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5 Free Online Fax Services ( Updated in 2021)

If you are looking to have free online fax services but have concerns over reliability and privacy, then we have got your back and have brought a rundown of online fax services. You can choose any one of them and get your online faxing start.

When having these services you can make the most out of them and drop off the burden of manual work from your shoulders. Stay here with us and explore the most reliable free online fax services you can ever come across.

1. CocoFax

How can we not mention CocoFax while talking about Online fax services? It is a free online fax service making people’s business easier and convenient. You can depend upon it without having any doubts.

This application has everything to fulfill the necessities of faxing. No fax machine, paper, or such thing is required. You can even fax from a Mac or any electronic device that can be connected to the internet if necessary, and you are good to go. 

5 Free Online Fax Services ( Updated in 2021)

Mobile Service

CocoFax also has mobile services for its users. The users can get the application from App Store or play store. The application is available for all operating systems. It doesn’t matter if you have android, windows, blackberry, or IOS.

In case you want a visual presentation of how to fax using a mobile phone you can also watch it on the link provided as follows.

Availability of Application 

CocoFax is available for all devices. It doesn’t matter which operating system. All that matters is that it should directly visit the web page connected to the internet as it is an online service, so it requires the internet for its work.

You can download the application from the play store/ app store or directly visit the web page. 

Hassle-Free Fax

CocoFax allows users to fax hassle-free. The uses are eligible to fax across 180 countries. The user can be anywhere and can send a fax. Even the user can compose fax and add the time when to send the fax will be sent on the time marked. 

Once the fax is delivered within a minute, the user will also receive the delivery report. CocoFax provides high-quality results at very cost-effective prices. You can check the details on the official site of CocoFax.

Fax Covers

There are a variety of Fax covers on the homepage of CocoFax for the ease of its users. The user can select any of them and can use them. All the fax covers have been made keeping in mind the needs of businesses of all sorts.

Free trial and money back Guarantee

CocoFax offers a free trial to all the customers prior to a subscription to the paid package. The free period enables the clients to learn about the application. Though not all features are accessible in the free period, those available are enough to understand the workings and stuff.

If the client feels that this application is not suitable for his work or does have some issues can claim his money back as the company gives a 14-days money-back guarantee. You can visit its homepage to know more about it. 

Business Status

It doesn’t matter what status your business is at. Whether it is a startup or the established one, CocoFax will work for both of them equally. However, the client can choose the subscription packages according to his needs.

When having CocoFax by your side, there is no compelling reason to be stressed over anything. It is a solution to all your problems. It will save you from all the manual work you had to do to send a mere fax. And you can do it all within just a single tap, and there is no need to worry about it.

CocoFax comes with complete security to cover up its clients and protects their data from getting leaked or being viewed by any third party. You can get yourself at ease as this service makes sure to keep privacy intact.

2. MyFax

Another free online fax service is Myfax. It is a solution to your modern faxing needs. It has all the features a person requires to have for his online faxing work. Nobody can deny the ease that MyFax brings into the life of its user.

MyFax allows the users to fax digitally, eliminating the problems of printing, scanning, or even having a fax machine. With this service, a person can fax while traveling. It is a super time savior. Anyone can have its icing on the cake is that it is very easy to use.

Any person with the essential know-how can use this application without any problems. Still, if he faces any issue, he can contact customer care which is operational 24/7. They help throughout unless the concern of the customer is resolved. 

3. FaxBurner

FaxBuner is a top-rated faxing application available for all electronic devices. A person can send a fax in less than 30 seconds. Nobody could have imagined it, but now it is possible. What are you waiting for? Upgrade with the world and use this new form of faxing.

It has many features which make the life of the user easier. It allows you to send and receive a fax for free. Isn’t it incredible? It also offers a free fax number which the user can use for 24 hours or a lifetime by subscribing to the premium package.

4. FaxPro

FaxPro is a high-performance application to help businesses and working groups with their faxing problems. Many small businesses can not afford a fax machine or the expenses related to it. FaxPro is their go-to way as it does not require any fax machine to operate.

The user can operate it from his phone, PC, tablet, or any electronic device. It is also environmentally friendly and helps people to stop the cutting of trees and make leaves greener. It cut down the huge expenses of printing, scanning, paper buying, etc. 

When having FaxPro side by side, the user can relieve himself from the tension of faxing as he can send fax at any time at any place. Also, it has economic plans to cover everyone. 

5. FaxFile

The last application today on our rundown is FaxFile. It is also a free online faxing service. It is offering a range of features to its customers. It is super reliable and makes sure to keep the privacy of its users intact.

To use this service, it does not need to go through any complex commands as it is very convenient. Anyone can make the service work without any problem. Also, there isn’t any specific browser or device required to use it. You can use it on any of your electronic devices.


We have mentioned the top five free online fax services. You might have found the one which suits best to your needs. Don’t waste your time looking around for a reliable application. You will not find anything better than these. Don’t forget to give us feedback as we are looking forward to it.

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