Definitive Guide 2021: How to Find Someone’s Phone Location

Find Someone's Phone Location
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Your smartphone is your digital footprint in this digital age. Every step you take on a mobile phone is registered, from the moment you turn it on to the moment you turn it off. Is it possible to monitor a person’s phone without them knowing? Yes, indeed. Let’s see how to find someone’s phone location.

Someone may want to monitor someone’s location for a variety of reasons. Perhaps it’s for the sake of protection. You want to know where the child is right now, whether he’s at music class or a party. Maybe it’s for personal reasons, and you’ve been suspicious of your spouse’s actions lately.

Whatever the case may be, it is unlikely that the phone user will be informed of the monitoring. Otherwise, the goal will be defeated. You can start monitoring a phone’s position in stealth mode, or should we say secret mode, with an app like Safespy.


Safespy is a versatile phone spying tool that we will talk about later in this article. It comes with several features that users can use to meet their spying needs. It is simple to use and combines ease of use with superior performance.

Someone with only a basic understanding of the internet can use it without any experience. Spying software may be used to keep an eye on employees, control children, or track your partners. Many of the specifics can be found on Safespy’s official website, which you can visit to learn more about it.

What does Safespy provide?

Safespy offers a wide range of services. It is 100 percent right to claim that it ensures that none of the target device’s activity stays hidden from the user. It ensures that the consumer sees every last detail of the target unit. For the user’s convenience, it updates details every 24 hours.

All of the target device’s social media actions are visible. Anything can be seen, from the content they post to the content they receive. Call logs can be displayed, chats can be monitored, and galleries can be viewed. As a result, if you want to track someone phone, everything in front of you will become crystal clear, making safespy reliable and trustworthy.

Cash Back:

Safespy comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, which means you can get your money back if you don’t think it meets your needs or solves your problems within that time frame. They will return your money with no questions asked.


Premium, middle, and family are the three plans available. The plans vary in terms of price as well as the functionality they provide to consumers.

Record Keeping:

Safespy keeps track of deleted chats, media, videos, and other material. The user will spy on the deleted items and learn about the target device’s activities and plans.

How to Find location on iOS

Step 1: Become a Safespy customer.

You must first register as a Safespy user before you can begin monitoring someone’s location. After you’ve signed up for Safespy, press the Apple logo to choose the target device’s iOS.


Step 2: Connecting the tracker

You will receive an email with a connection to the setup wizard after successfully subscribing to a plan of your choosing. To begin, you must first give the target phone a name. After that, you’ll need to confirm the credentials of the phone you’re trying to monitor. You’ll need the target’s iCloud ID and password to accomplish this.

Two essential requirements must be fulfilled to effectively track an iPhone/iPad without having to jailbreak it:

  • On the target phone, an iCloud backup should be enabled.
  • Two-factor authentication should not be used.

Step 3: Keep an eye on the data you’ve collected.

After you’ve completed the steps above, log into your Safespy account using any web browser on any computer. Through its location tracking feature, you can conveniently see all of the data displayed through the dashboard.

 How to Locate a Phone Number with Safespy on Android

The steps to monitor a cell phone location by the number on Android with Safespy are outlined below:

Step 1: signing Up

Before you can begin monitoring, you must first build a free Safespy account with a valid email address. After that, choose Android as the target device’s operating system and the subscription plans you want.

Step 2: Begin keeping track of your position.

You must have physical access to the target Android phone before you can monitor it. This is so that Safespy can be installed on the target computer. After you’ve installed the Safespy app on your tablet, open it and sign in with your credentials. Then, to finish setting up the target handset, follow the on-screen prompts.

Step 3: Examine the Data That Has Been Tracked

After you’ve completed the above steps, go to any web browser and log in with your Safespy account. Since the app monitors your position, you can see all of the information by going to the app’s dashboard.

Why Locating Someone’sWhereabouts with Safespy is the Best?

Various news outlets have named Safespy one of the best phone number trackers. This is made possible by its compelling security features and high-quality mobile phone tracking technology. This section of the article explains the features and advantages available to users.

●    Stealth Mode

Safespy for iOS is a web-based platform. As a result, you won’t need to download any software to take advantage of its many features. To monitor anyone remotely on iOS, all you need are their iCloud credentials. This feature is beneficial because it allows you to remain anonymous. The only time you will need to download its software is if you’re using an Android smartphone.

The programme is lightweight and takes up little space on your hard drive. You can use the Safespy stealth mode to remove the programme from the menu after it has been mounted. It has no impact on your phone’s battery life or processing speed.

●    No need for jailbreak.

Safespy, unlike other monitoring platforms, does not require you to root or jailbreak your target computer. This keeps you hidden and protects your computer from virus attacks, as opposed to rooting or jailbreaking it.

●    Simple to use

The Safespy framework is designed in such a way that it is simple to use for all. You don’t need any technological knowledge to use the platform. The programme is simple to use because of the precise descriptions and measures. Before you purchase the platform, you can use the free live demo feature to learn about its features.

●    Data Protection

Safespy makes use of cutting-edge data encryption technologies to keep user data secure. Safespy developers are unable to access any of the data because it is stored on third-party servers. The programme is easily modified, and, if necessary, notification is issued.


This concludes our guide on how to monitor a phone’s location without them knowing. All you have to do is download Safespy on the target phone and begin watching it. This is not only dependable and trustworthy, but it is also highly safe and cost-effective.

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