Should You Get a Sonos Soundbar For Your Home Theatre?

Sonos Soundbar For Home Theatre
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Have you ever wondered what is so special about the cinema and what makes it different from our casual TV lounge? It is the sound and light effect that make a theater distinctive from other screens. The recent pandemic has limited people to indoor activities. That is why people are opting home-cinema system to avoid boredom and to spend quality time with loved ones. Now, the main issue is selecting the right sound system for a home-theater system. There are several theater systems available in the market in varying price ranges. But no system can beat the sound quality of Sonos soundbars. Here are some of the reasons to get a Sonos soundbar for your home theatre system:

Sound Quality:

Sonos is world-wide famous because of its unique audio devices and accessories. They offer a variety of top-notch products like Sonos Arc, Sonos Beam, Sonos Playbase, and Sonos Playbar. These soundbars give an idealistic sound with 3D sound effects and deep bass. You can enjoy dialogues and intense scenes with the ideal surround sound offered by the Sonos Soundbars.

Wire-free System:

While other theater systems come with a lot of wires and parts, Sonos soundbars are all-in-one. They are wireless and often have inbuilt subwoofers. You can place them anywhere and they are relatively easier to mount on the walls as compared to the conventional home-theater systems. 

Hassle-free setup:

Sonos offers WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity options to set the soundbars with any device. In this way, you can avoid the tiresome process of setting up a traditional home cinema system. Moreover, Sonos also has its mobile application through which you can easily control the soundbar. You can adjust the settings from the remote or the app, as you like.

Then again, there are some systems that have a wired setup. Nevertheless, you don’t need a professional to connect everything. Even if you don’t know much about tech, connecting Sonos speakers to your TV is relatively easy.

5.1 channel system:

You can set a 5.1 channel system with Sonos soundbars such as Sonos Beam and Sonos Playbase. Both Sonos Beam and Playbar are reputable products of Sonos. However, Sonos Beam has an inbuilt HDMI port whereas Playbar has not. 

On the other hand, Playbar has 9 drivers whereas Beam has only 5. A Voice-control feature is present in both. 

Unique features of Sonos Soundbars:

  1. They have WIFI compatibility.
  2. Google Assistant or Alexa voice control feature is present in most of the products.
  3. They come with a remote as well.
  4. Sonos app is available to control the soundbar.
  5. Inbuilt HDMI port to attach them with TV or projector screen.
  6. Wireless system for clutter-free audio set up.
  7. Inbuilt or external Subwoofers both are present. 
  8. Surround sound effects to enhance the audio to the maximum.

Final Thoughts:

Sonos is a reputable brand whose products are recommended by experts. You can set your home-cinema with Sonos soundbars within your price range. They have high-quality surround sound effects just like cinema and are easy to adjust with a projector or TV. 


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