Simple Proven and Fastest Way to Lose Weight at Home

Fastest Way to Lose Weight at Home
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When it comes to burning fat it takes about an hour’s walking or slow cycling to burn 500 calories. So, if you walk for an hour every day for a week you will burn 7500 calories. That is, however, not the fastest way to lose weight. You could run or engage in more vigorous exercises to accelerate the process and improve blood circulation. You could also find ways on how to lose weight fast naturally by controlling calorie intake. Finally, you can switch over to weight loss friendly foods.

If you do everything in moderation and have a proper balance in life, it will help you in a lot of ways. Here, we will help go through the entire process and tell you how to lose weight fast.

The fat-calorie relation

One kilo fat has about 7500 calories. Eat one cup of ice-cream and you take in 285 calories. One rich meal has more calories than that. Keep sitting, which is what people do most of the time at work, and you burn fewer calories. What this means is that you take in more calories than you burn. The result is an accumulation of fat. The simplest and fastest way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume.

Sedentary lifestyle promotes weight gain

Today’s sedentary lifestyle is conducive to weight gain. Couple that with the rich foods and snacks people eat and they put on weight fast. It is easy to put on weight. However, losing weight is a tough challenge.

The fastest way to lose weight starts with your mind

The fastest way to lose weight starts with your mind. Make a decision. Make a decision to stick with your decision no matter what. Only then will you be able to succeed. Then prepare a written plan.

How to plan on the fastest way to lose weight?

Prepare a written plan and calendar as the starting point to the fastest way to lose weight. The plan should include:

  • Diet and calorie count per serving in your plan to eat weight loss friendly foods
  • Plan on how to lose weight fast with exercise
  • Plan on how to lose weight fast naturally with the right lifestyle practices

Next, let someone in your family know you are starting your plan for the fastest way to lose weight. Why? So they can monitor you, egg you on and needle you should you slacken. You will need it. Do not expect miracles in a fortnight. Do not think that popping pills will miraculously burn away fat while you sleep.

Lifestyle changes, one of the pillars of fastest way to lose weight

The first step on your way to losing weight is to introduce lifestyle changes. Check some tips to do that:

  • Drink more water, at least 2 to 3 liters per day. Keep sipping water when you feel an urge to snack on something.
  • Sleep for at least 8 hours. It is shown that less sleep leads to weight gain due to impaired metabolism. Go to bed at a fixed time each night.
  • Reduce the use of your smartphone.
  • Reduce intake of coffee, tea, sugary fruit juices, carbonated beverages, and liquor.
  • Stay active all day long.
  • Control how much you eat and how many times you eat. More on this later.

It will be hard for the first few weeks but you will get into the routine even as you adapt various means to lose weight.

How to lose weight fast with exercise?

There are no druids to serve up magic potions to dissolve fat. One of the fastest ways to lose weight is to exercise and that means rigorous exercises done on a regular basis, at least five days a week.

Weight training

If you want to know how to lose weight fast with exercise then the answer is going for weight training.

  • Start with low weights you can manage to lift without straining yourself. Progress to heavier weights.
  • Limit weight training to shorter times and then progressively increase duration and variety.
  • Do it in the morning.

This is how it benefits you:

  • When you start your day with heavy workouts your body consumes more oxygen and your metabolism improves. This condition remains throughout the day so you burn more calories even while carrying out normal functions.
  • You build more muscle. The more muscles you have and exercise them the more calories you burn.


Not everyone is inclined to lift heavy weights, especially if you are older. You can try alternative methods to burn calories:

  • Running: Run slowly or jog for five to ten minutes. Then accelerate fast and run as fast as you can for one to 3 minutes. Do this in the morning. You can burn about 500 calories per hour.
  • Cycling: Go cycling in the morning and cycle for at least an hour to burn about 500 calories. Ride at a high speed for five minutes or so, slow down, speed up and slow down.
  • Jumping Rope: This activity can burn about 700 calories per hour but it is difficult to sustain it. Still, use a weighted rope and jump for about five minutes, with rest in between if you like.

Keep moving throughout the day. The more time you spend on your feet the more calories you burn. Couple this with right foods and you have a recipe for the fastest way to lose weight.

Weight loss friendly foods

Most people assume that in order to lose weight you must cut down on fats and oils. This may be true to some extent but your body needs fat. Consume weight loss-friendly foods, avoid foods that add layers of fat, and you should also consider adding paradoxine to your diet, with huge fat-burning properties.

