Xender Apk Download Latest Version for Android Devices (2020)

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If you want to share files between your Android devices, then Xender is one of the best apps that’ll do the work for free. Hello guys, welcome to a brand new post of Androclue. I’m back with another exciting app for your Android device. In this post, we’ll talk about the Xender app. So, if you are looking for the latest version of Xender, then you have just come to the right place. In this post, you’ll get the direct link to download Xender apk for your Android device. We’ll also talk about the top features of Xender and how you can install the Xender Apk file on your Android device. We’ve provided the step-by-step guide to install Xender on Android devices. So, read this post carefully to the end if you want to install Xender on your Android device successfully.

About The App

Xender is a file-sharing app for Android devices. You can share files between two or more Android devices with the help of this app.  The best thing about Xender is the file transfer speed of the app. The transfer speed is so fast that you’ll love Xender for the speed. It also has some cool features on it. You’ll find an organized file manager option with Xender that you can use for choosing the files that you want to transfer. You can even transfer files between your Android mobile and your Windows PC with the help of Xender. It is an entirely free app. You just have to download the Xender apk latest version from the link below and follow the installation process. We’ve described some of the premium features of Xender below. It is a complete package if you want the best file transfer app for your Android device.

App NameXender
Size17.8 MB
Required Android VersionAndroid 4.0+
Total Downloads100,000+

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Xender Apk Download for Android

xender apk

Android devices are common nowadays. Most of us use Android devices in our daily life for doing work. It helps us in many ways. From capturing beautiful moments on Camera to listening to your favorite songs with OgYoutube, Android is the perfect solution in today’s life. And if you are using an Android device in your daily life, you must have faced problem sharing files between your and your friend’s Android device.

As I said earlier, Android is a complete package for everyday life. You store files on your Android device, and when you open them when you need them. This is one of the best features of Android that you can save any files on your Android device. You can use your Android device’s internal storage, or you can use an external SD card to store the files and open them when you need it.

But the problem occurs when you try to receive a file from another Android device. Maybe your friend is trying to send a video or song file to you. With Whatsapp, you won’t get the best quality of that file. So, you try to receive the file with the old Bluetooth method.

But with Bluetooth, it’ll take eternal time if the file is big in size. Bluetooth is really slow technology, and it’s quite old. So, What’s the solution to receiving data from another Android device? Here comes Xender.

Xender is the only solution that you need to share files between two or more Android devices.

Wait, Two or More?

Yes, you’ve heard right. You can share files between several Android devices at one time. All you just need to do is installing Xender apk on all the devices and connect each other with Wi-fi hotspot. Why wifi-hotspot? Let me tell you the reason.

First, let me tell you how Xender works. With the old method, we used Bluetooth technology for sharing the files between our devices, which is a really slow process. But Xender uses Wi-fi technology to share files between the devices. Wi-fi technology is 10X faster than the old Bluetooth technology.

That means you’ll get 10X more speed while transferring files with Xender rather than using the old Bluetooth method. Wi-fi technology is more reliable than Bluetooth, so, you’ll get a smooth experience while transferring file between your Android devices with Xender.

If you’re thinking of using cloud technology to share files, I’ve to say it’s not bad. But, if you have the devices at one place, within the wi-fi range, then uploading the files to the cloud and then downloading it on the other device is a complex process. You need an active internet connection with a good upload speed to upload the files that you want to share. But that doesn’t mean that I’m saying cloud is useless. Cloud technology is beneficial when you want to share files with the device that is not in your wi-fi range.

You can use the cloud to share files with your friends and family members who are far away from you and lives in another city or country. But, if you have the devices with you, then you can share files between them without using an internet connection. You don’t need an internet connection to transfer files between your devices with Xender.

It is absolutely free to transfer files between your devices with Xender. You just have to download the Xender apk latest version and follow the installation process to install it on your Android device. Then you are ready to go. It is a straightforward process, and you can do it without any issue.

Now, let’s talk about some premium features of Xender.

