Apple and Google Team Up to Alert People Exposed to Coronavirus

Apple and Google team up to develop a Coronavirus tracing app. The app is going to be in-built in phones. There will be notifications from this app alerting people about the Covid-19 virus. Android and iOS users will easily track if they have been in any contact with the deadly virus.

The two giant companies named this initiative “Exposure Notifications Express.” The system will let the public health authorities send cautionary measures to the people about the Coronavirus through notifications. Google and Apple officials said that this Coronavirus tracking app will also allow the authorities to give suggestions if they get infected.

According to Apple and Google, this API won’t share location details from the phone. There will be security related to personal information and privacy. The app will be sending notifications under “privacy optimized exposure notification structure’’. Moreover, the Apple-Google Covid-19 tracking app will refer to the signals from Bluetooth. Thus,it will not breach privacy or trust.

Apple and Google team up

People using Apple phones will be able to use the app from Tuesday. The expansion will be more after the launch of iOS 13.7. The user won’t even have to install this app separately. Google will start in a month with some Android alterations with Android 6 or even further update. The companies said that user must agree to receive the notifications, then the app would push notifications

The app can work effectively with lesser  people installing it

Apple and Google authorities said that their “exposure express” app is a solution to spread awareness about the Coronavirus. Earlier research indicated that 60 % of people would have to use contact tracing apps for containing the Covid-19 spread. There was speciation over this automated contact tracing, but since Google and Apple said this app could work in much lesser adoption.

Apple and Google teamed earlier also for Bluetooth technology. That system helped the hearth authorities to track people who are infected with Coronavirus or exposed to the virus-infected people anyway. Further development came from that, and they came up with this  Coronavirus tracing app.

There are concerns though if enough people won’t use this app, then this initiative would work or not.

Flaws in Apple-Google Covid-19 tracing app

Contestant narratives are going around how Apple and Google will safeguard the personal information of the user. The access of the data is in danger or not is the constant question among many. Digital surveillance is a significant threat that will not be great for this Apple Google Coronavirus tracing app.

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