The keto diet

  • The keto diet is considered as one of the fastest ways to lose weight and yet stay energized all day. A typical keto diet has a high amount of protein, fat, and fiber but a very low amount of carbohydrates. You can plan your keto diet for fast weight loss based on:
    Fish and seafood are low on carbs and high on protein. Eat two portions at least 2-3 times a week.
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits make up a major chunk of your keto meal. Try cucumbers, carrots, green leafy vegetables, and cabbage.
  • Poultry has a high amount of protein and it is low on fat whereas steaks have high protein and a good amount of fat too. You can opt for either or both.
  • Sprouts, beans, and lentils are best for those who are on a vegetarian diet. Apart from proteins, you get a good amount of minerals and vitamins.
  • Cottage cheese and yogurt are best as weight loss foods because you keep feeling full and you also get calcium, Vitamin D3, and protein.
  • Nuts: Non-vegetarians may try fatty meats and vegetarians may turn to nuts as a source of fats and protein. Fats are necessary to keep you feeling full and to reduce hunger pangs.
  • Eggs: Vegetarians and non-vegetarians can consume eggs for weight reduction. You get vital vitamins and amino acids along with a healthy dose of fat.

Avoid refined flour or cereal-based foods. You will not miss them when you are on a keto diet.

Important points for the fastest way to lose weight with foods

  • Balance your meal with a high amount of protein and fats and a low amount of carbohydrates.
  • Make sure to include vegetables and fruits. It is necessary to get vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They also provide the fiber that keeps you feeling full for a longer time.
  • Start your day with a heavy workout to increase metabolism rate and consume protein-rich, fiber-heavy food right after your workout.
  • Do not snack in between meals. If you do get the urge then munch on low-calorie fruits and vegetables like carrots, apples, cucumbers, celery.
  • Though considered as spices and condiments ginger, garlic and chilies should be in your diet. Ginger purifies blood and intestines and promotes digestion. Garlic, likewise, purifies the blood and is good for the cardiovascular system besides being an antioxidant. Green and red chilies are pungent and, when you include them in your diet you have a feeling of being replete. Chilies also promote weight loss so you have a double benefit.
  • Eat small portions and take time to masticate each morsel. It helps with digestion.
  • Give up sugar altogether.
  • Restrict intake of junk foods to once in a while.

Detox is important

Even before you start your weight loss program it is important to consider detox as the first thing to do. Detox is important:

  • It gets rid of toxins from your body
  • Your organs, cardiovascular system, digestive system and endocrine system improve.
  • Your metabolism improves as a result and your weight loss efforts will bear fruit.
  • Detox will keep you energized and you can stay focused on your weight loss programs.
  • All you have to do is fast for one to three days and subsist on lemon juice, ginger juice, and honey. If lemon juice is acidic then you can use sweet limes instead.

The next step is to know how to lose weight fast naturally.

Natural ways to lose weight

It is important to know your body type. Human beings can be classified as falling into three broad groups. One is mesomorph, the second is ectomorph and the third is an endomorph.

  • If you are an ectomorph you are likely to be long and lean and it will be difficult for you to put on weight. You do not have to worry much about losing weight.
  • If you are an endomorph you are likely to be well built with a muscular body but you can put on more fat with age and due to dietary habits. Endomorph types can lose weight naturally by high-intensity training, cardio and aerobic workouts. You will need to eat fewer carbohydrates and more protein.
  • Mesomorphs can be lean and muscular. With diet control and light workouts, you will find it is easy to shed extra pounds.

More natural ways to lose weight

Even as you practice good dietary habits and exercise you will also find it beneficial to follow these natural tips to lose weight.

  • Avoid stress and tension. Stress can make some people turn to food for solace and that can lead to weight gain. You will find that meditation and slow, deep breathing will help you to manage stress.
  • Depression can happen due to a variety of factors. Depression can lead to more consumption of unhealthy foods to find comfort. Try to keep yourself engaged in some positive activity.
  • Never remain idle. Your mind will turn to food. Stay engaged in some activity or the other and you will find that you are eating less food while activity burns calories.
  • Try to fast for one day of the week or even two days a week. Eat only once if you cannot fast for the entire day.

Natural remedies for weight loss

Here are a few remedies that will help with your weight loss program. They may not directly burn fat but you will find positive effects on your health.

  • Begin your day with a glass of warm water to which you add a spoonful of ginger juice, lemon and honey with a dash of pepper. It is cleansing.
  • Bitter gourd is cleansing and also helps to burn fat. Extract the juice and consume a half cupful in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • Drink warm green tea without sugar. Just a few drops of lemon juice and some salt will do. Have a cup in the morning, a cup after your lunch, a cup when you return from a day of hard work. Green tea soothes you and also helps you to manage weight.

Final thoughts

There is no shortcut to the fastest way to lose weight. Your will power is important. Begin your program, adjust it as you go along and you should experience positive benefits within a month. Once you make it a habit to have a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet you will find that your weight stays within limits.

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