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Understanding Risk Adjustment in Medicare

Health plans need to understand three critical fundamentals to succeed in risk adjustment. Risk adjustment is the annual process of compensating health plans that serve Medicare Advantage enrollees by considering their incurred costs. Its effectiveness is based on accurately documenting members’ conditions through diagnosis codes. Hierarchy Elimination A risk adjustment/hierarchical condition category (HCC) model is a set … Read more

Budgeting for Travel Nurse Housing – What to Expect in Different Cities

Travel nurse housing can quickly deplete your budget if you’re not careful. That’s why it’s important to consider your options before committing to an assignment. The most common choice is to allow your agency’s housing department to secure a short-term rental. These rentals are often apartment complexes or extended-stay hotels. Cost of Living Depending on … Read more

How Can I Improve My Aim When Peeing?


Many boys struggle with aiming when peeing. This results in pee splash-back which can ruin pants, the floor, and the toilet seat. Parents, janitors, and spouses have long chafed at male sloppiness in the bathroom. But there is room for improvement, according to a new study. The study broke down the science of urine flow … Read more

Understanding Sickle Cell Disease – Symptoms and Treatment Options

Regular blood transfusions help prevent complications, including stroke. Medications can also ease pain episodes and reduce infections. They include hydroxyurea (hy-drahk-see-uh), voxelotor, and L-glutamine therapy. People with sickle cell disease have a faulty gene that makes red blood cells stuck in small blood vessels, blocking their flow and depriving the body of oxygen. This can … Read more

Setting Up a Dental Tray

Dental Tray

Tray set-ups are a crucial part of the examination process. Dental Assistants prepare these trays in advance, so dentists and dental hygienists can begin their procedures promptly. Dental trays are classified into various types, including stock impression trays and special impression trays. Some are designed for a specific procedure and meant to be used only … Read more

5 Advanced Features of Ambulance Billing Software

As a first responder, you know the importance of having streamlined and efficient processes. Dealing with paperwork and manual processes can take time for your staff, taking away from their ability to provide lifesaving services. Now, there are advanced ambulance billing software solutions designed to help you streamline the billing process, reduce errors and increase … Read more