Passport renewal

Passport renewal process

Passport renewal is a process in which an expired passport can be renewed by following a certain process. The process is formed and acceptable by the passport Seva Kendra. Passport renewal is a necessity for those who travel frequently. Another importance of a passport is that it is qualified and acceptable identity proof. As the traveling ratio of individuals has increased several folds, passports are renewed frequently and in a well-followed away. In this blog, you will know everything about the passport renewal.

Renewal processes: 

The passport renewal processes can be broadly classified into:

  1. Online process
  2. Offline process

Both these processes of passport renewal are reliable and easily understandable. A common individual can follow through the process in a hassle-free manner. Since the online processes have been introduced it has become easier for people with physical disadvantages and older people to go through this passport renewal process. 

Enrolling Online for Passport Renewal

The principal thing a candidate needs to do to apply for a Passport online is to register themselves on the online Passport Seva site before really applying for the identification.This step can be completed through the online portal of the passport Seva Kendra. For someone who’s already registered online needs to just login/ sign in and go directly to passport renewal. 

The process of registration: 

  1. The primary step is to go for registrationfor the process involving passport renewal. This can be done by going to the official website of the Passport Seva Kendra. 
  2. For the existing user, the process is easy as the registration is already completed. Log in can be done using the password and user ID. 
  3. For new candidates, there’s an option “New User”. After clicking on the said option, a portal opens through which an individual can register by filling in the required details. 
  4. Usually, a confirmation email or SMS is sent before the registration is completed. 
  5. The confirmation is important and can be used in case anyone forgets the password or their passport SevaKendra ID. The new password can be created by confirming the identity via email or SMS. 
  6. Once the registration is completed, an individual can go on with the process of passport renewal easily. 
  7. The nearest PassportSevaKendra has to be selected from the available options.
  8. Some of an individual’s basic information regarding date of birth, name, address etc has to be filled as asked and required.
  9. A hint question might be asked to be created for future references in case of a forgotten password while registration.
  10. Once the registration is completed the process of passport renewal can be carried out by creating on the optionApply for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport’.

Passport Renewal 

An identification in India is substantial for a time of just 10 years only. To keep profiting the advantages of the visa, the individual needs to get a renewed passport identification before the expiry of 10 years or after the legitimacy terminates. A passport is generally acknowledged as proof of ID, address and age. Therefore it is useful for many purposes and might be required by a person. 

During the process of renewal, many people have a query if the original documents need to be submitted. The answer is No. The original documents have to be taken to the passport SevaKendra so that the originality of them can be checked by the officer in person. The authenticity of documents is checked and a photocopy of original documents are submitted for the record. Some of the documents are required to be self-attested before they are submitted to the passport Seva record. 


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