Style Blockchain Game is Coming to PC and Mobile

Ring Games just announced a new mobile and PC game that is causing a bit of buzz. Slated for release in 2022, Stella Fantasy is a title that brings together gaming news and blockchain news. This fantasy game is entering the burgeoning market of “play-to-earn” video games. Though these games have varying features, most involve the use of blockchain, NFTs or both. Though Ring Games is entering a crowded development field, most experts agree there is plenty of room for disruption in mobile gaming.

Reportedly, the fundamental mechanics of Stella Fantasy involve creating and trading of virtual lands. Since it is classified as a play-to-earn game, Stella Fantasy is arguably one of the more innovative mobile releases slated for 2022. Stella Fantasy will benefit from the use of technology from Planetarium, a platform affiliated with Ubisoft. Planetarium has achieved a strong reputation in online gaming. A bold and innovative technology platform, Planetarium is already powering a blockchain game entitled Nine Chronicles. The early success of this game seems to show that blockchain games could well become a huge phenomenon. Nine Chronicles impressed many with its decentralized, non-hierarchical nature. Rather than hoarding full control for developers, the world of Nine Chronicles is effectively managed by the players as a whole. 

The future may be kind to pay-to-earn game developers. Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian recently found time to make a bold prediction about the future of gaming. Love it or hate it, Reddit seems to have been a touchstone in the rise of geek culture. This gives Ohanian at least a bit of cachet when it comes to gaming industry analysis. In an interview, Ohanian outlined a remarkably bullish prediction on the growth of blockchain games. According to Ohanian, play-to-earn blockchain games will ultimately grow to dominate the entire video game market. Ohanian believes that only by making games play-to-earn can video game makers keep up with the evolving culture. 

It’s hard to say how accurate Ohanian’s predictions will be. After all, forecasting the future is a tough game. However, you can already see incredibly fast adoption of blockchain by the popular culture. Despite the worries of some traditional institutions, blockchain is becoming an investment go-to throughout many walks of life. If people start valuing their free time differently, games like Stella Fantasy may indeed become a commercially dominating force. It’s not exactly clear what kind of gameplay Stella Fantasy (SF) will have. However, SF certainly has an anime-like feel to its graphics. It is more than likely that SF will feature storytelling familiar to fans of Japanese anime and manga. 

In the play-to-earn model, people invest their computing power in a game that can pay them back real cash dividends. For right now, turning a gaming habit into a passive income is something relatively few gamers have done. As the modern economy continues to evolve, it’s only natural that the worlds of crypto and gaming should collide. After all, gaming has long been accepted in the cultural mainstream. Stella Fantasy could make Ring Games a known quantity for gamers and Bitcoin traders alike.

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