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13 Marketing Tools for Startups

Build Profitable Online Business

To build a powerful online business, you need the right marketing tools. Because they help you to plan the right strategy for your business. Stats announce that more than 80% new businesses fail after one year. Why? Because the beginning isn’t planned well. That’s why, i present these 13 marketing tools for startups. They will help you to build a powerful online business.

All these tools are free, you don’t have pay any dollar. Just, start your business and save your money for upgrade plans- some of them- when you are ready to explode your business.

First, what do marketing tools mean?

Marketing tools are a whole of products, strategies, ideas and actions that a company use to make huge benefits and improve its service or products successfully. 

In other words, all tools or ideas that can stand your online business from the crowd. And generate huge targeted traffic, turn this traffic into real profits. Which help your business to build a powerful brand.

Also, these tools help you to market your business professionally and beat your competitors.

Pixabay for your visual design

So, Pixabay makes it easy, if you want high quality graphic designs for free. Add some of the vibrant high quality pictures, as they can work as a natural attractor. Download some of the best pictures from stock photography and use them on your website.

What do Startups mean?

Startup means new company or online business in its first stage of operation. That means it needs more help, more time and  more work to stand out.

Also, these startups are small business. Usually, they are found by one or a small group of founders of two or three persons. 

So, this type of business is in the stage of testing, marketing and developing ideas or strategies. Which help to find the profitable one. That’s why, they need these 13 marketing tools for startups. Because they will save much time, effort and huge money for any startup!

What are the benefits of these tools?

These 13 marketing tools are a need for any startup, because they offer the right data to:

Build a powerful online business easily provide the right ideas and strategiesGenerate targeted trafficTurn this traffic into loyal customersMake huge profits for any nicheGrow its brandSave time, effort and money

What are these 13 marketing tools for startups?

As a startup, you need:

Google Search Console

It’s a free Google tool to help you to measure your site’s traffic and performance. This tool is goldmine for you to find the right keyword to rank higher in search engines. Also, it gives all data you ever need to improve your website performance. 

Moreover, Google Search Console provides you with all issues, you should fix in your site. Which help you to rank and reach the right audience. That means huge benefits for your business.

And that’s why, all marketers use this tool. Because it helps their businesses to grow faster.

In one word, Google Search Console helps you monitor, maintain and increase your traffic massively for any business.

So, learn how to read its data, if you want high rankings!

Google Analytics

It’s a great free Google tool too. This tool lets you to track and report all your traffic from all sources. It gives the real issues of your site and where you should focus your effort to get more benefits.

Also, it measures all website’s factors and provides with you with huge data such as: Insight data, real time data, your audience data, acquisition data, behavior data, conversion data and much more…

All this make google Analytics the best Google free tool, you need to know everything about your site and then analyze this data to profit from your online business.

Just, learn how to analyze this huge data to take action on your marketing business. Because the right analyze means to take your business to high level!

So, it’s important to use Google Analytics data to improve your online business. 

Unfortunately, many marketers don’t use this great free tool!

So, learn how to profit from your Google Analytics data, if you want to make huge money!

Google Trends

It’s another Google free tool to market your business successfully.

Google Trends provides you with the popular search terms in Google search  across many locations and language. Just, type your keyword and it gives its popularity in this location. Also, it suggests the related terms too.

So, it saves much effort because it offers the trending topics in your location. That helps you to focus on the trending terms in your business to make great profits.

Therefore, you don’t need to pay for popular topics in your location.

Google Planner – Google Ads

It’s a free Google ads tool for newbies and experts that’s helps to search for the profitable keyword within your niche.

This profitable tool gives the new keyword ideas for your campaigns to reach the right audience for your services or products. Which saves much time and money. 

So, you don’t to pay for relevant keywords in your niche.

All you need is a free Gmail account to profit from this great tool!

Really, Google Planner is the best tool you ever need to find the winner keywords for your business as startup. But if you want to explode your business, you can use many paid keyword tools too like Keysearch Starter!

Google Wants You to Succeed!

Google My Business

It’s another wonderful free tool for local business including Search and Maps. Which drives unlimited free targeted traffic to your business.

So Google My Business is a profitable marketing tool for you as a small business. Because it drives huge customers to your business for free. All you need is to very and edit right information to help customers to find your business.

