Elevator Shoes for Men

elevator shoes for men
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Elevator shoes are one of the most stylish and fashionable shoes you can find around today. They have gradually evolved to become one of the trendiest footwear in the fashion industry today. GuidoMaggi is an elevator shoe company that prides itself on designing handmade, quality, and fashionable elevator shoes.  The shoes are made from genuine leather which gives utmost importance to style and not compromising on comfort on the feet of the wearer.

What are elevator shoes?

Elevator shoes are shoes that have thick segments of the insoles just under the heels. They make the wearer appear taller than they are. Unlike platform shoes, elevator shoes add height to the wearer in a way that doesn’t seem obvious to others. The heels of elevator shoes made with plastic, wood, or rubber appear very strong. They look just like any other regular shoes with the insole inserted with lifters that discreetly add to the height of the wearers. Elevator shoes are quite similar to high heel shoes, just that they are unnoticed, comfortable, and help to improve the posture of the wearer.

Why some men prefer elevator shoes

Some men prefer elevator shoes for obvious reasons. They include:

Increases height: This is one of the most fundamental reasons why some men prefer wearing elevator shoes. These shoes can add 5-7 inches of height to the wearer, making them appear taller.

Improves confidence:  For men who are very wary of their height, especially when they are in public, elevator shoes can give such men the confidence they desire by discreetly making them appear taller.

Improves posture: Elevator shoes are designed to help the wearer walk well and properly. They also help to protect the knees and backs of the wearer. They help to improve posture for wearers.

Available in a variety of styles and designs: In contrast to what some people think, elevator shoes come in beautiful designs and styles. They are trendy and meet the needs of a lot of fashion enthusiasts.

History of elevator shoes

Elevator shoes back to the 1900s. There appears to be a relationship between elevator shoes and high heel shoes. In the past, men could wear high heel shoes without drawing any funny look from the public. Men wearing high heel shoes were beyond a fashion statement. The cowboy culture in Spain was one of the eras that drove the elevator shoe movement. Cowboys wore shoes with thickened heels to appear taller than their counterparts. They also prefer high heeled boots to allow them to ride their horses faster, and also give them an additional grip that will enable them to shoot their guns while still riding.

Another event in history that sparked up the craze for high heeled shoes was when King Louis XIV of France started wearing high heeled shoes in public in the 18th century, and it became a fashion statement for men once again. King Louis’s wearing of high heeled shoes went beyond a fashion symbol to a matter of functionality. King Louis saw the need to appear taller than everyone else, so he favored the wearing of high-heeled shoes. Looking taller gave him a sense of superiority and confidence.

The love for high heeled shoes soon took a grip on women. Men and women high heeled shoes differed in appearance. While the heel of men’s shoes looked very thick, that of women appeared thin. As time went by, a lot of men began to find high heeled shoes as uncomfortable and old fashioned. A lot of men at the time still yearn for the need to have shoes that would make them look taller, but not in the manner of high adidas Yeezy boots for sale. This desire and need eventually birthed the production of elevator shoes as it is today. A lot of men today can now appear taller and walk with confidence without drawing amusing look from people in public.

Elevator shoes today

Elevator shoes have experienced a rapid evolution. It has become widely popular today and worn by a host of celebrities and fashion icons. GuidoMaggi chaussures rehaussantes are one of the best, the brand has a mastery of beautiful shoe designs that are very comfortable for the wearer.


Elevator shoes have witnessed remarkable innovations in terms of design, quality, and style. History has shown us that elevator shoes have been a trend for men in the past and only witnessing resurgence in our present time.


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