Lady Gaga Net Worth That Shows How a ‘Star Is Born’

Lady Gaga net worth

If one thinks that the headline is a pun, then that is exactly what it is. This section deals with the phenomenal woman who took the world by storm by the movie ‘A Star is Born’ in 2018 and her album ‘Born This Way’ in the year 2011. That’s right; the woman is none other than Lady Gaga. This section deals with Lady Gaga net worth, her early life, struggles, career graph, and success.

Lady Gaga: Who is she?

Little does one know the Lady Gaga real name. What one definitely knows is that Lady Gaga is not the real name of the star. Hence, to make everyone aware, Lady Gaga real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. The inspiration from where the star took the name ‘Lady Gaga’ was from the ‘Radio Ga-Ga’ from Queen. This experimental, unapologetic and fierce star was born on the 28th of March, 1986, in Manhattan. She is an American actress, singer, and songwriter.

The ‘bleached blonde pop star’ is particularly famous for her strong vocals, instigative lyrics, flashy and glamorous outfits and costumes. She was born to a wealthy yet humble family. Her father, Joseph Germanotta is a businessman and philanthropist, and her mother, Cynthia Germanotta is a Verizon executive. She also has a sister named Natalie Germanotta.

It was at a tender age when she was enrolled to study in a convent school, she realized her passion for music and art. Hence, she started learning and performing singing at a very early age. It was during the time when she was at her university when she decided to drop out and figure her way out in the music industry.

That young girl who had a flick for music is now one of the top Hollywood singers. Lady Gaga net worth as of 2019 is a whopping $300 million dollars.

Early Life

Lady Gaga realized her passion for music from a very tender age and started practicing the same. At the early age of 4, she started to play the piano. She completed her schooling from an all-girls private Catholic school called Convent of the Sacred Heart. Studying in the strictness there she realized more about her passion for art and music.

She wrote her first piano ballad when she was 13 years old. At the age of 14, she started performing at a nightclub in New York. Shortly after, he enrolled herself Tisch School of Arts, New York University. However, she dropped it to figure out her career her way.

Lady Gaga – Career

The career graph of Lady Gaga has faced quite ups and downs. Specifically known for her fierce choices of dressing herself, this section deals with how the star was born.

Career as a Songwriter and Singer

Lady Gaga talked she was already famous until the day she really became famous. Her career graph has a lot of ups and downs but the downs never demotivated her.

At the age of 19, she signed a deal with Def Jam Records and dropped her first music. After this, she worked as a songwriter for Sony Music Publishing. Her career was mostly stagnant until 2007 when she was introduced to Interscope Records by Akon. Soon after the self-made star went on to publish her first album ‘The Fame’ which gained her huge success. The singer even received her first Grammy award for the same.

Gaga’s second album ‘Born This Way’ also received equal appreciation. More than a million copies of the album were sold throughout the world. What followed next was a series of hits released by Gaga that contributed to making her the superstar that she is today. Some of the hits delivered by her are ‘Joanne’, ‘Cheek to Cheek’, ‘Shallow’,  ‘The Edge of Glory’, ‘Marry the Night’ etc.

Career as an Actress

‘There could be a hundred people in the room and 99 of them don’t believe in you but all it takes is one and that was him’. This was what Lady Gaga had to say about Bradley Cooper who she believes has a huge hand behind her success as an actress.

Lady Gaga was recognized as an actress specifically after her film ‘A Star is Born’ starring as well Bradley Cooper was released. The 2005 remake film gained huge success after it was released in 2018, taking the box office by storm, getting 265 nominations and 90 awards.

However, this was not the first acting venture for Gaga as an actress. She debuted in an episode of ‘The Sopranos’ in 2001 sharing a small screen time. After that in 2005, she participated in the MTV reality show ‘Boiling Point’. She starred in the ‘American Horror Story- Hotel’ and played the role of a Countess which bagged her Golden Globe for the Best Actress in a TV show.

Lady Gaga- Personal Life

The fierce and down to earth star has never backed out from letting her fans aware of her love life. Actor Taylor Kinney proposed to the star on Valentine’s Day 2015 with a huge 8-carat heart-shaped diamond ring. The two had dated each other for five years then. However, in 2016, Gaga called off their engagement and confirmed their separation through an Instagram post.

After a year in 2017, she started a fuming romance with her agent Christian Carino and has been very fond of each other. Although, as the singer did not attend the Grammy’s in 2019 with her fiancé, there have been rumors of them separating.

Gaga and Bradley Cooper have been in the news for their fuming romance in the movie ‘A Star is Born’. Fans believe that the sizzling chemistry between the two characters of the movie was not just acting but the real love they have for one another. This faced controversy owing to the fact that Cooper is with Irina Shayk for a long time now and Gaga with Carino. However, her split with Carina is believed to be for the fact that she is in love with Cooper. But sadly, by breaking everyone’s heart, both Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper dismissed the rumors of them dating each other.

Some of the other people the star has dated over the years are Luc Carl, Robert Fusari, Mathew ‘Dada’ Williams, Tara Savelo, Speedy Gonzales and Angelina Jolie.

