Is a Detached Condo the Right Home for You?

Detached Condo

If you are planning to invest in personal property, and a detached condo is one of your options, continue reading this article. It will thoroughly discuss facts for you to identify if this is the right choice of home for you. 

Basically, detached condos are the stand-alone variety of condominiums wherein no attached walls are connecting to the other units. A detached condominium is still considered a single-family home that offers the same traditional benefits as a usual condo. However, these are situated and often found combined in communities close to the city. 

Investing in a real estate property such as detached condominiums would really make you spend thousands of dollars. Still, it will be all worth it as it will give a sense of homeownership, one of most people’s dream achievements and fulfillment. 

This is why before jumping into a big decision, you have to consider a lot of things and think through them multiple times to truly know what a detached condo is and if it suits your standard of living. Here are some of the things that could help you determine if detached condos are the right type of home for you; 

1.Price advantage

When it comes to price comparison, detached condos are much cheaper or more affordable than the usual single-family homes or your apartments for rent in salem or. That is why there are many people who opt for this type of condo as it is very budget-friendly yet still offers excellent amenities. Another great thing about its price is that its resale value depends on how well you maintain your property and the maintenance of its common areas. 

  1. It is not a dense type of property. 

Standard condominiums are very dense wherein your unit is attached to another unit, and neighbor’s rooms are very close to each other. But detached condominiums are usually located in a subdivision-like community and well-planned society, which means privacy won’t be an issue.

However, being detached doesn’t entirely mean it’s incorporated with boundaries. The community where it belongs still provides social life for residents to build connections and relationships. 

  1. The maintenance is still under the condo’s association. 

Like usual condominiums, despite being a single-home type of property, detached condos are still condominiums that can take advantage of the guidelines set for condo owners. A detached condo owner can still have this benefit; there’s no need to maintain the exteriors and amenities as it falls under the condo association’s responsibility and obligation. 

Final Words 

Although detached condominiums are very different from the usual ones in terms of physical structure, they can still provide a high-quality, convenient, and efficient type of living. You can still enjoy recreational activities from the amenities. You can still experience a master-planned community where you can meet new people in the neighborhood. The location is still accessible, and you can still live in peace and harmony. Finding the right home is not really the challenge here, it is how you make your home right for you. 


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