Top 5 best game hacking apps in 2021

Who has the most fun playing games? Most of us, in my opinion. Well, most of the time. There are some games out there, though, that are really challenging to play. 

That’s not necessarily the case, but with some hacks, one can experience what it’s like to play the game with the console you’re used to, with the convenience of remote play from a handheld.

Hacks allow you to have access to the game’s console options, access all the controls that are usually inaccessible to gamers with normal consoles, and do so in a way that many will consider a little more fun than actually playing the game itself. 

With that said, below are five top game hacking apps that are sure to be most interesting to you. Whether you enjoy playing games or not, these apps are sure to please.

1. x8 Speeder

x8 Speeder Apk gives root admittance to applications that are normally utilized for game hacking. 

Fundamentally, this application is intended for entrance testing on various types of games. A large portion of the hacking apparatuses requires root access on Android telephones. Thus, this gives that climate. 

It establishes that climate for all intents and purposes virtually on your phones without changing anything on your android mobile phone device.

Thus, you don’t have to stress over that on the off chance that you are utilizing it on your telephone. 

On the off chance that you have another telephone or your gadget is very costly, I suggest you not go for establishing. 

Since this can be dangerous for you as it eliminates the assurance of your telephones. Organizations generally allow just about one year guarantee on their items. 

In this way, assuming you use hacking apparatuses or establishing applications, that warrant is eliminated. Thus, it is very perilous for you as you lose everything.

2. Wavebyte

Wavebyte is an app from the developers behind popular apps like “Grand Theft Auto” and “Grand Theft Auto V.” 

Wavebyte allows players to play “Grand Theft Auto” titles with DualShock 4 peripherals, by simply plugging in an SD card.

There is no need for additional software on the smartphone or tablet. The app allows for all controls and data to be manipulated with the touchpad. 

Wavebyte will allow players to play “Grand Theft Auto V” and “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” with ease if they do not already own an official copy of the games.

If you have an Xbox 360 controller, Wavebyte can be used as a gamepad controller for “Grand Theft Auto V” on Xbox 360 as well.

For the best results, try not to use the touchpad or accelerometer while playing on the Xbox 360. For instance, if playing “Grand Theft Auto V” on Xbox 360, do not use the touchpad or the accelerometer. This is because, on the Xbox 360, the gamepad relies on accelerometer data, whereas the touchscreen does not.

3. Funslope

Funslope is a game app that lets users play “Ace Combat 5: Skies Unknown” or “ARMA 3” or “Just Dance 2014” with an Android-based smartphone or tablet using an Xbox 360 controller.

Funslope is considered a Windows Phone exclusive app that can only be played on Windows phones. Unfortunately, this app is now no longer available.

However, Funslope can still be used on Android devices. Funslope is free for all users.

4. Gamestat

Gamestat allows users to play “Call of Duty 4” with a Bluetooth controller, although users must make sure that they are running the game through an Android app.

Game scores are recorded in real-time and gamers can also edit their scores after playing. Gamestat is a nifty app that allows users to record their own scores. 

However, these records are limited to real-time gameplay.

Moreover, gamers cannot save or download multiple scores.


GameHub allows gamers to not only plug in an Xbox 360 controller but also an Android smartphone or tablet.

Once the controller is plugged in, gamers can access “NHL 12,” “DOTA 2” and more. GameHub does not require any additional software to run. The app can be downloaded for free.

Final Lines

If you have an Xbox 360 controller, an Android smartphone or tablet, a Bluetooth device, and a USB stick, GameHub is an app that is worth checking out.

Users do not need to have an Android app to use x8 Speeder. As long as the controller and smartphone are plugged in, GameHub will automatically make that device the default input device for the app.


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