Xender Features

  • Share Files Between Android Devices: You can share the files between your Android devices easily without any hassle with Xender. It is a very easy and simple process to share the files. You just have to connect the devices with each other and click on the file that you want to share. It’ll start the transferring process from one device to another instantly when you click on the send button. So, it is easier to share the files with Xender that uploading the files in the cloud and other options.
  •  Android to PC Transfer: Not only between Android devices, but you can also transfer files between your Android device and your PC with Xender. There is a unique process to connect your wi-fi enabled PC with your Android device. When you connect your PC with your Android device, you can share any files between them with just a single click. Again, it is an entirely free process, and you don’t have to spend a single penny to share files from your Android device to your PC/Laptop.
  • Connect Several Devices at Once: This is one of the best features of Xender. Why limit sharing between devices when you can connect several devices to each other and start sharing files between them. You can connect all the devices of your friends and family and share any files easily. The devices that are connected with each other will receive the files at the same time when you choose to share them. This is very helpful if you want to share study notes with your friends at the same time. You just have to connect your friend’s devices to your device with the help of a wi-fi hotspot and start sharing.
  • Get All the Files at One Place: With Xender, you’ll get all the files that are present on your device at one place. On the main dashboard area of Xender, you’ll find every type of file that is stored on your device. You’ll find all the music files, all the photos, videos, documents in the file manager of Xender. So, it becomes very easy to find all the files that you want to share if they are already arranged in a category. If you don’t see a specific file, you can also use the search option provided by Xender. Just choose the files that you want to share and start sharing. You can even play the music or video files in the inbuilt music player of Xender.
  • Send Large Files: You can send large files with Xender at very high speed. If you want to share a movie or any large file, then you can use Xender to share them. It’ll take only a few seconds or minutes to share the large files from one device to another.
  • Send Files with No Network Connection: As I said, Xender uses wi-fi technology to send the files between your devices. That means you don’t need any USB connection or Internet connection to share files with Xender.  You can transfer them anytime, anywhere if the devices have wifi connectivity enabled.
  • Support Cross-Platform: Xender supports cross-platform transferring. That means you can share files from an Android device to a Windows PC or an Android device to a MAC without any issue. You just have to connect the devices with each other, and you can start transferring the files between them. No matter it’s an Android mobile, tablet or PC or MAC, Xender will help you to transfer files from any supported device to other. It makes the app perfect and helpful to those who want to transfer files from their ANdroid device to PC or MAC.
  • Simple Interface: The Simple interface of Xender makes it a perfect app for its users. The interface of the app is so simple that anyone can use it without any issue. You’ll get all the options in one place. You’ll even get the option to share the apps that are currently installed on your device. You can share the system apps with other devices with the help of Xender. It is very easy to use the app. You can browse through different options of Xender and use the premium features of the app.
  • Free: Xender is a completely free app. You don’t have to spend a single penny to download Xender apk on your Android device. You can use all the features of Xender at absolutely free. Thre’s no hidden subscription or anything like that on Xender. It is completely free for users who download and install it on their Android devices. The developers of the app made the app open to the public. Anyone can download it and use it without any issue.

Download Xender Apk Latest Version 2020

You can use the download link below to download the Xender app on your Android device for free. The apk file is 100% safe to download and install. You can download it without any doubt or worry. If the download link is not working for you, just comment down in the comment section below, and we will fix the download link. It is a direct link to download the app. If you want to know the installation process, we’ve provided the complete installation process of installing the Xender app on your Android device below. You can follow the process for a successful installation.

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Steps to Install Xender on Android Devices

  • The very first step is to go to Settings>Privacy on your Android device and enable ‘Install from Unknown Source’ option from there. If you are having an Android 7.0+ device, then you need to enable the permission of your browser and file manager to install an external apk file. If you’ve already done it, you can proceed to the next steps.
  • Download Xender apk latest version from the above link.
  • Open the file manager on your device and go to the ‘Downloads’ folder.
  • Click on the xender.apk file to install it.
  • Click ‘Install’ to install the app.xender apk
  • It’ll take a few seconds to install the app. Just wait until the installation process completes.
  • After completing the installation process, you can open the app from your app drawer.
  • Follow the same installation process on the other devices that you want to receive or send the files.
  • Enjoy!

Final Words

So guys, hope you liked this post. If you liked, you can use the share buttons below to share this post with your friends and family on social media. Share this post if you want to tell them about the features of Xender. If you want to give feedback, feel free to use the comments section below. If you face any problem during the installation process, you can comment down in the comment section below and we’ll try to solve your problem Visit the Homepage of Androclue if you want more apps like this.

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