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Clash of Lights is very famous among the fans of Clash of Clans. If you are going to use Clash of Lights first time, then you have just come to the right place. You’ll find the direct link to download Clash of Lights Apk (All versions) below. You’ll also find a brief guide to install Clash of Lights on your device below. So, read this post carefully if you don’t want to miss any details about Clash of Lights.

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Clash of Lights is a group of private servers of the famous game Clash of Clans. This server is a cheat for the game.


Clash of Lights Apk


App Name Clash of Lights
Size 109 MB
Version v10.322
Minimum Android Version Android 4.0+
Required Root? No


   Download Clash of Lights Servers

App Description

Clash of Clans is a top-rated game nowadays. With over 50Million+ downloads on Google Play Store, this game has been trendy among young to olds. But what the fans of Clash of Clans don’t know is, this game has some private servers. Let me give you brief information about these private servers.

These private servers got some extra features than the original servers. There are many servers for Clash of Clan available, one of them is Clash of Lights. Clash of Lights is one of the best private servers for Clash of Clans aka C.O.C.

Clash of Lights has some excellent features for you. You’ll get all the game materials (Gems, Gold, etc.) unlimited in the server. So, if you want to enjoy the game freely without any restriction, then Clash of Lights is for you.

Clash of Lights has four different servers for now. In the future maybe you’ll get more servers. The servers of Clash of Lights are the following:

  1. Clash of Lights Server 1 (S1)
  2. Clash of Lights Server 2 (S2)
  3. Clash of Lights Server 3 (S3)
  4. Clash of Lights Server 4 (S4)

Each server has its features. Download the Clash of Lights Apk of a specific server to enjoy the features of that server.

Let me tell you quickly about clash of lights servers. Clash of lights S1 and clash of lights s3 are modded versions with unlimited resources and clash of lights s2 and s4 has unlimited resources but they dont are modded versions. You’ll find detailed information about each server below. You can also download clash of lights apk from our download page.

Details of Clash of Lights Servers

1. Clash of Lights S1 (Server 1)

It is the first server of Clash of Lights. The main feature of this server is, There are no limitations of resources like Gold, Gems, and Elixir on this server. You can buy all the resources at zero cost with the help of this server.

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  • Buy Unlimited Gold, Gems, Elixir for Free.
  • Create Your Army with Over 600 Slots Available.
  • Dragon, Archer, Barbarian and Witch Towers are now unlocked.
  • Enemy Traps Unlocked.
  • No Limitation on Resources.
  • Play in a single clan with your friends.


So that’s the main features of Clash of Lights S1. You can download the server from the below link. Follow the universal installation process described below to install this Clash of Lights Apk server.

2. Clash of Lights S2 (Server 2)

The next server in our list is Clash of Lights S2. This special server has features like changing the dresses of the armies and the ability to create your custom heroes and buildings.

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  • It is the perfect Clash of Lights Server for Android devices.
  • One of the fast and efficient server.
  • Create unique dresses for your COC army.
  • Create your own custom buildings and heroes in the game.
  • Buy any Hero or troops from the store for free.
  • Use your maximum power to create unique things.


3. Clash of Lights S3 (Server 3)

Clash of Lights S3 is the server that allows you to run it on Android and iOS devices smoothly. Some special islands towers and legendary towers are unlocked on this server.

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  • You’ll experience no lags, or no server crashes on this server.
  • Island towers, beast towers, and legendary towers are unlocked on this server.
  •  Run on Android and iOS devices without any issue.
  • Create new characters with no limits.
  • This server has 99% uptime.


4. Clash of Lights S4 (Server 4)

Clash of Lights S4 is the last server in our list. This server has some similar features of the remaining three servers. You can create unlimited buildings and troops with this server.

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  • Create Unlimited troops and building for free.
  • Unlimited Gold, Gems and Elixir supplies.
  • Maximum uptime of the server.
  • You can join different clans and make alliances.
  • Access your village anytime 24/7


How to Install?

Clash of Lights Apk

None of the Clash of Lights servers is available in Google Play Store. So, use the above download links to download your favorite Clash of Lights Apk servers. Then follow the installation process below to install the servers on your Android device.

  1. First of All, go to Settings>Privacy on your Android device to enable ‘Install from Unknown Source’ option.
  2. Open your Downloads folder to install the Clash of Lights Apk server that you’ve downloaded.
  3. Click on the apk file to install.
  4. Click ‘Install’ to install the server on your device.
  5. It’ll take a few seconds to install. Wait until the installation process completes.
  6. After completing the installation process, you can open the app from your app drawer.

Make sure you have an active internet connection on your device before installing the servers. Also, uninstall the original Clash of Clash app before installing the servers.

Final Words

So guys, hope you liked the Clash of Lights Apk servers. If you liked, you could share it with your friends who play Clash of Clans and tell them about the Clash of Lights. If you have any problem or query, you can comment down in the comment section below. Also, visit the homepage of Androclue to get more tech related updates.

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