How can watermarking stop piracy?


As we all see daily, the Internet is a magnificent instrument for disseminating digital content, which is a great advantage for anyone who wants to disseminate their creations, be they songs, videos, photos, or texts. However, this ease of dissemination and access represents a weakness with regard to data control, to the extent that it facilitates obtaining and copying information, in many cases without proper management of the copyright of the same. A person who creates content may be interested in giving it the widest possible diffusion and reaching the largest number of viewers possible, but at the same time avoiding falsification, appropriation by a third person of their work, or illegal use of it. To get it, you need some way of marking your works to prove your authorship and your rights to third parties so that you can demonstrate that you are the creator of the material in question. The best tool that you can use to decrease the chances of online piracy is to make watermark.


A digital watermark is an information or signal inserted in digital content that can be used to determine the ownership of the same, know who created it and who has sold it, or ensure its integrity. The term watermark comes from an analogy with the images that are engraved on the banknotes to guarantee their authenticity, which is very difficult and expensive to reproduce and is generally not perceptible to the naked eye and can be seen against the light.

As a digital watermark is a set of data inserted directly on the multimedia material, the brand implies a modification of the content itself. The digital signal is modified, and some of the bits that represent the content are partially or totally changed. In no case should these modifications imply a degradation of the quality of the material or alter the conditions in which it is to be read, listened to, or viewed.

Do you want to protect your creations from piracy or enhance your brand image? If so, this article will reveal how make watermark can help you meet these two objectives.


Watermarking offers the following benefits:

Copywriting content- The watermark is mainly used as Copyright. It is a way for the author to protect his creation and avoid plagiarism or improper use of its content. This is especially good for those who use the creations of others without giving credit to their author.

In this way, if someone uses that content without giving credits, the watermark will be there and will be in charge of determining who the owner is.

Enhance brand image or branding- Think wisely. You can add this watermark and that everyone who consumes your content is aware at all times that it is you who is providing that valuable content.

If you are one of those who create this type of content, it is recommended that you make watermark to secure:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Templates
  • Infographics
  • Graphics

Now that you know what to use a watermark for and if you will use your logo for it, we advise you to have a brand manual that allows you to use your logo in different versions depending on the size or background color it goes to be.

In this way, your watermark will look just as good regardless of its format.


According to several studies, it turns out that a post with an image or a video has 2 to 3 times more impact than a simple textual post. Therefore, it is interesting to bet more on impactful visuals than simple texts.

Now imagine that one of your visuals or one of your videos starts to create a buzz and is shared tens of thousands of times on social networks. Now imagine that a video watermark that links to your site or your own Facebook page is well highlighted on the publication in question. The impact will inevitably be very significant and the fallout more than substantial, even if the people who share your content do not bother to notify the source.

Whatever your business, whether you are an artist, photographer, vlogger, or other, you need to make watermark!


A watermark is simply to display a signature on a photo or image. This practice prevents your competitors from using your visuals without notifying the source; it is also a great way to advertise your content. It is there to protect your work and prevent it from being hijacked by other people without your consent or at least without citing the source. Over time, the use of watermarks has gained importance, especially from a marketing point of view.


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