Moreover, you can have many businesses under to one account for free. All you need is to focus on accuracy and the value of your business. That means Google want you to succeed as a startup.

For any question with your Google My Business visit this link.

Also, to learn how to add your business listing through Google My Business for any device click here and you will get a full detail.

Google Tag Manager

It’s a free tool to manage all your website tags in one place and without modifying the code. 

Really, it’s an easy solution to manage all your tags such as: measurement,  conversion tracking and marketing optimization JavaScript tags… That means you don’t need any web developer to deploy your website tags. 

All that has a great marketing benefits for your online business. Because you can track all your data easily and use it to grow your business faster.

For detail information about Google Tag Manager click here.

PageSpeed Insights – Google Developers 

It’s a Google free tool to analyze your website’s content and suggest the issues and how to fix them to rank higher in search engines. 

In other words, it provides the real speed data about your website for mobile and desktop devices and how to fix any issue. 

So, it’s a need for your business, if you want to speed up your site and improve your performance. 

All stats indicate that customers want a website that loads under 2 seconds.

Therefore, speed is everything in online business. Because faster website makes your visitors happy and turn them into loyal buyers.

So use PageSpeed Insights to improve your site performance and make huge profits. 

Also, you can use other free tools to  improve your websites performance such as: gtmetrix, pingdom speed test, webpagetest, test my site, mobile friendly test thaipokerleak They are all great and free.

Hemingway Editor

It’s a helpful free tool to edit your writing. This tool helps you to correct all your writing errors and make your writing bold and clear. Which improve user experience and help you to create a good content.

Just, copy and paste your text into the editor or write in the app. And then click on the Edit view to see where you should make improvements.

Really, Hemingway editor is a need for your business to create a great copy or content!

Pixabay for your visual designs

Pixabay is an amazing free tool to find and download your perfect image, video or any graphics for almost anything. 

The best of all, Pixabay offers high quality designs for free to use commercially. Which saves you hundreds of  dollars every month to buy  visual designs for your business.

So, Pixabay makes it easy, if you want high quality graphic designs for free.


Mailchimp is the best email marketing service you need for your online business. Because it includes many profitable services like: 

Email marketingAds serviceProfessional landing pagesCRM (customer relationship management) tools to explode your business!

All these services make Mailchimp unique and profitable for any online business.

Plus, Mailchimp has many marketing plans, it depends on the number of subscribers:

Free one for less than 2,000 subscribersOther plans for for more than 2,000 subscribers

Well, Mailchimp is an all in one marketing platform. That helps you to manage and communicate with your customers easily. Also, it includes beautiful designed templates to use for business.

AddToAny Share Buttons

It’s free plugin to share your site’s content on social media sites with one click. Just, install AddToAny plugin, activate it, edit social buttons you want in its setting.Then share your content on social media you choose.

Also, your visitors can share or save any item using a variety of services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email…

So, AddToAny is a great social button to share your content on almost all social platforms.

Optin Forms plugin

Optin Forms is a free WordPress plugin to collect emails for your online business. As it allows you to create great optin forms for your website with a few clicks. Which means no skills needed to create stunning optin forms .

All these optin forms are well designed, customizable and easy to use.

Plus, Optin Forms integrates with many big email marketing platforms like: Mailchimpl, Aweber, GetResponse…

That’s why, Optin Forms is the best tool you need to build a powerful email list for your business.

For more details about Optin Forms as: Full description, installation, reviews, support… click this link.


SurveyMonkey is free tool to create and send your survey to your subscribers. This survey can be questions ( up to 10 questions), text, image… That allows to collect profitable data to know your audience and what they need.

In other words, SurveyMonkey is an amazing software. It creates your professional online survey for free. Which will provide you with profitable data to use in your online business.

But SurveyMonkey has an upgrade plan to explode your business with more benefits. 


Well, these are the best 13 marketing tools for startups, you ever need. They will save your money and help to build your online busines

Almost all these 13 marketing tools for startups are free. That helps you to focus on your marketing strategy and how to improve your business.

The most important is the data you get from these tools. Which you should gather, read and analyze carefully. Because it’s the key for your success!

In one word, it’s all about data and how to use it successfully.

What do you think about these tools? Will you use them?

Thanks for reading…

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