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Do you know who a teamwork administrator is? If so, probably you are here to find some worthy exams and certifications for this job role. If not, you can read this article to know how great it is to be a certified specialist or strive to become one. In any case, you will dive into the world of managing Azure workloads and Office 365 and explore the test that can lead you to the Microsoft 365 Certified: Teamwork Administrator Associate certificate. We bet you can’t wait any longer, so let’s take a look at the Microsoft MS-300 exam, which is part of requirements for this associate-level credential. In this blog, you will know how to Pass Microsoft Certification Exam with High Results.

Exam Profile

Microsoft MS-300, or Deploying Microsoft 365 98-349 Teamwork, evaluates the individual’s ability to perform specific technical tasks, for example, configure and operate Teams, OneDrive for Business, workload integrations, and SharePoint Online. The candidates for this certification test are those teamwork administrators who are in charge of configuring, developing Azure workloads and Office 365 that focus on effective and dynamic collaboration and adoption. These specialists operate services, apps, and supporting infrastructure to meet business requirements. They also must be able to develop, manage, secure, and migrate OneDrive, Teams, and SharePoint (online, hybrid, on-premises).

The teamwork administrators are involved with decisions related to governance and cooperate with other administrators to implement these decisions made by governance bodies. They also collaborate with:

  • voice administrators (to integrate voice capabilities in any company);
  • messaging administrators (to configure security and options related to email tasks);
  • security administrators (to ensure end-to-end security).

It is also important to note that the candidates for Microsoft MS-300 should have a basal understanding of integration points with the following services and applications: Yammer, Stream, Office, Flow, Project, Planner, Microsoft Graph, and Power Apps. The administrators also have an insight of Azure Active Directory, networking, PowerShell, SQL Server management concepts, Domain Name System, and Windows server administration.

The Microsoft MS-300 exam contains about 40-60 questions that the test takers have to answer within 2 hours. It is administered in two languages: English and Japanese. The passing score is 700. The exam costs$165 for the students from the USA. If you want to know the price applicable for your location, visit the Microsoft certification webpage.

The Deploying Microsoft 365 Teamwork test comes with 4 main topics that should be learned before the exam date. You should configure and manage the following:

  • (35-40%): SharePoint Online 
  • (25-30%): OneDrive for Business 
  • (20-25%): Teams 
  • (15-20%): workload integrations 

The percentage associated with each objective shows the number of questions that can appear in the actual exam. But you should pay attention to each topic area, regardless of its percentage.

Preparation Process

After knowing that the Microsoft MS-300 exam is meant for the teamwork administratorslike you, and you have made up your mind to take it, you will definitely ask yourself what you should do to pass it with flying colours. After all, no one takes any test to fail.So, where exactly should you start your preparation? Generally, this processis usually a tedious task for manylearners, and most of us don’t like it. However, the necessity and benefits of the end result such as earning a sought-after credential usually makes us just continue such tiresome preparation.

In this section, we have discussed a general preparation strategy that will help you pass the Microsoft MS-300 exam with relative ease.Some individuals can greatly consume textual data, while others remember the lectures very well. On the same note, other people prefer scribbling or writing down information so that they can remember and get ready to take the test. Depending on what works for you, you may decide to use one or combine two or more of the following preparation methods.

  1. Usebooks alongside otherstudy materials

There are so many books and guides that Microsoft provides for theMS-300 exam, which the students can use to learn and improve their knowledge to take the test with increased chances of passing.Apart from the officialtutorials, you can also learn about everything that this certification exam entails through the Microsoft Virtual Academy. Here, you will get all the objectives explained into details and practice tests that will help you benchmark your knowledge.You can also make use of training courses to increase your chance of success in MicrosoftMS-300. It’s advisable that you find more materials from other online sources such as Prepaway.

2. Join an online study group

Preparing for Microsoft MS-300 alone might not be easy for most individuals. We recommend that you identify and join a good online study group. You will benefit a great deal from these communitiesbecause you will meet the students who are also focused on preparing for the same exam as you. An online study group is a great way to meet and communicate with other professionals and like-minded people. Joining such forums allows you to clarify your weak areas and ask questions for the best exam experience.

3. Usepracticetestsvia exam simulators

Attempting any certificationexamvia a virtual online simulator is the best way to evaluate your knowledge and determine how good you are before sitting for the real test. These simulators usually create an environment that is exactly the same as that of the real test. It is good at quizzing the learners with questions. What’s more, such an environment will also quiz you with the pressure of the actual exam. As for practice tests, they give you the best learning opportunity anda more accurate prediction regarding your chances of clearing the actualtest.

4. Take a training course

If you think that self-studymay not be enough to help you ace this exam, you can register for and take the official training course,which will be taught by the certified professionals in the lecture hall or on the Internet. Taking this course is usually the best and surest way to prepare for any certification test.


We hope you find everything you want in this article. As you can see, the Microsoft MS-300 exam is not so easy, but with thorough preparation you can pass it with high results. For this, you should visit only trustworthy platforms (Microsoft, Prepaway) and use up-to-date resources (practice tests, video tutorials, exam dumps). Good luck!

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