Choosing Top 3 Online File Converter Online Tools (Updated 2020)

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Have you been looking for some easy and best tools for online file converter? Do you sometimes find an issue for converting your PDF files, excel files or the Word file format into your need required file format? If yes, then this is the right place for you to get the complete information that you have been looking forward to making your task easy. The primary purpose of using online file converter tools is basically to convert your various folders and files in the required format. Few tools are free to use, and some of them might charge you with the conversion amount.

Here we have brought up the list of top best online converter tools in 2020 which will be making your task a lot easy over the file conversion process:


Climpchamp is the file converter which is used for converting both files as well as videos. It can convert both large-sized and small-sized files without giving you any hassle. It will be offering you excellent output results. It has the ability in which it can easily convert even 20 GB of the files.  

Another exciting feature of this online tool converter is that it won’t be accessing your input file. Besides, it will not be storing all your converted files or formats in the memory chart. You can even convert different files all together without any inconvenience.


As we talk about the free converter tools, then heading your way towards the Online Convert Free tool is an ultimate option for you. This file converter tool has been remarkably known among professionals and students to let their files and folders be converted easily with no hassle. The entire process of converting the file requires just one press button to start the process. Its features are simple and quite easy to follow upon. Apart from the files, this tool can even work best for converting your images, audio or different books.

Nitro Pro

To get a reliable and easy to use file converter for converting your PDF files into Doc format, you can straight away choose the platform of Nitro Pro! This tool will enable you to easily convert your excel, Word and PowerPoint files with no such obstructions. It is a free tool, and you don’t need to think about investing your money while using it.

It even can let you easily add e-signature within the PDF file. Comparing two files all at the same time is also possible with this file converter tool. Hence it will be offering you with so many functions related to the PDF conversion. If you want to use all those features, make sure you upgrade the tool.

Well, we hope that by presenting all these online tool converter programs, we have definitely made your task a lot easy to pick the reliable and best tool for yourself. They are all offered with friendly and easy features to make your file conversion process effortless.

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