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5 Useful Gadgets Your SUV Model May Be Missing

The global SUV market is expected to grow to 8 million units by 2027, according to ReportLinker. This success is largely thanks to their expansive sets of features, but there are some useful Gadgets your SUV model do not have. Some pay more attention to safety, while some are more interested in improving the entertainment suite.
So, what do you do when the SUV you have your eye on has most of what you’re looking for, but is missing one or more key features? You equip it with some nifty aftermarket gadgets to keep it up to scratch. Check out these 5 useful gadgets your SUV model may be missing.
Roav Dashcam C2 Pro 
If you’re getting an SUV from a lower-tier trimline, chances are, it won’t come with a dashcam. Fortunately, there are excellent dashcam options in the aftermarket. A great example is the Roav Dashcam C2 Pro. It features a 1080p video recording of up to four lanes of traffic thanks to its f/2.0 aperture Sony Starvis sensor. It also has a GPS logger that saves the camera’s location on its last shutdown. To top it off, it also comes fitted with NightHawk Vision technology courtesy of Anker, making night recording so much better.
The footage is easy to view, delete, and transfer through the Roav app, available for both Android and iOS. One downside is that the C2 Pro isn’t the cheapest dashcam out there. At $149.99, it can be a difficult purchase to make for those on tighter budgets. But if you have the budget to spare, its features are more than worth the price point, especially if you do a lot of night driving. If your SUV doesn’t ship equipped with a dashcam, the C2 Pro can easily bring it up to part with those that do.
Philips GoPure Air Purifier 
SUVs usually come with a basic HVAC system with its own air filtration system. But that only accounts for particles over 0.3 microns in size, such as pollen and dust. This ensures that minimal dirt will enter your cabin, but doesn’t protect very well against odors and airborne pathogens. Some newer SUV models come with N95-approved air purifiers to take care of that. But if you happen to have your eye on an older model, the Philips GoPure Air Purifier can still deliver comparable air purification.
The GoPure claims to be able to remove up to 99% of all disease-causing microorganisms from your car’s air. It also makes the same guarantee against smoke, harmful gases, and bad odors. It tells you whether or not you need to turn it on using a built-in air particle sensor. This sensor shows you how saturated with harmful substances your cabin air quality has become.
HUDWAY Cast Heads-Up Display 
The Heads-Up Display is a piece of tech that’s becoming more and more prevalent across SUV trim lines. First appearing in some of the top luxury SUV models, HUDs are now being introduced into mid- and low-tier lines. With the utility they provide, it’s easy to see why there was enough demand to motivate manufacturers to do so. But if your SUV doesn’t happen to include one, the HUDWAY Cast Heads-Up Display can prove a very potent alternative.
The HUDWAY Cast is compatible with smartphones of every stripe and operating system. First, you will need to mount the platform on your dash and download the app. Then, place your phone onto its platform, and it will project all the information you need onto a sleek, transparent lens. Street-level GPS directions, gas level, speedometer, calls, music, and even how much a gallon of fuel is at the nearest gas station. All available at a glance.
Rear View Safety RVS-770613 Backup Camera 
The backup camera is another thing that is slowly becoming a staple in most mid-high trim levels. With it, you have a full view of your vehicle’s rear, including all of the blind spots that you normally couldn’t see on your rear-view mirror. This lets you reverse without having to strain your neck to look behind you.
The RVS-770613 features a 130˚ viewing angle, 7-inch display, and 3-channel multiplier to support up to 2 more cameras. Extra features include a built-in mic to pick up any audio on the road, IR night vision, auto-dimming for overly bright conditions, and distance grid lines. It also comes with 66 feet of cable, allowing you to hook everything up regardless of your vehicle’s size, with plenty to spare.
Lanmodo Night Vision System 
While both dashcams and backup cameras can come equipped with their own night vision, they can be difficult to use for actual night-driving. That’s why if you’re on the road a lot at night, it is best to get a dedicated night vision system. The Lanmodo is a good bet for that purpose as it comes with a 1080p display and brightens up to 984 feet of the road.
Not everyone may have the money to afford all the trappings of a modern luxury SUV. But these aftermarket gadgets Gadgets Your SUV Model show that there are workarounds to outfit the vehicle you can afford with some comparable features.

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