5 Trending Couple Tennis Bracelets


Have you ever wondered why tennis bracelets are so-called? The story behind it is pretty interesting. Back in the 1980s, tennis star Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet during a tennis match and officials were forced to stop the game to look for it. It’s possible that the term existed before this famous incident but it was what made tennis bracelets popular.

Tennis bracelets are ideal for those wanting to have a piece of versatile jewelry. But, this isn’t to say that these bracelets aren’t attractive. They consist of multiple small diamonds placed close together with a thin chain metal holding them intact. Its thinness and simplicity are what make it such a beauty.

Although trends have emerged where tennis bracelets have been made with colorful stones, diamonds are still the best choice for a bracelet of this type. After all, the diamond industry is worth almost $80 billion in the U.S. alone. Thus, you can say that a lot of people are patronizing this stone.

Diamonds are a perfect gift for any special occasion. This is especially true for couples who want to seal their devotion and love for each other. Normally couples would want to give each other promise rings. However, if you are saving the diamond rings for engagement, matching tennis bracelets might suit you.

Tennis bracelets are great for couples because they feature simple yet elegant designs. These designs are often gender-neutral and lend a sophisticated touch to any outfit. Also, couples prefer them because they’re easier to coordinate than most other types of jewelry. 

Let’s discuss 4 types of trending couple tennis bracelets available today.

Popular Couple Tennis Bracelets Styles

1.Tennis Bracelets Made With Lab Grown Diamonds

These days, companies produce tennis bracelets featuring lab-grown diamonds rather than mined diamonds. These diamonds undergo a similar formation process as mined diamonds do. Experts create them using extreme heat and pressure, as the Earth does with mined diamonds. The only difference is where it was created.

People are preferring lab grown diamonds these days for several reasons. For one, they are cheaper than mined diamonds. Manufacturers are able to match supply to demand in the case of lab-grown diamonds. This is because these diamonds don’t take very long to create.

Another advantage of using lab grown diamonds is that they’re more environment-friendly than mined diamonds. You would need fossil fuels and exhaustible sources of energy to mine diamonds from the earth. But, you could use clean, renewable sources of energy to create lab grown diamonds.

Also, the ethical concerns associated with mining diamonds are significant. The conditions under which miners have to work are often hazardous. Child labor and unethical practices are common in diamond mining sites. And people nowadays don’t want to support that, hence, preferring lab diamonds.

What better way to seal the love you have for your partner than to choose a clean and conflict-free tennis bracelet, right?

2.Customized Couple Tennis Bracelets

You can opt to customize your bracelets based on several factors. The most common customization option is featuring your partner’s initials on your bracelet. Engraved anniversary dates or special numbers are also popular among couples looking for tennis bracelets. After all, people do it with their engagement rings, so why not bracelets?

But, if you’re not comfortable with this, there are other ways to match bracelets. For instance, you can use a similar color palette for your couple’s tennis bracelets. In this way, your bracelets will match but won’t appear too flashy.

You can also choose a matching pattern for you and your partner. This would allow you to add an edge to your accessory. Also, you can add gems and pendants if you prefer it that way.

3.Tennis Bracelets with Ceramic Touches

Tennis bracelets can now be more fun and colorful, thanks to ceramics. Opting for a tennis bracelet with ceramic touches opens up a lot of customizable colors that you can add to the bracelet.

You can add half colored ceramic and half diamond-studded heart pendant to your couple’s tennis bracelets if that works for the both of you. You can also customize the ceramic pendant shape based on your preferences.

4.Tennis Bracelets with Colored Stones

Tennis bracelets have been featuring rows of sparkly white diamonds for ages. However, new fashion trends have emerged for this iconic piece and they can now be mixed with colored gemstones.

These gemstones might not be as hard as a diamond, but they sure are as pretty. There are tennis bracelets that are made with rubies, sapphires, topaz, and amethyst. They look exquisite with their matching platinum or gold hardware.

Couples can mix and match their birthstones into their tennis bracelets. It allows them to have a subtle remembrance of each other and their love.

5.Permanent Tennis Bracelets

Many couples are enticed with permanent bracelets and this also goes for tennis bracelets. The ends of permanent bracelets are soldered on one’s wrist and the only way of removing them is by either breaking them or having them professionally removed.

Because of that, couples often say that it symbolizes their love in hopes that what they feel will also be permanent. Permanent tennis bracelets are like permanent seals to their relationship and no one can take their love for each other because of it.

Soldering permanent bracelets are completely safe as long as you go to a trusted place. The soldering tool is pretty small and is only used for electronics and accessories so you have nothing to worry about. The soldering tool also works well with different metals so you have a ton of options available.



Tennis bracelets are a great choice if you want to make a minimalist fashion statement. These bracelets are perfect for couples because they aren’t difficult to customize. You can choose between colors, metals, and more.

Whatever you choose, there are options available to customize your couple’s tennis bracelets. You and your partner can choose bracelets that are meaningful to both of you. Also, remember that these bracelets aren’t too difficult to maintain.

This is all the more true if you’re using bracelets made out of lab-created diamonds. The same goes for other precious stones.


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