8 The Most Common Garage Door Issues and How to Fix Them

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In the 2022 alone, the market of the garage door installation industry in the US reached $327.2m. Therefore, it’s not surprising that with so many garages in the country they will break from time to time. If you’ve noticed that your garage door needs repair services, as it seems misaligned or is moving slower than normal, there are steps you can take to fix these issues.

If you’re facing problems with your garage door we have provided some solutions and guidance on when it might be best to seek help with garage door repair Springfield VA.

Difficulty Closing

Your garage door should make your daily life easier so it can be really frustrating when its not working properly. If you’re experiencing this problem there are a couple of do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions you can try.

Check for Balance

If your door is not balanced properly it may not function correctly. Start by disconnecting the power and manually lifting the door to check its balance. If it stays in place without any issues then it’s balanced and on the track. However, if it doesn’t stay in position there might be a problem.

Another potential issue could be a fuse. If you have checked all the batteries and your door still doesn’t move all a blown fuse could be causing the problem. However, if other lights in your home are still working fine then there might be a problem, with the door opener.

If you have already performed these tests and your door is still not opening or closing properly it would be an idea to get in touch with a professional, for assistance, with repairing your garage door.

Sensor Blockages

If you are experiencing any issues while attempting to open or close your door it could be because there are objects obstructing the sensors.

Ensure Signal Reception

To ensure that your remote control and garage door work reliably it’s important to check for any signal interference caused by obstacles. When using your control, make sure there are no branches or plants blocking the sensors’ path. Also inspect the antenna for any dirt or buildup that might affect the signal. Sometimes the antenna may get misaligned. You can easily fix this by readjusting it.

Dealing with Broken Springs

If the extension or torsion springs, on your garage door snap it can suddenly drop down.

Replace Worn Out Springs

As time goes by and your system goes through cycles the springs will wear out increasing the risk of them breaking. Keep an eye on their lifespan. Contact a professional to replace them when needed. If a spring snaps while you’re using the door it could slam shut. Potentially damage your vehicle or pose a safety risk to people nearby. You might be surprised, but those types of injuries are more common than you think, with 20,000 to 30,000 people suffering from garage door accidents each year.

If you hear springs snapping when the door is not in use avoid trying to open your garage as it could forcefully eject the springs and cause injury.

Addressing Roller Issues

The rollers, in your system have lifespans depending on their material—whether they are made of plastic, steel, or nylon.

Keep your door functioning smoothly by performing maintenance or replacing any rollers that have become aged or corroded. Start by lubricating the rollers to see if that resolves the problem. If you continue to experience issues it may be necessary to install rollers.

Rollers typically function until they reach their maximum usage limit. Keep track of when your rollers are nearing the end of their service life to ensure a seamless replacement process.

Failing Opener

Your garage door opener enables you to efficiently use your garage whenever you need it. If your opener is 20 years old or older, it has likely exceeded its expected lifespan.

Upgrade and Replace

Perform some garage door opener troubleshooting by checking the batteries, ensuring you are within the opener’s range, and clearing any obstructions in the antenna’s path.

If issues persist with your opener, the most likely culprit is a failing motor. An old or overheating motor may not function as expected.

It is advisable to enlist a professional to install a new garage door opener to prevent the risk of injury or damage to your door, ensuring safe and proper operation.

Unusual Sounds

A sequence of strange noises is a significant signal of an underlying problem. Some may be mild, while others need prompt and expert care.

Snap, crackle, and pop.

Depending on the problem, your door may make a variety of noises. Some of the concerns and accompanying sounds are as follows:

  • slapping loose chains
  • Grinding, squeaking, and screaming caused by loose rollers
  • Vibrating and rattling nuts and bolts
  • clinking rust
  • Broken springs: rumbling and popping
  • Issues with alignment include pounding, straining, scraping, and rubbing.

If you’re uncertain about the sound you’re hearing or its source, it is best to contact a professional to conduct garage door troubleshooting in Springfield, VA.

Uneven Door

Occasionally, you may notice that your door looks uneven or moves in an irregular manner. In such cases, there are several areas to inspect.

Proper Alignment

An uneven door can be caused by impediments in its way, so be sure you’ve removed all of them. Because of rust, one side of your door may move quicker than the other. This problem is occasionally resolved by a thorough cleaning.

You may also go to your user handbook to confirm that all of your settings are properly setup, which will assist guarantee that the door closes completely and performs properly.

If the problem lies within the spring system, be sure to contact a professional from STI Garage Door and limit the use of your door. Broken springs can be hazardous and cause serious injuries.

Transmitter Issues

Your remote control should smoothly open your garage door, but this does not always happen. Transmitter difficulties are typically resolved quickly with a simple battery change. Changing the batteries usually includes removing the back of the remote (which may necessitate the use of a screwdriver). To avoid misdiagnosing the problem when the remote does not function, always insert the batteries in the right orientation.

Keypad Not Synced

A garage keypad provides security and convenience for many homeowners. If your door fails to open when you input your code, it may not be properly synced. Syncing your keypad is a simple fix that can be completed in minutes. Next, consult your user manual for instructions on properly syncing the keypad and remote. If problems persist, you can contact the manufacturer for further assistance.


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