5 Industries that Benefit Greatly from the Realisation of 5G Networks

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Captions: Nowadays, more and more devices are equipped with 5G access, and this trend is set to continue with next generation devices                                                                                                                                                                                                  5G networks arrived on the scene several years ago, however it isn’t until now that they are becoming more and more widespread throughout the world. For example, in the UK the technology was introduced at the end of May 2019, but early on next year is when 5G is set to be accessible for most of the country’s population.                                                                                                                                                                                      As more people get their hands on wider network coverage and lightning-fast internet speeds, it’s clear that everyone will benefit in some way or another. However, for some specific global industries, this advantage is enhanced even further. In this article, we take a look at five sectors that are and will continue to thrive largely due to realisation of 5G networks.

Financial Services

The finance industry is one of the world’s largest and most important sectors. With 5G, the industry is being given a crucial revamp as far as customer service experiences go. Today, the technology enables banking clients to interact with everything from virtual tellers to immediate facial recognition tech in retail locations.

Additionally, mobile banking is safer than ever before, with time sensitive apps that promote fraud protection allowing customers to make secure monetary transfers with ease in seconds. All in all, 5G networks have, and will continue to provide countless benefits for that large majority of people who manage their money online in today’s growing digital environment.


5G is 100 times faster than its predecessor, 4G, delivering up to 10 gigabits per second. Of course, with these figures, it’s no surprise that the technology is also making leaps and bounds in the gaming sector. To start, one-way 5G affects gaming is undoubtedly through cloud computing. Here, gamers can access their favorite titles in a ‘cloud-based’ remote landscape without the need for a smartphone or console. Aside from cloud gaming, the influx of 5G also means that all gaming activities feature exponentially lower latency, strong internet signals, and much faster downloads.

For instance, those who enjoy FPS titles like Modern Combat 5 can ensure that both their single or multiplayer session is uninterrupted by lags, slow uploads, and everything in between. In the same way, gamers who prefer online gaming can benefit from a larger, more diverse selection of games thanks to 5G. One example is online slot games of different themes, which have become increasingly sophisticated in their overall look and gameplay in recent years. With 5G technology, titles like these are given much more room to advance.


5G also has a huge impact on the manufacturing industry. One way it is helping the sector expand is through the development of ‘smart factories’ where the entire process reduces the need for human intervention, therefore lowering costs and speeding up production in the long run. Although these technologies are still in progress, the expansion of 5G means that more manufacturers will have access to them in the near future.

5G’s massive network capacity ensures that the technology is available for many users simultaneously

Media and Entertainment

All the media and entertainment content that we love and enjoy today is also given a makeover with 5G technology. Everything from home broadband TV, to music and video streaming sites like Netflix, and Virtual/Augmented Reality, are more easily accessible and much quicker.

For example, 5G innovations enable users to download movies on their mobile phones in a matter of seconds, a process that could previously take minutes or even hours on a slower device. Not only are these processes faster, but they are also presented to the user in a much higher quality.

All in all, 5G is the future of the world’s network connection, as its benefits cross continents and populations alike. Although more 5G compatible phones will come onto the market in the coming years, here is a list of the best ones available for purchase nowadays. 

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