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Best Background Check Sites to Check Public Records Online

Intelius can be useful for a user who is looking for a more comprehensive background check service. So, we’ve come to provide you a comprehensive Intelius overview. With such trustworthy tools as the aforementioned background check, one can obtain correct information on a person without alerting him to the fact that someone is looking for him. Let’s see the best background check sites to check public records online.

Intelius gives a baseline of factual information for employers who wish to negotiate deals with their business partners and have the dirt on them. It also aids businessmen in digging deeper.

Furthermore, it displays the client’s demographic background as well as the person’s criminal records. Although it is not permitted for tenant screening, it can be used to locate a long-lost family.

What Is Intelius and What Is A Background Check Service?

With the wonders of technology, in this article, you may find a long-lost relative or obtain any person’s information. Now, anyone may obtain information about a person, and if a user has any doubts about a person’s identity, they can use the background check service to confirm his identity. The background check service, as the name implies, is a service that checks and validates a person’s background.

People Connect Inc. operates Intelius, a Seattle-based company that is a pioneer in the information commerce market. Classmates.com is also owned by the parent business. It compiles data from a number of different sources.

The following are the sources from which it obtains digital data:

Companies that are privately owned

Among the public sources are:

Agencies of the state government

Agencies on the ground

Federal government agencies

Since then, one may have a good sense of what Intelius search is. They may now be on the lookout for its characteristics. But wait, before focusing on its features, one must first determine whether it is worth contemplating.

Why Should You Think About Intelius?

Here, we’ll go over what makes Intelius unique and why you should consider using it for your background check requirements.

Information in Great Detail

Intelius, as previously indicated, has cost-effective pricing plans. At such low prices, one can acquire more precise information than its competitors.

It provides a report that covers the school history, work record, even criminal record, and much more, in addition to the name, email address, and phone number. Intelius’ premier free trial offer is available to anyone who wants to try it out. During these few days of free subscription, the new user can utilize all premium services without paying anything.


It’s a certified company with a scan. Those who are concerned Is Intelius a genuine company? Yes, it is a genuine business, we simply state. The site’s disclaimer has issued a warning against using this service.

So, by carefully following the instructions on this website, any user can utilize it without difficulty.

Subscriptions at an Affordable Price

Many service providers offer background data check services, and some even offer their services for free. However, they lack the element of trustworthiness, and the information they provide is frequently inaccurate.

Intelius, on the other hand, provides reliable information at a low cost. Is Intelius, if you’re wondering, free? Yes, its basic people search is free, but to get more specific information, you’ll need to pay to one of its other plans. The pricing of Intelius varies depending on whether you want a shorter or longer subscription. Its longer subscriptions offer an advantage over individual monthly packages in that they are less expensive.

In addition, Intelius premier plus includes unlimited monthly searches. It also provides one month’s worth of background checks. The distinction between Intelius premier and Intelius premier plus rests in the fact that the former does not include monthly background checks, whilst the latter does.

What are the Intelius’ Key Features?

Most people believe that because Intelius is a background check service, it just does background checks. Intelius, regardless of whether or not it provides this service, provides far more information.

People Search With Intelius people search, the user may find out all the information they need on the individual they’re looking for. The following are some of the most important pieces of knowledge that a person can obtain:

  • Age
  • Address of residence
  • Contact information via email
  • Profiles on social media
  • Education or work experience
  • Intelius requires the person’s first name, last name, address, or city name for this name-based search

History of Offenses

Intelius’ criminal record reports assist a client in disclosing their criminal background. They can then judge the suspect’s credibility in this manner. According to Intelius evaluations, criminal record reports at both the state and national levels can provide the following information.

  • Dates of deposit
  • Felonies
  • All arrests are listed in detail.
  • Misdemeanors
  • Verdicts of not guilty

Report on Public Records

It’s more or less the same when it comes to folks searching. However, it keeps track of a person’s marital status, allowing a user to learn about their marriage and divorce history. The public records can be accessed by visiting www.intelius.com/public records.

Lookup Phone Numbers and Addresses in the Reverse

If a person is fed up with receiving unwanted calls from strangers, reverse phone lookup helps them to search down the owner of the phone number’s location.

If someone wants to relocate, what should they do? They can use the Intelius address lookup feature to find out more about the people who live in that region. So they’d be able to tell if it’s safe to move around in that region.


With Intelius, obtaining detailed information is a breeze. Whether you want to vet new social media acquaintances, neighbors, or get a record on anyone, our legitimate background search service will make it simple for you.

Furthermore, one must type the name into the search prompt, and it produces compelling, thorough, and accurate reports. There are other subscription bundles available for this service that is reasonably priced.

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