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5 Reasons Why College Professors Love Assigning Essays

Getting homework assignments, especially essays, is something that most college students do not look forward to. After all, these writing assignments take a lot of time to complete. Students need to do initial research, outline, compose the draft, and edit. 

Although many college students may consider assigned essays a bane of their existence, they bring a lot of value to academic and future professional life. Understanding the importance of this type of homework could help boost performance and productivity. Find out why college professors love assigning essays below to prevent homework resentment. 

  1. Enforces a Better Understanding of Content Materials

Students who grumble about writing another essay and have annoyed “Can someone domyhomework again?” thoughts running in their brains must remember that college professors do this for their benefit. This task is not a form of torture but is there to instill the value of work. University instructors need to spend more time checking and correcting these written assignments. 

Doing the required written assignments is an investment in a student’s future. It develops vital life skills that could open doors of opportunities to help in school success, including success in future careers. After all, the discipline of practice increases an individual’s understanding of content material and skills. 

Writing essays makes concepts easier to understand since it allows the learner to apply theoretical and technical principles with real-world examples. So students must not don’t drag their feet in doing homework. It would help to take note of these tips:

  • Set up a dedicated space for writing projects and doing other take-home work to stay focused. 
  • Ensure the area has ample lighting and is equipped with everything needed to accomplish work. 
  • Set a routine for getting work done, and choose a time when the individual feels most productive. 
  1. Promotes Higher-Order Thinking Skills

College instructors give essay writing projects to help hone their students’ critical thinking skills. They usually assign topics that allow their mentees to reflect on the issue before jumping to a conclusion. Bear in mind every writing assignment requires learners to do the following: 

  • Think ahead
  • Conduct research
  • Assess the audience
  • Think of wording and organization 

Moreover, essays allow students to meet a specific goal: to inform, persuade, or tell a story. Because writing needs planning and research, it pushes individuals to look at different theories and check out various resources. As a result, they weigh the different sources and assertions they’ve gathered to come up with a position based on evidence. 

A writing assignment teaches the class how to observe and analyze various perspectives. More importantly, this task enables learners to state their ideas and words while properly laying arguments clearly. All of these tasks cultivate higher-order thinking which will benefit them upon graduation. 

2. Enhances Communication Skills

One of the reasons why teachers, including higher education professors, love assigning written work projects is this develops communications skills. After all, writing is all about words, and people use these words for everyday living. Although students may feel like incompetent writers, they cannot complete the assignment. Being given these essays challenges them to think outside the box and stimulates their brains. 

In turn, they get to practice writing skills while learning how to express themselves. Remember that writing is like a muscle that people must flex to develop and improve. Consistently working on essay assignments inevitably hones a student’s writing skills and enables them to foster strong grammar, syntax, and spelling skills. 

When students feel confident with the written word, it also encourages them to speak their thoughts out loud. Being a good communicator ensures there’s no room for any misunderstanding. Communicating effectively is also a way to strengthen relationships. 

3. Improves Time Management Skills

Essays are not something that students can wing and do overnight unless they’re truly gifted writers who have mastered the topic. University professors make it a point to designate written requirements to help their students develop time management skills. Since writing takes plenty of time, learners must be able to work on this task and meet the deadline while concurrently doing other responsibilities. 

In turn, doing these essays help students stay accountable and responsible for juggling their other requirements. When learners take ownership of a submission deadline, it encourages them to think independently. It also hones their problem-solving skills because they must be able to meet this requirement while fulfilling and balancing other obligations. 

This inevitably improves their time management skill, which is a vital trait that could help them throughout their career and life. After all, life has many deadlines, from credit card due dates to IRS tax filing deadlines. To help meet assigned requirements, students can do the following: 

  • Make a writing plan with clear goals
  • Break them into sections to make the work manageable 
  • Ask for guidance from a professor 
  • Avoid procrastinating and doing things last minute

4.Provides Additional Space for Learning

The time students spend inside the classroom is insufficient to understand key concepts fully. Having essay homework enables them to have more time for learning at home. This additional time can help the learners better understand the subject at hand. 

Although college classrooms are supposed to foster learning, they’re anything but warm and welcoming. Doing written assignments is an opportunity for every student to process and retain information within their comfort zone. As the saying goes, there’s no place like home, so doing essay assignments at home and using their own pace can help accelerate learning and development. 

Final Word

Although university students may not be fond of doing writing homework, it is important to understand why college professors always assign these writing projects. If students know why their instructors assign these requirements and how they benefit from them, they won’t resent or grumble about doing these tasks. 

Instead, students will feel more motivated to do their assigned writing tasks when they realize the role that essay assignments play in their academic life. If they understand how writing hones critical thinking skills, promotes understanding of materials, and fosters good communication, they will feel inspired to write. Knowing the benefits will also increase productivity, helping them become more competent students and more responsible individuals.   

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