5 Shoe Styles Every Kid Should Own

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Because most children grow like weeds, you may be tempted to limit their shoe wardrobe to just a pair or two. While most of the time, boys and girls wear shoes for sports or play, other times their footwear can seem out of place. Just as you need different styles of shoes for different occasions, so do your kids, even if replacing them frequently may be overwhelming. These five shoes styles can fill out your children’s shoe wear needs and hopefully last through a season or two.

  1. Sneaky Sneakers

The most basic and versatile of all shoes, sneakers are the essential core of your kid’s footwear. Athletic footwear is typically the one style that can stand up to the wear and tear that comes with being a child. They can wear sneakers for sports, playtime, and even with some casual outfits, if they are clean. Because sneakers take a lot of abuse, you should shop for brands like Nike or Puma shoes for sale to save some money.

  1. Dressy Dress Shoes

Sometimes, your family has special events that require a bit more formality, such as religious holiday services, weddings, or adult parties. At those occasions, your son or daughter may look out of place in dirty sneakers, and running out at the last minute to find appropriate footwear can be a real hassle. It may be better to find dress shoes, be it Mary Janes, loafers, or oxfords, to keep in the closet until the right time.

  1. Comfy Casuals

What if sneakers are too informal, but dress shoes are too formal? That is when casual shoes come in handy. When you shop for kids shoes, look for neutral colors and comfortable styles that can work with pants, shorts, skirts, or dresses. Another argument for casual shoes is you have a back-up plan to avoid a tantrum in case your kids’ dress shoes are uncomfortable; they may be more likely to compromise on casual kicks that work in many settings.

  1. Brilliant Boots

No matter where you live, your children can use a pair of boots. In colder areas, sturdy, well-insulated snow boots may be necessary for months on end, while in hot, humid regions, rain boots can keep little socks and toes from getting drenched. Even families in dryer climates may opt for hiking boots to make exploring and climbing easier for children. Be sure to take the socks your child will wear with boots to get a comfortable fit.

  1. Spectacular Specialties

Beyond the essential four styles listed above, special shoes may be appropriate for your children’s activities. Swimmers or frequent beach goers should have a pair of flip-flops or water shoes to protect small feet. Cleats may be needed on the field for sports activities. Sandals for both boys and girls work just as well as casual shoes in the summertime. Consider the hobbies and interests your children have and see if a special pair of shoes may be a better fit than a straightforward sneaker.

There you have it: the five shoes that every child should have. Yes, they may outgrow them quickly, but if you shop around for sales, you can save some money for the inevitable next pair.

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