Why You’ll Want To Wear Surgical Masks Far After Covid-19 Ends

Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc across the globe after its emergence in late 2019. Researchers have been working hard to guide the general population on how to control the spread of the virus.In this article you will read about Why You’ll Want To Wear Surgical Masks Far After Covid-19 Ends.

The mandated use of masks as well as recommendations on maintaining good hand hygiene and social distancing have helped reduce the spread of the virus. This has given several governments and pharmaceutical companies the flexibility to develop vaccines for the virus, such as the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine. 

The vaccines are meant to help prevent new infections and improve humanity’s immunity to the novel coronavirus. When the pandemic eventually comes to an end, a lot of people will want to put down their masks. For some people, it’s for fashion reasons while others simply don’t like wearing masks. 

However, there are some notable and compelling reasons that should convince you otherwise. Here’s why we think you should continue wearing surgical mask even after the Covid-19 pandemic dies down.

Protection from other Airborne diseases

There are other airborne diseases that most of the world’s population did not know are highly infectious. Tuberculosis is highly infectious and claimed more than 500,000 lives in 2020. 

Before Covid-19, few people would wear surgical masks as a means of protection from tuberculosis but the aftermath of the pandemic means people will be more accepting of wearing masks in public. This will really help reduce the rate of such airborne infections as well as the number of casualties. 

Protection from Other Coronavirus Strains

The Covid-19 virus is among a large group of viruses known as the coronavirus (CoV). The coronaviruses can cause a variety of diseases such as the common cold to more severe illnesses. 

Covid-19 was a new strain first discovered in late 2019, and in a year, the virus had killed hundreds of thousands. There is no way to confirm that there will not be another coronavirus strain, but you can protect yourself from other strains by wearing a mask. 

Protect People With Compromised Immune Systems

In light of the ongoing pandemic, people with several underlying conditions cannot afford to walk around in public without being careful. Most of them have to wear a mask to prevent contracting the virus which is deadly for people with certain conditions. 

For instance, people with cystic fibrosis need to wear a mask to protect themselves from airborne diseases. If a person with cystic fibrosis gets a cold or flu, it may land them in a hospital bed for a long time. Wearing a mask even after the pandemic will help them protect them from contracting a cold or flu.

Cancer patients also have a weakened immune system especially if they are undergoing chemotherapy. Even before Covid-19, most cancer patients would wear masks or refrain from going into crowded places. An individual with lung cancer has a weak immune system which may not protect them from pneumonia. 

If you live with a person with a compromised immune system, you will have to wear a mask when you interact with them, even after the Covid-19 pandemic ends. 

Continuous Use of Surgical Masks Will Reduce Stigma

When covid-19 began, only a few people would wear masks. If you wore a mask when visiting the store or even when taking a walk on the street, people would assume you have a very serious illness. Many people would choose to not wear a mask in public to avoid harassment from other people. 

Wearing a mask after the pandemic ends can help improve the way people respond to others wearing masks in public. In case of another airborne disease outbreak, wearing masks will not be as big an issue as was witnessed during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

In the near future, you’ll be able to wear a mask in public without the stigma or discomfort.  

It Will Improve the Quality of Masks

If people keep wearing masks, companies manufacturing them will work to improve their quality through innovative manufacturing processes. This can help better the protection capacity of face masks against various disease-causing pathogens. 

Reduce Spread of Misinformation

The Covid-19 pandemic caught everyone by surprise, and no government was prepared to deal with a highly infectious disease. As such, a significant number of people doubted the use of masks as a way of preventing the spread of Covid-19. 

People thought that masks were a false sense of security. After some time, countries that made it a requirement to wear masks in public saw a reduction in new infections. 

If you continue wearing masks after Covid-19 ends, you can help create some awareness about the importance of face masks thus minimizing the likelihood of misinformation about face masks and what they’re good for.  

Improve/Promote Good Hygiene Practice

In addition to wearing masks, people are required to regularly wash their hands, stay at home when ill, and sneeze into their elbows or tissues. Wearing surgical masks post-corona will encourage people to continue practicing good hygiene, as part of the protocol for minimizing the spread of diseases.  

Improve the Economy

During the Covid-19 pandemic, to control the spread of the virus, most governments imposed lockdowns which were not good for the economy. A lot of businesses came to a standstill as they did not have customers to serve for a long time. 

Continued use of masks as a means of reducing the spread of infectious diseases will mean if there is an outbreak in the future, there will be little need for a lockdown as people will adjust quickly thus sparing the economy. 


The Silver Lining After the End of the Pandemic

We can all agree that we can’t do with another global pandemic. Many people would like to go back to their normal activities after the one we have going on comes to an end. 

Surgical masks have been part of the Covid-19 pandemic, and many people have come to accept it as the norm. As such, you should not be too quick to lose your masks since there are many benefits of wearing a surgical mask after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Masks can help control an early outbreak, prevent health systems from being overwhelmed by taking in too many patients as a result of a pandemic, and avoid loss of life overall.

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