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PDFBear Services That You Need For Your PDF Files

Among the many file formats you can find, PDF is one of the most used for file types like text files, rich text format, and image files. Although there are many advantages to using this format, it can be complicated to work with. Good thing there are tools online that we can use to help us manage and edit our files in PDF format effortlessly and aren’t time-consuming. PDFBear offers all the services that you need for your PDF Files.

There are various tools you can utilize in managing your PDF files, but none of them can do it, like PDFBear. This website offers so many valuable functions that will indeed resolve your problems when handling PDF files. This the most secured, most flexible, and most accessible tool you can find on the web without paying so much.

Add Page Number

If you always want to make things in order and organize, putting page numbers on the pages of your PDF files will help you with that. This will help you avoid getting confused with the order of the pages in your PDF file. Although this is a simple task and there are many available tools on the web, almost all are not free to use.

With PDFBear, you can enjoy their add page numbers to PDF feature without paying anything. It is also effortless to do because the website is user-friendly; you just have to follow simple and easy steps. You can even customize the page number and typography position to make your file more personalized, easy to find, and nice to look at.

Repair PDF

If you think that the hard copy of documents is the only file type prone to file damage, you are wrong. Just like the traditional files, which you can tear, burn and shred, PDF files can also be damaged due to factors like malware attach and a glitch while saving the file to your device; things that you have no control over.

When this occurs, it can be stressful and can even ruin your day because these files may contain important pieces of information, especially at work and at school. Luckily, with PDFBear, there is a chance to fix your file and retrieve the data in it. This is a very accessible tool for repairing your PDF files because it only requires your device browser to use.


There are multiple file formats out there; each one of them has advantages and disadvantages. Converting files today is a big thing because some formats are not suitable for our needs, hence changing the original formats of our files. Although there are many converters you can find, many can only convert a limited number of formats.

With PDFBear, its converting power is not only limited to converting one to three file formats. It can convert almost all file formats including, JPG, PNG, PDF, Excel, PPT, and so much more. It is everything you need when converting your precious files.

Protect PDF

Having a safe-to-use tool that will help you protect your file and the confidential pieces of information that it contains is one of the major concerns when handling virtual files because technological advancement made it easy for hackers to access your computer and your files and can even damage them effortlessly.

With PDFBear, you will not worry about these annoying hackers hacking into your computer system and getting confidential data that may lead to your termination at work. With it, you can add an incredibly secure 256-Bit encryption protocol that isn’t possible to crack. It can also limit access to your file, making sure that only your trusted people can open it.


When experiencing some of the most critical problems you face when handling PDF files, there is no question that PDFBear is the best among all the tools you can find on the web. It Provides solutions to any of your PDF-related problems hassle-free and safe. This tool is essential nowadays, considering that everything now is done virtually.

PDFBear is equipped with features that protect the user’s privacy by deleting the transactions done by the user on their site one hour after using their services. This feature is essential to protect the user and their file.

PDFBear offers so many functions that are very useful and important for PDF files, including adding page numbers, adding encryptions to the file and removing them, repairing damaged PDF files, converting files from numerous file formats, and so much more. This is a useful feature to lessen the time consumed by the users jumping from one tool to another.

PDFBear is indeed the best tool you can find on the web today; it edits, secures, and personalizes PDF files efficiently and effectively that is why many people choose it over the other PDF tools. So the next time you experience any problem with your PDF files, make sure to check PDFBear because it has everything you need for all your PDF-related needs.


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