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Singapore’s Top 5 Destinations for a Hip Staycation

Are you looking for a place in Singapore where you can spend a day unwinding? Or maybe you are sick of the modern malls in your neighborhood that you just want to explore the hidden gems in this country. Well, get your bus fare and be ready to explore because we’ve got you covered. Let’s see Singapore’s top 5 destinations for a hip staycation.

With an abundance of areas overflowing with rich cultural heritages, you can say goodbye to the boring city life for a moment. From old Chinese shops in the soothing aura of Chinatown to traditional bakeries and historic stores, let’s take a look at some of the best hipster places in Singapore.

  1. Chinatown

Chinatown is a common name you will find in almost every country. In Singapore, Chinatown will take you away and, for a moment, give you an oriental ambiance of the Chinese. You will have time to wander and get lost in between streets filled with old shops decorated with extravagant lanterns.

Here, you will find the vintage architectural design of the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum that will leave you amazed. If you plan to spend your whole day in the Chinatown streets, don’t worry about the food because you will find superb snacks and delicacies at the People’s Park and Chinatown Food Street.

  1. Keong Saik

Keong Saik has had a long journey to its transformation. Once known as the red-light district, this joint was popular for its outdated brothels and crooked environment. However, these are long gone, and colorful eateries and coffee shops have sprouted out.

You won’t regret finding yourself in Keong Saik, especially in the mornings. Breakfasts that include the famous kaya toast in this district will give you a feeling you will only get out of this world. The iconic Dong Ya Building will give your photos a unique background if you love snapping pictures for memories.

  1. Everton Park

From afar, you might think that Everton Park is an ordinary place to be. Once you step deeper into it, the old wall paintings will leave you nostalgic for the old Singapore moments. The ancient barber shops lining the streets will make you feel like a cast in an old movie. If you love bakeries, a taste of Ji Xiang Confectionery’s Ang Ku Kuehs will leave you drooling for more.

  1. Katong

If you are an enthusiast of walking in between rows of shophouses, then Katong should be among your destinations because it offers a lot more than you need. The Peranakan lifestyle the district has to offer will leave you nostalgic. You will love everything from architecture to eateries that sell mouth-watering delicacies. Your tour in Katong won’t be complete without setting foot in the Katong Antique House for an experience of their rich Peranakan culture.


  1. Tanjong Pagar

Do you need a mixture of both ancient and modern lifestyles? Well, you can find it all at Tanjong Pagar. It is here that you will bump into both new and old architectures. The many Japanese and Korean eateries will give you a different experience than most hipster places in Singapore. It is here that you will get a taste of lip-smacking noodles.


Hipster places in Singapore have been growing in numbers and popularity over the past few years. Many of them have gained recognition and accolades for being some of the best in this respective nature. Get unique and exclusive experiences by exploring unconventional lifestyles in the above places.


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