Here’s why you should learn iOS development (Hint: It’s not hard)

learn iOS development
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When it comes to app development, the go-to platforms are iOS and Android. With a combined market share of 99.6%, these two platforms dominate the smartphone arena. While Android takes up most of the market share, iOS has a loyal client base with a robust ecosystem built around it. In this blog, you will know why you should learn iOS development. (Hint: It’s not hard)

As an aspiring developer, you might be asking yourself, “which one is worth designing apps for?” Of course, each of these platforms has its pros and cons, but we’ll be looking at iOS development today. Among the top reasons are ease of learning and high income potential.  

A few years ago, Apple fostered app development by partnering with learning institutions worldwide. Ideally, you might have an ios development center in your city where you can receive hands-on training. The initiative made it easy for people around the world to acquire enough skills to start ios development services and make money.

For an aspiring app developer, this would be the best route to take. Here’s everything you need to know about becoming an iOS developer.   

High earning potential 

As an app developer, you have two available options. You can work solo or with a company. The benefit of the former is that you can design applications, test and launch them on the app store. The potential to make a lot of money is  high, especially if your apps are innovative.

App Store generated $72.3 billion in 2020, according to Business of Apps. In contrast, Google Play Store generated $38.6 billion. Although the App Store has fewer users than Google Play Store, it outperforms it in revenue generation. The statistics make it a lucrative avenue for developers, evident by the fact that it also has more apps than android. 

Working with a company as a full-time employee is also full of potential. According to Indeed, the average base salary of an iOS developer is $115,375 per year. Some individuals reported making close to $300,000 per year. The statistics are clear. Regardless of whether you work solo or find employment, the potential to make a significant income is high. 

iOS developers are in demand

It’s no secret that the world is relying more and more on technology. Apple’s expanding list of devices and services means that demand for developers will keep rising. As a result, companies will increasingly seek out iOS development services to create apps that cater to the market. From ride-sharing to dating apps, the list is endless. 

Some of the Apple products that need iOS developers include:

  • iPhone
  • Apple TV
  • iPad
  • iPod
  • Apple Watch

According to Statista, there are over 2.2 million apps on the app store. On top of that, the store registers 34 billion downloads annually worldwide. The numbers are a marked increase from previous years, signaling a rise in usage statistics. All in all, this translates to increased demand for iOS developers.

It’s easier to learn Apple’s programming language

In 2014, Apple replaced its programming language Objective-C with Swift. It quickly gained popularity with developers for its ease of use and structured operational procedure. Moreover, it’s a simple program capable enough to cater to professional developers and amateurs alike. Better yet, it even accommodates kids who are learning to code. 

The structured nature of swift makes it easier for aspiring developers to learn how to code as it provides a roadmap to follow. Furthermore, as a beginner, it makes it ideal for you to focus on your idea and not get bogged down by other technicalities.

On the other hand, Android apps are developed using Java or Kotlin. It can be quite tricky for beginners to learn the ropes if they’re not conversant with object-oriented programming. In addition, the development environment can have issues with stability and bugs. As such, iOS is a better alternative.

As mentioned earlier, Apple has partnered with several learning institutions to teach iOS development skills. Known as an iOS development center, it acts as a hub where learners can get all the resources and practical experience developing iOS apps. 

Alternatively, you can enroll in the Apple developer program for $99 a year. You can build, test, and launch your apps on the app store through the program. All while getting the resources you need to help you along the way.  

Finally, Apple also offers an app development course for beginners on their website that comes with certification after completion. 

iOS developers have advanced tools at their disposal

Developers have relied on Xcode, Apple’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE), to build apps since 2003. It enables them to build, test, optimize and launch applications on the App Store. What makes it great is that it comes packed with all the tools you need to get started building apps. There’s no need to set up multiple tools individually. 

Xcode has been around longer than Android Studio. As a result, it provides a superior experience, particularly when it comes to developing the visual layout of the program and testing it against various screen sizes and device types. 

iOS environment is more integrated 

As mentioned earlier, Xcode and Swift have made learning, building, and deploying apps a breeze. Furthermore, iOS provides a slew of services that make it easier for developers to incorporate advanced functionality into their apps. 

iOS includes a plethora of application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable your apps to access data and services. Apple’s Core Location, for example, makes it simple to add features like a “find the nearest store” map that employs real-time GPS location monitoring. 

Of course, APIs are found on other platforms, but none is as intuitive and easy to use as the ones provided by Apple. This makes it ideal for developers as they don’t run into unnecessary roadblocks.

Updates for iOS are more consistent

The most important point to note is that Apple does not allow iOS apps to be installed on non-Apple devices. This means reliability and consistency for Apple users. Apple is able to guarantee developers and users that the software and hardware elements of their products are consistent throughout.

Apple holds an annual event where they announce new products and release major iOS updates every September. Prior to this, developers are given access to perform beta tests for a few months. This simplifies their work as they have a known regular schedule to test and implement changes to their apps.

Furthermore, newer iOS versions frequently support older devices, which might be up to five years old. In contrast, numerous versions of Android are typically in use at any given moment, and whether a specific device can handle future updates is anyone’s guess.

For programmers, it means they can offer ios development services with assurance. For an ios development center, it means it can offer a clear learning path for students.


When it comes to innovation, Apple leads the pack. They have a loyal customer base and a unique brand identity. These factors make it easy for developers and users to rally behind them. As an aspiring application developer, you can rest assured iOS is your best bet to learn and make an impact.

There’s potential to make money by designing apps solo or getting hired by an ios development services company. In addition, the programming language is easy to learn either on your own or through an ios development center. To conclude, Apple’s ecosystem is designed to make things accessible, understandable, and rewarding for users and developers. 


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