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Probably, each student during the academic path faces homework assignments in the form of essays where he/she has to describe, compare, or analyze specific aspects. Essays are generally agreed to be the best and precise way of evaluating graduates. Be it an essay about literature, economics, or language, one has to stick to the proper structure and given requirements to receive a high grade. However, it often happens when the student has lots on a plate and can’t cope with all the tasks. In such cases, there already are plenty of services that offer full support with the essay. But before you select a service, analyze its credibility. For instance, type something like writemyessayonline review and ensure its trustworthiness. Meanwhile, have a look at the most beneficial web services that will reinforce you in writing the paper. In this blog, you will learn about the best web services to get help with your essay.


First off, it goes without saying that your submitted paper will be assessed based on content, grammar, structure, and plagiarism, so it is reasonable to mention such a great app as Grammarly. Minor and seemingly apparent errors in your written discourse may well quickly discredit any other valuable piece of information you have provided. Indeed, it sometimes happens when you don’t spot the typo and a teacher, during the evaluation, may have the impression that you haven’t worked attentively enough if you committed simple mistakes.

The point of this tool is to keep your written text sharp and your voice active, correcting grammar mistakes, and offering to change the overall tone of the essay if need be. 

Aside from grammar and spellchecker, Grammarly takes its paid version a step further, suggesting word alternatives, voice, and analyzing sentence structure. Not to mention the fact that it carries out its functions anywhere you write on the web, be it Google Docs, WhatsApp, Facebook. If you are a social-media-savvy, it will boost your presence there exponentially, giving you a chance to design error-free posts and dodge grammar police successfully. Hence, Grammarly is an easy-to-use and free tool that you should make use of in order to advance the quality of your essay.

Thesaurus Dictionary

By the same token, if you aspire to improve your writing, don’t ever eschew this app. Thesaurus dictionary is the tool that aims to develop your vocabulary, providing a myriad of synonyms to a single word. Tired of having dozens of “great” in your paper? With Thesaurus, you will expand your wordbook and will write “tremendous,” “hellacious,” “adroit,” “egregious,” and many more. Indubitably, the web service is completely free, and it has a mobile app as well.

Moreover, not only can you find the bulk of synonyms for the exact word, but you can also find antonyms, which will develop your vocabulary more. Needless to say that the interface is straightforward and made on purpose in order not to disturb the user. Thesaurus has a plethora of branches, meaning you can find various writing tools, writing prompts, and dictionaries, knowledge of which you will be able to apply in real life.

Hemingway Editor

Equally essential and named after the genius Ernest Hemingway, who was known and widely appreciated for his short, cut to the bone, condensed style, the tool is constructed to tighten up your written discourse, creating readable content that will set your writing apart (this sentence would be highlighted and asked to get shortened). Readable content abstains from jargon in exchange for pure language, guaranteeing the reader comprehends the message a written piece of information is trying to convey. Sometimes you may have to write a small paper, which naturally calls for shorter sentences and smaller paragraphs, aspiring to promote easy reading and getting the central idea. As follows, use the Hemingway Editor to verify your passage for readability. 

Yes, the app is free, and it grades the document and provides bettering suggestions. The editor catches passive voice, counts adverbs, and notifies the author if specific sentences are hard to read. Bear in mind, however, that so-called readability might have on a small scale different meanings, depending on who your target is. 

Cite This For Me

No matter who you are and what degree pursue, if you tend to write academic essays, this web service is a must. Being always up-to-date with the latest changes regarding citing styles, you will get a variety of opportunities to cite your information according to the established rules. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the history of your citing, in case you forgot to copy it or whatsoever. Even if you don’t have a paid version, the history is saved for some time so that you can always come back and copy that again. Furthermore, you have a diversity of options to find the material you use and want to cite, by writing down the link, DOI, or even you can type the info manually, filling the year of publication, a publisher, an edition, and whatsoever. And most importantly, all the cited pieces of information are created according to the styles, which means that wherever it is required, the text will be italicized; you don’t have to play with the works cited segment additionally.


Similar to Grammarly, Ginger aims to detect grammatical and spelling mistakes while also helping you learn from them. It is a marvelous and useful learning center that keeps track of your most common and usually committed grammar errors and suggests personally custom-made reports to depict your progress over time. Besides, Ginger contains a dictionary, sentence rephraser, text reader, and translation tool.


In order to conclude, writing various essays might be a tough and time-consuming process, especially for students, especially considering the graduates’ inflexible schedule. However, not only do students face difficulties with the timetable, but they also bend over backward to fulfill the given instructions related to the paper. As follows, the aforementioned list of web services throws light on the aspects, such as grammar, vocabulary, etc., that are to be corrected and brushed up, consequently making the essay polished and unprecedented.


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