5 Signs You May Need a Skincare Fridge

On the face of things, it may seem like a skincare fridge is a superficial luxury. However, the value of such a fridge isn’t only skin deep. It can be an excellent investment that helps your products work even better or longer than before. Keeping products cool can keep sensitive ingredients active, and your skin can benefit from a cool refresh.

Still, a skincare fridge isn’t for everyone. You have to decide if you have the space, if it’s worth the cots, and if your products can be refrigerated. It’s important to make sure it’s the right investment for you. Read on to learn about five signs that indicate you may need a skincare fridge.

1. You Use Perishable Products

Most skincare products work best when they’re brand new. This is especially the case for products that have active ingredients or those that have a short shelf life. Products with active ingredients like vitamin C, for example, lose their vivacity over time. But many skincare goods will last longer if they’re kept reasonably cool. And storing them in a skincare fridge will help you do just that.

Now, it’s true that a skincare fridge is a bit of an upfront investment. But think about all of the partially-filled bottles of creams and oils that you’ve thrown out over the years. By using a skincare fridge, you’ll easily increase the overall lifespan of your favorite product and preserve its initial freshness longer. You don’t want the tretinoin in your anti-aging cream to degrade before you run out of it, after all. Improperly storing your products can cause you to end up with expensive do-nothing creams.

2. You Live in a Hot or Humid Climate or Take Lots of Showers

If you live in a hot or humid climate, you’ll definitely want to consider getting a skincare fridge. That’s because skincare products last even less time in the heat than they normally would. Even products laden with preservatives will struggle to survive in high temperatures. That’s because heat naturally causes substances to decompose faster than usual due to increased thermal degradation.

Even if you don’t live in a particularly hot area of the world, think about the temperature in your bathroom. When you take a bath or shower, the change in temperature can be dramatic. Over time, that fluctuation can be enough to render your products intert. So if your skincare products are in danger of heat exposure, a fridge may be just what you need.

3. You Get a Puffy or Red Face

Nowadays everyone has cameras with them at all times, and you never know when you’ll need to be photo-ready. This difficult proposition is made even harder if your face is prone to getting red and puffy. The inflammation that causes a red, puffy face can leave you feeling embarrassed. And a skincare fridge can help you store products to fight that inflammation.

There are many skincare products that can help fight off a puffy face, but many of them harness the power of colder temperatures. One of the best is a good, old-fashioned reusable gel facemask. You can store this facemask in your fridge to soak up the cold. Then rest the mask on your face for 10 to 15 minutes before putting it back. The cold will help ease inflammation on your face, leaving you looking cute, crisp, and totally Instagrammable.

4. You Like to Stock Up

Rather than buy your skincare products one by one, it’s typically more affordable to buy them in bulk. However, if you buy too many at one time, you might not be able to use them before they expire. And you aren’t likely to find throwing out entire tubes of unused product on any lists of money-saving skincare tips. So if you like to stock up on products but are anxious about wasting them, a skincare fridge could be perfect for you.

Now, skincare fridges aren’t typically that large in size. But, regardless, they’ll allow you to stock up on at least a few months of your favorite product. That way you won’t have to search for a cream or oil you need only to find that there’s none left. For any bulk buyers out there, a skincare fridge is a simple and elegant storage solution.

5. You’re Already Using Your Regular Fridge

If you need to reach past the milk to get your moisturizer, it’s a good sign that you might need a skincare fridge. You might think that a regular kitchen fridge is fine, but it may actually do more harm than good. Because, while you don’t want your products to get too hot, you also don’t want them to get too cold. Skincare products work best when they’re stored in their own personal Goldilocks zone.

A regular kitchen refrigerator runs at about 35 F – 38 F. On the other hand, a skincare fridge runs anywhere from 40 F – 60 F. And different skincare products need slightly lower or higher temperatures than others. Skincare fridges are an excellent way to give yourself greater control over your product storage. That way you can store your products at the perfect temperature suited exactly to your needs.

You Already Invest In Your Skin

A good sign you might need a skincare fridge is the fact that you’ve read this far in the article. Honestly, many people just care about their skin looking good enough. If you’re already highly invested in your skincare, a fridge might be right for you. It’s a need that will help your skin look and feel like luxury. And that’s worth an investment.


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