Top Sports News Apps for Android

Finding a reliable sports news apps for android can be difficult. Most sports fans prioritize breaking news and access to stats that update regularly, but other considerations are important too. First, an app should be simple to use. Second, it’s design should be user-friendly.

The realm of sports apps is, unsurprisingly, flooded with Android apps that don’t quite deliver on their intended function due to poor user experience. Others fail due to distracting ad placement or emphasis on microtransactions.

Since sports betting was legalized in the US in 2018, mobile betting apps have popped up according to state legislation. Recent booms have occurred in PA sports gambling, as well as nearby states like NJ, IL, and MI. With lines shifting according to the latest news, many sportsbooks have started incorporating breaking news stories.

However, the best news apps have evolved from existing channels like ESPN and Bleacher Report in the last five years. As more mobile apps streamline their design, function, and aesthetic, user loyalty has increased. In some cases, established groups have launched mobile apps, drawing on their success in browser format.

But which breaking news apps have risen above? Let’s check 2021’s leading sports news apps.


TheScore has been highly rated since it was released in 2018. The app allows for personalization so that users can always stay in touch with relevant topics. The design interface is easy-to-use, so fans never miss an update.

Just add your favorite leagues, teams, and players, then let theScore create a unique news feed. Additionally, the platform allows notifications, which means that users can follow the action closely through breaking news and live updates for live matches.


As one of the most established sports brands in North America, ESPN provides in-depth coverage for an incomparable range of sports. In addition to news, the app also provides unique highlight reels and expert analysis.

One of the app’s most defining features is its live streaming options. Unlike other apps, ESPN provides streaming options anytime, anywhere on literally thousands of matches and events. Aren’t quite sure what you’re looking for in a sports news app? Go with ESPN first.

Bleacher Report

Unlike other sports news groups, Bleacher Report adds a bit of cheekiness and style. Writers and reporters are qualified in their predictions and analyses, but most communicate in fan vernacular. This has made the app popular for casual and social sports fans.

Are you a fan of video clips and social media memes related to sports? Bleacher Report is perfect for you. But Bleacher Report also delivers on news staples. The app provides live updates and stories as they break, as well as the latest in news and stats.LiveScore

If Bleacher Report is ideal for a social sports fan, then LiveScore is its no-frills equivalent. Though the app only covers major sports, like football, cricket, and tennis, it does so with an unparalleled design (that even works in a mobile web browser).

The app is a favorite amongst football (soccer) fans for its live match capabilities. As the most popular sport in the world, LiveScore caters to some 56 million users worldwide (according to 42matters), most of whom are interested in following football matches.

The Athletic

Interested in journalism just as much as you’re interested in the Red Sox regular-season record? The Athletic combines in-depth research with modern sports to create a catalog of truly unique think pieces on the state of sports.

However, the Athletic also delivers on regular sports news and updates. With both live breaking news features and a list of research-heavy articles, this app is ideal for the truly dedicated sports fan.



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