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How Do I Know If I Should Upgrade My Client Portal Software

Using outdated software to run and manage your business can negatively affect your operations. Client data is essential in ensuring efficient service delivery and business growth. One mistake managers make is purchasing software and failing to update it as they continue using it. 

Using outdated software could make you lose client information and be vulnerable to attacks from hackers. To ensure your software runs smoothly, you must update or upgrade it regularly. Most of the time, the software might have a feature that informs you if an upgrade is available, but in some cases, you might have to look for the signs that your software needs an upgrade.

Platforms such as Hectic™ provide client management services for many businesses. Here are signs that you should upgrade your client portal software.

New Or Advanced Features

One of the signs that will tell you that your client portal software needs an upgrade is the availability of new or advanced features. The Hectic™ platform provides numerous services for businesses, including client portals. The client portal by Hectic™ has new and advanced features that you can select to meet your client’s demands.

The features available on the Hectic™ client portal include the following;

  • Projects
  • Meetings
  • Proposals
  • Invoices
  • Time worked

The Hectic™ client portal is customizable, but all features are enabled by default during the first setup. You can leave all features enabled if you need them, but if you do not need a particular feature, you can disable it. For example, if you do not need the “Time Worked” feature, click on features and turn off “Time Worked.”

You can also grant permissions to specific clients depending on the project or proposal you are handling. The client portal also has an easy user interface allowing clients to easily approve projects, sign proposals, or make payments. 

Signs of Outdated Client Portal Software

You need to upgrade your client portal software if it shows signs of outdated software. These signs include;

  • Incompatibility with your computer system
  • Your software is running slowly
  • Your client portal software is frequently down
  • Your software has been attacked by viruses multiple times

If you see any of these signs, you must upgrade your software as soon as possible

No One Else Is Using It

Many businesses use client portal software from reputable companies to ensure they provide good service to their clients. You should consider upgrading if you are using a client portal software that other businesses have stopped using. Research which client software companies are using and select the one with the most users. 

Your Business Has Become Less Productive

A client portal software is very important because it provides a platform for interacting with your clients. If your software is slow or unresponsive, clients will stop using it, and your workers will also avoid it because it takes time to complete a particular project. Therefore, it is time to upgrade if you notice your software is negatively impacting your business. 

Upgrade Your Client Portal Software

This list is not exhaustive of all signs you need to upgrade your software, but it contains the key signs that your software needs an upgrade. If you want to run a successful business, ensure you have an up-to-date client portal.

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