How to build a mobile application with geolocation

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Geolocation is geographic data (latitude and longitude) about the location of the device. Location apps are apps that rely on user location data. Geolocation expands the possibilities of mobile applications and raises interaction with the client to a new level. It serves as a source of new ideas for developers and marketers. Niche apps like Uber are proof of this. If you are planning to develop a mobile application with geolocation, this article is for you.

In this article, we’ll show you location based app development services and ideas. They will assure you that this area has huge potential.
Classifications of location-based applications
As Weelorum says, location-based applications with geolocation can be grouped into:

Startups with geolocation to search for various places and services: restaurants, public transport schedules, doctors, masseurs, and the like. For instance, such a geolocation app allows you to view the menus of restaurants near you, photos, and reviews. This is very useful when you are in a new city and do not know where you can have a tasty coffee break.

Location Apps: Apps that are part of loyalty programs of various companies or services that allow you to earn points when you visit certain locations and then redeem them for discounts or gift vouchers.

Startups with geolocation to find people: these can range from apps to track family members when they get home late, to dating and finding company to play sports, dance, or travel together. Tinder-like applications with geolocation are perhaps in the lead here.

There are also geolocation games like Ingress and Pokemon GO. Now, let’s look at location-based app ideas for Android and iOS.
Location display
If an app developer isn’t accurate enough, the location data may not be displayed accurately. The device collects its current location data from three sources: GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular (3G, 4G). Since Wi-Fi and cellular data are more accurate than GPS (the signal from the device to the satellite may be distorted), the device constantly checks to see if there is an Internet connection. If so, the location data comes from it. If not, it uses GPS. When receiving inaccurate data, we can observe zigzags on the map, rather than straight lines.

To solve this problem, we recommend you use Google’s Fused Location Client. It will help you set the time and distance at which location data is updated. You will get rid of noisy data as this API maps all device locations to roads and sidewalks. Yet, if the device is located somewhere in the Pacific Ocean or the Alps, it may not be as effective.

Fused Location Client allows you to not display certain locations where the accuracy is below a set threshold. This setting results in noise reduction and a more precise display of locations.
Location-based app development ideas
A location-enabled application
A location-enabled application is an app with content that is only available in certain locations (Snapchat and Pokemon GO). Users and brands can create posts, add photos, or offer discounts that are only available in specified locations.

For users, this is an opportunity to recommend interesting locations to friends or remind them of a memorable event such as a graduation or a trip together. Brands can use it to drive visitors to certain stores (such as less popular ones) or to notify you of limited-time specials when they’re nearby.
Application with geolocation to automate tasks
People like to have boring routines done for them. But in practice, the implementation of such actions is often tied to a specific location, for example, you call home when you leave work, or every Friday you buy groceries in a certain store.
An application for finding products in a supermarket or mall
The shelves of modern stores are simply littered with products and not all special offers and discounted goods can be placed in plain sight.

With this app, brands can:

offer products based on data from previous purchases;

remind you of recurring purchases like bread or laundry detergent;

inform about special offers and discounts on products relevant to the customer.

While shopping, users often use their smartphones to check their shopping lists and this is the moment when you can grab their attention with the application. But in this case, geolocation usually does not work, indoors it will be possible to get a good signal only at the window, therefore BLE will help in solving this problem.
Application with geolocation for notification of dangerous situations
Unfortunately, the modern world is not as safe as we would like, and natural disasters, technological disasters, and terrorist attacks occur quite often. An app that sends notifications about such incidents lets people know about possible dangers nearby and at the same time filters negative news, reporting only what is happening in the immediate vicinity. Such an application can collect data by analyzing news headlines on regional websites.
Application with geolocation for vacation planning
Today, there are many mobile tourist guides, as well as applications for finding food, vacation rentals, and all kinds of entertainment. Yet, planning a vacation in a new city falls entirely on our shoulders. Now imagine an app with geolocation for Android and iOS that plans a vacation (choosing a route, hotel, excursions, cafes, and restaurants for every day) according to your budget and preferences. All you have to do is follow his plan.

Such an application is also perfect for brands. They can be charged for advertising and receiving priority if the user indicates that they prefer establishments of the corresponding type (for example, hostels or four-star hotels).
Wrapping it up
Applications using the user’s geolocation are not limited to finding popular restaurants nearby. To come up with an original idea for your geolocation app, think about which of our daily activities are associated with which location and how we can increase their effectiveness. In conclusion, we can’t but underline that geolocation holds great promise for retail stores and small businesses. And, if you search for high-quality help with location-based app development, contact Weelorum experts. They know how to assist varied product companies with any projects.

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