2013 Honda Civic Battery Size and Price Guide

Pick up a 2013 Honda Civic battery to keep your car starting and running safely. If you’re having difficulties starting your engine, or your battery is damaged, it’s time to pick up a new one. Review the battery size and price features before picking up a name-brand automotive component.

What Battery Size Do You Need For Honda Civic?

A Honda Civic battery should have a 51R group size. The cold cranking amps vary on these battery sizes, so make sure your new component offers at least as much as your existing battery. Low cold cranking amp ratings can prevent your Civic from starting in extremely cold conditions.

There are two easy ways to find the right battery for your Civic and your budget: shop online or in store. Online shopping allows you to instantly filter out any batteries that don’t fit your 2013 Honda Civic. Shopping in-store is also convenient thanks to friendly customer service agents.

Compare lead-acid and absorbed glass mat batteries for your Civic. Lead-acid auto batteries are the most common type, but they usually have a higher self-discharge rate than absorbed glass mat alternatives.

How Much Is a New Battery of a Honda Civic?

You can purchase a Honda Civic battery for as little as $80. For a more reliable option with a three-year warranty, you can invest as much as $250 in a name-brand option. Consider investing in a battery with a longer warranty period from a leading brand for peace of mind.

Find out how to tell if car battery is dead before you purchase a new one. Batteries shouldn’t be stored for more than two months without being connected to a charger. Driving is another way to charge a battery, so promptly install your new battery after purchasing it to maximize its lifetime.

How Do You Prevent Battery Corrosion?

Corrosion is one issue that reduces a battery’s lifetime and prevents it from efficiently powering the starter. If you notice excessive corrosion around your battery terminals, it may be time for a terminal cleaning routine.

Pick up a cleaning kit and follow the directions, taking care to disconnect the battery before cleaning the terminals. Prevent excessive corrosion from forming again by using battery post washers and dielectric grease. Apply this grease around the terminals to promote a strong connection.

Where Is Battery Recycling Available?

Take your old battery to a participating auto parts store for free recycling. This convenient service allows you to pick up a new component and properly dispose of the old one without making multiple trips or paying for recycling.

Never dispose of a battery in a traditional waste receptacle or standard recycling method. Batteries are considered hazardous waste due to the lead and acid internal components. They must be recycled at a participating location.

Why Should You Shop Online for a New Battery?

Order a battery online or in store today to get a great deal on this essential maintenance item. Review the steps to install your own battery or ask a local auto parts store to install one for you. Maintain your 2013 Honda Civic with this routine step every three to five years.

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