Several marketing areas you should focus in 2021

Several marketing areas
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Promotion of products and services requires a lot of effort – most consumers already know traditional marketing methods and are in no hurry to make purchases after the next advertisement. Now marketers have to conduct analytics, study market demand, and, based on this information, offer creative ideas for product sales. Most of the online marketing tools in 2021 have remained the same, some methods have changed algorithms and an improved approach. Now, in order to stabilize your business and establish constant sales, you need to know the audience’s needs and be able to present your advertising better than your competitors. To do this, they use several marketing areas at once – this is the sales trend in 2021.

SEO optimization

At the end of last year, website promotion and optimization were in the first place, only in 2021 the algorithms of the main search engines changed. SEO will be the biggest thing in the next decade again. It won’t be changed because organic traffic (people that search for specific buying intent) will be the most powerful force.

Social Media marketing in 2021

Trends have also strengthened SMM advertising- the activity of social networks is growing steadily, more and more users come through links to sites from  “Facebook” and “Instagram”. Now business can be conducted online directly in messengers, gaining subscribers from a regular audience.

This year will be perfect for content creators. YouTube is going big and strong. The platform added ‘YouTube shorts” and now they can compete with the TikTok and Instagram Reels. You can buy YouTube likes from the trusted brand and get more recognition from the start. If you are not using YouTube, then you are missing a big chance. 

In the new 2021, all social networks have also adapted to the constantly changing conditions of modern advertising. After conducting the analytics, useful options appeared, with the help of which the promotion of goods into the trend became easier:

  1. To promote branded products “Instagram” introduces an author account. Now there will be trust in a specific seller who is always online and supports his customers.
  2. “Facebook” and “Instagram” are experimenting with abandoning likes, believing that such ratings do not affect advertising in any way and mislead the audience. If the forecasts are confirmed, these criteria will not influence the trend.
  3. In social networks there are platforms for advertising, for example, the section “interesting”. Now all trending products will be shown to the audience based on user requests. 

Email marketing

Email marketing is still relevant this year, but content needs to be made more interesting to promote. To do this, the marketer collects basic information about customers: age, gender, interests, income level, etc.

To Email Marketing has become useful for business, it should be adapted to modern advertising requirements:

– The newsletter should be useful and contain only high-quality content – contain photos with descriptions of goods and services;

– Letters should be sent only to the target audience that may show interest in your product;

– Improve interactive elements in messages – turn on the “feedback” or “liked” button;

– Requires compatibility with other tools: call services, CRM, instant messengers.


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