Awards and Recognitions of Lady Gaga

The list of awards and recognitions received by Lady Gaga is huge. Until now, she has been nominated 681 times amongst which she has successfully bagged 304 awards. Some of the awards and recognitions she has received are:

  • Lady Gaga has received an Academy Award for her song ‘Shallow’ in the movie ‘A Star is Born’.
  • She has received two Golden Globes. One for her song ‘Shallow’. The other was for her role in the movie ‘American Horror Story’.
  • She has received three nominations for Emmy Awards.
  • Lady Gaga received a BAFTA Award for the music in her film ‘A Star is Born’.
  • Gaga won an Awards Circuit Community Award or AACA Award for her original song ‘Always Remember Us This Way’.
  • She won a BAMBI Award for International Pop.
  • Gaga received a BET Award for the ‘Best Video of the Year’ for Video Phone.
  • She received an AACTA International Award for the Best Actress for her role in the film ‘A Star is Born’.
  • She also received an award for the ‘Best Actress’ for ‘A Star is Born’ from Alliance of Women Film Journalists.
  • Gaga received an Atlanta Films Critic Role award for the ‘Breakthrough Performer’ for her performance in ‘A Star is Born’.

Lady Gaga Net Worth

Lady Gaga net worth is an unbelievable $300 million. This, therefore, makes her one of the richest stars of the industry. This is mainly because of the diverse source of income the singer and actress has.

Singer and Song Writer

Lady Gaga net worth is mainly due to the whopping popularity her five albums have earned worldwide. All of these albums sold millions of copies throughout the world resulting in a hike in Lady Gaga net worth.

Her three most sols and popular albums are ‘The Fame’, ‘Born This Way’ and ‘Artpop’. Her first album, ‘The Fame’ sold 8.8 million copies, second album ‘Born This Way’ sold 3.8 million copies and ‘Artpop’ sold 1.4 million copies.

Two songs of Lady Gaga namely ‘Poker Face’ and ‘Just Dance’ crossed more than a million downloads. This made her the only celebrity who had two songs that crossed the million download mark.

Her collaboration in 2014 with Tony Bennett for the album ‘Cheek to Cheek’ sold half a million copies. More than around a million copies of her album ‘Joanne’ was sold in the year 2016. Lady Gaga net worth had a huge surge in the year 2017. During her performance in the Super Bowl, she sold a 150000 digital albums and songs in a day.

Some of the other hits delivered by the star that gained immense popularity throughout the world were ‘Love Game’, ‘Telephone’, ‘Applause’, ‘The Edge of Glory’ etc.


Lady Gaga net worth is huge also because of the successes she has found when she explored herself as an actress, both at the stage and on-screen. Amongst her different acting ventures, two of her performances that were able to pull the chords of the audiences were her role in ‘American Horror Story’ and in the remake film ‘A Star is Born’.

Particularly her performance in the movie ‘A Star is Born’ gained her immense popularity as an actress. It also helped an increase in her net worth by around $50 million.

Tours and Concerts

The net worth of Lady Gaga is huge also owing to the large number of concerts she attends for her ‘Little Monsters’ (as they call her fans).

  • In 2008, her performance in the tour ‘Fame Ball’ earned her $3.15 million.
  • The ‘Monster Ball’ tour from 2009 to 2011, gained her $227.4 million.
  • In 2012 and 2013, she earned $382.3 million from the tour ‘Born This Way’.
  • She gained $257.1 million in 2014 from the ‘Artpop’ tour in 2014.
  • The tour ‘Joanne World Tour’ earned her $95 million. However, the last dates of the tour had to be cancelled since Gaga was battling with Fibromyalgia.
  • In 2017, she performed in the ‘Super Bowl’.

Endorsing Brands

The net worth of Lady Gaga also reflects the ample number of brands she has endorsed for both commercially and in print media. She endorsed the Versace Summer and spring campaign. Gaga endorsed for MAC’s Viva Gam campaign as a spokesperson.

Along with these, some of the other brands that she has endorsed for include Viva Glam Campaign, Bud Light, Google Chrome, Barnes and Noble, etc.

Real Estate and Fashion

There are a couple of real estates owned by Lady Gaga that adds on to her total net worth. The superstar owns a huge luxurious mansion in Malibu. This mansion is worth $23.5 million. She also bought the home of musician Frank Zappa worth $5.25 million.

The love of Lady Gaga for fashion is not something people are not aware of. Known for her bold and unapologetic fashion choices, Lady Gaga has quite some investment in fashion. She has her own brand of fragrance called ‘Fame’. She also has her own makeup line called ‘Haus Beauty’. Lady Gaga got herself an Alexander McQueen gown worth $130,000 in 2012. Her engagement with Taylor Kinney got her an 8 carat heart shaped diamond ring worth $500,000.

‘A record deal doesn’t make you an artist; you make yourself an artist’. Lady Gaga net worth is high due to the sole fact that the now superstar had always vision herself to be a superstar. The self-made, fierce, humble star faced a lot of criticism starting from her fashion to her provocative lyrics. However, she never let the criticism take down what she believed herself to be. The role model for various now and one of the finest artists in the world is sure to only witness a rise in her career in the future.


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