Make Your Cleaning Easier, Avoid These Common Cleaning Mistakes

Most of us don’t really care about home cleaning enough to learn the proper techniques and the little tips and tricks that will make you better at cleaning. But what if I told you that your cleaning could be faster? And easier? Chances are that I got your attention now. I had the same questions, because I’m not much of a fan of cleaning either. That’s why I asked these questions to the professionals. Home cleaning pros at Precise Cleaning Pro were more than happy to tell me how to clean my house properly so I don’t get bogged down in all the wrong places with Common Cleaning Mistakes.

Do You Know the Proper Order of Home Cleaning?

More likely than not, you know that you are supposed to clean your home from the top down. That’s not just an expression, it actually makes a lot of sense if you think about it. Dust and other particles that you drop will fall from higher places down and eventually can be vacuumed, or mopped when you’re finishing up.

However, there are some other things that you might be doing out of order. For instance, deodorizing your home. If you’re leaving that for the end, you might just be doing yourself a disservice. Various scented products tend to have a greasy or sticky texture, which will go right over your freshly cleaned surfaces. Instead, consider using these products towards the end of your cleaning, but before mopping.

How Do You Clean Your Windows?

Many people take washing their windows lightly. All you have to do is spray some window cleaner on all the panes of glass (both outside and inside if possible), and wipe it down, right? A quick and easy task, right?

Well, that’s cleaning the window panes – and it’s important. But it’s not the whole window – don’t forget to clean the window frames as well. On the inside, dust settles on the tops of your window frames just as it does everywhere else. On the outside, wind and rain tend to deposit dirt on the frames as well.

Do You Know How Much Cleaning Product You Need?

Do you follow the instructions on the cleaning product packaging? There is a good reason they exist there. Thinking that adding more cleaning product equals more cleaning power is nothing short of silly. In fact, adding too much cleaning product is wasteful at best and may have an adverse effect at worst – if you fail to properly rinse away the excess cleaning product, it will likely remain sticky and attract dirt and dust even more than before.

Following the instructions is the best way to get the best results from your cleaning product, especially if you’re not too versed in cleaning. It will not only help your cleaning; it will be beneficial for your budget as well.

Do Not Dilute Your Products to Make Them Last Longer

Even though you should be frugal with your cleaning supplies, both to protect your budget and get the best results, you shouldn’t be stingy. Watering down your cleaning supplies also diminishes their effectiveness (and in some cases makes them useless).

Don’t Scrub Your Carpet Stains-Common Cleaning Mistakes

Carpet stains can give you a lot of headache, especially if you don’t know how to clean them. Most people will likely instinctively scrub the stain into the carpet with some cleaning agent until it’s clean. However, you may be surprised to see that it doesn’t work – if you do this, all you will achieve is to rub the stain deeper into the fibers of the carpet.

Instead, you should get the stain wet, and blot the stain from the outside in with a wet towel. Repeat this until the stain is removed.

Learning how to clean properly can save you a lot of time, and especially effort. With just a bit more understanding, you can help yourself quite a bit. Give it a try and see if you like the difference.


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