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5 Best POS system for small businesses

Technology has changed the ways and means of the business are operated. It includes everything right from contactless payments, online sales, tracking employee performance, sales, inventory, and many more. The surveys and report state that retailers have started prioritizing omnichannel experience and have been replacing or upgrading the current POS. The point of sale system must be selected on the basis of pricing packages, features, customer service, software and hardware options, user-friendly interface, etc. We will look into the best POS system for small businesses.

Best POS system for small business

There are a number of POS systems available on the internet. Selecting the most appropriate for your business is a tough task but considering the features it provides and your requirements you can choose one. 

Mentioned below are the best POS system for small business:

1. Square

Square is rated the best overall POS system for small businesses due to its flexibility and plenty of room for up-gradation and updation, versatility, and several pricing options. To customize the set up the company provides iPad stands and mobile square readers. With every pricing plan, the features included are:

  • Barcode scanning.
  • Options for an electronic gift card and invoicing.
  • Selling capabilities on social media platforms.
  • Inventory verification and updates.
  • Reports for sales.
  • Tracking of time.
  • Timecard reporting.

 Square provides efficient integration and combination with other software such as SumAll, TaxJar, Xero, Quickbooks online, Weebly, WooCommerce, etc. With the premium version, the users are also able to add extra services such as payroll programs, email marketing, loyalty, etc. Customer support is available to the users through email, phone as well as through seller community and supporting articles.

The processing fees sometimes seem to be expensive and the loyalty program calls for an extra fee.

2. eHopper

One of the best square alternatives with all the requirements a small business needs and also at a very affordable cost. This software is clearly stated as the best value POS due to its affordability and best of the features offered such as integrated credit card processing.

The features provided by the POS are:

  • Management of inventory.
  • Email as well as print receipts.
  • Management for the tip.
  • Options for reporting.
  • Customer management.

The most important feature of eHopper is that it is easily compatible with Poynt terminals, Windows PC, iPads, Android tablets, etc. Other hardware options include accessories, stands, tablets, scanners, credit card terminals, cash drawers, thermal printers, hardware bundles. 

The credit card processing fees are charged to the customers in this POS

3. TouchBistro

The POS is designed specifically for the restaurant industry and is stated to be the best for this industry. The restaurant-specific hardware and the restaurant inventory management tools make the POS more specific for the industry. 

To support the operations innumerable features and tools are offered by TouchBistro:

  • Intuitive touch controls specifically for table management
  • Menu management remotely.
  • Adding recipes for the management of inventory costs.
  • The reports and data can be accessed through a cloud portal.

Popular programs such as 7Shifts, Sage, Quickbooks can be easily integrated with the POS. Tools and types of equipment for payment devices, iPad stands, networking hardware, cash drawers, kitchen and thermal printers, AmpliFi Meshpoint HD, Apple Tv, Apple Mac mini computer, iPad can be selected from the hardware partners for TouchBistro.

The easy-to-use interface and the 24 by 7 customer support through phone, email, chats, etc make the POS more fascinating and attractive.

4. Vend

Vend is categorized in the Best Retail business software or POS. Advanced inventory analytics and management, user-friendly, compatible with several types of equipment make the POS outstand among the others.

The inbound features that the POS offers for the convenience of the users and the support to retail operations is as follows:

  • Inventory management on a real-time basis.
  • Innumerable employees and products.
  • Receipts for printing and email that can be customized.
  • The entire management of cash.
  • Inventory control levels. 
  • Easy access to different kinds of reports.
  • Mobile dashboard.

This software can be integrated with almost all the credit card processing companies such as Mailchimp, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Xero, Quickbooks online. The customer support is thorough to solve the queries and is highly responsive through phone center, knowledge base, in-app live chat support.

5. Shopkeep

Shopkeep is yet another perfect square alternative and is categorized to be the best for inventory management. A cloud-based POS system, with an advanced inventory tracking system, this POS offers a very simple and user-friendly interface. 

Mentioned below are the impressive features offered by the POS:

  • Unlimited transactions.
  • Payments of customers through text message.
  • Unlimited inventory items.
  • Sales data on a real-time basis.
  • Matrix inventory.
  • Management for employees and rewards.
  • Innumerable inventory reports such as inventory value, sales trends, etc.

Some advanced plans also offer free eCommerce, invoices, and online ordering for a limited period of time. The retail kit of Shopkeep includes a label printer, barcode scanner, contactless credit card machine reader, iPad enclosure, Receipt printer, cash drawer.

Final Thoughts

To select the best POS system for the small vendors and businesses several factors should be considered such as features offered, payment processing options, costs, hardware types, subscription fees, and price. The monthly cost for some of the POS is too high and when it is a start the hardware also is a burden on the pockets. However, there are some affordable plans as well to start with. Also, financing options are also offered.

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