betting on traditional sports like football or tennis. It’s just that instead of goals and sets in video games, there are other concepts: for example, kills and cards.

Kills are the killings of enemy characters, and maps are the locations where these characters walk; they consist of several rounds. A team wins a map if it has more winning rounds and wins a match if it has more won maps.If one team won at one location, and the other took the second, the match score will be 1:1.

Outcome Bets

We choose who will win the match, a specific map or round. Betting on a draw, depending on the situation, is also possible, although they usually do without it. Bookmakers indicate bets in the same way as in traditional sports: P1 means the victory of the first team, P2 – the second, and X – a draw.

Handicap betting on cards

We bet on the victory of one team, but we add or subtract from it the number of cards won so that it still wins.For example, we bet on H2 (−0.5), and the match ends with a score of 1:2. With our handicap, the score becomes 1:1.5 – the second team still wins. Although it is impossible to win half a point in the game, it will still mean victory for the bookmaker.

Handicap betting on rounds

In the same way, we bet on the victory of one team, but now we add or subtract the number of winning rounds on one map.

For example, we bet on H1 (+1.5), and the map ended with a score of 7:8. With our handicap, the score becomes 8.5:8 – now the team has not lost the map, but won.

Kill Handicap Betting

Kills of opponents do not always affect the score: the team that killed more enemies can still lose. But the kills or frags of both teams can still be compared with each other, so the bookmakers offer a head start on them too.For example, we bet on H1 (−2), and the score on kills on the map is 41:38. With our handicap, the score becomes 39:38 – the team wins even with frags taken away, we also win.

Total bets

Total is the total number of cards, rounds, kills or even minutes spent on the card. Let’s say we choose the number of cards and decide whether there will be more or less of them in the match: these are the bets “total over” and “total under” (TB and TM).

For example, we bet on TB (26.5) in a CS:GO game, but the game ends after 25 rounds, which means we lose. If there were two more rounds, our bet would win, because 27 is more than 26.5.

Live betting on esports

When we bet in Azərbaycan bukmeker kontorlari on a match that has already started, this is called live betting (not “life”, as the word comes from the English live). If in traditional sports bets in live are simply more diverse than in prematch, then in eSports there are much more of them.

At the same time, betting on the game when it is already underway is just as profitable: we can watch the broadcast and more accurately predict the outcome when we already know which characters the team has chosen or which tactics they have decided to follow.

In addition, bookmakers do not track statistics as seriously as they do in classic basketball or hockey tournaments, so they can make mistakes with odds in our favor.


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