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Tips to improve the speed of your Drobo

Drobo is a device offering an easy sbd convenient solution to your data storage needs. You can plug in multiple drives and increase the storage. It would be efficient as you don’t need to rely on a single drive to protect your data. The expandable storage and ease of Drobo have made it up to the top of the list for data storage solutions. Also, the option for using different size and brand drives just make it a very convenient choice for every user. The BeyondRaid technology in Drobo has its back in making it a better choice than traditional RAID devices. It offers better speed, storage, and protection for every heavy data user.

However, there is an inherent risk with it, just like every other electronic device. Drobo is also susceptible to data loss due to physical damage. If you don’t back up the files and the Drobo gets damaged due to water damage, you might risk the data. It can be risky if you don’t use it prudently and keep an eye out for its safety. However, a data recovery expert can get you out of such a situation easily.

Another problem that you may face with the Drobo device is reducing speed. It may be due to several unrelated factors, but a slow speed can still impact your work. However, we are here to help with that problem. There are some steps you can easily take up to get that speed back up. Let’s see what you can do in such a case:

Add more drives than larger ones.

You can always increase the storage by adding larger storage drives or more of them. However, if you’re facing a slower speed, it might be better to stick to more drives rather than large ones. You can just opt for more of the 5TB ones rather than using only two of 16TB drives. It is among the reasons for decreased speed as Drobo’s performance is proportional to the number of drives. You should keep this factor in mind next time you loom for drives. You could also use a Drobo calculator that would help you determine the perfect combination.

The type of drive

The speed performance can also be an effect of the type of hard drives you are using. They differ in their speeds and working time. It is recommended to use a higher-speed hard drive with better read and write speeds. It would help in the data usage and improve the performance too. You should go for 7200 RPM speed than the lower ones. It is best paired with a Drobo device.

Also, an enterprise-class drive would be a better choice as it has a capacity of 24 hours.

Don’t overfill

It is pretty normal that a device can slow down when it reaches its full capacity. The same goes for the Drobo. You would see the warning red signs in the dashboard indicating the filling up space. When there is only 25% left, you will experience a significant reduction in speed. However, you can just easily skip this by leaving a 30% threshold every time you use it. Replace one of the drives, and you can bring back the speed up.

These were the tips to help you bring back the speed if you’re facing issues. Let’s go over another important aspect of the Drobo technology.

Data recovery

While the technology is efficient and protected, the risk of physical damage is always there. You can invest in Drobo recovery services in case the information was essential, and you need to protect it.

However, it is prudent to store the device in a safe place to avoid any such damage. You could always use the available data recovery software, which may be free of cost. Just download them onto your computer, and you’re set to go to retrieve back that data.

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