Netflix Cuties Controversy: Accusations of Showing Lewd Visual Content

Netflix Cuties Controversy
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The leading streaming site is facing accusations for showing offensive content as per the Netflix Cuties controversy. The Grand Jury of Texas has brought charges against the site claiming that the depiction of children in their movie was obscene. However, Netflix is constantly trying to fight the charges, stating that they are unnecessarily shown in a bad light.

‘Cuties’ is a story about a Senegalese girl who is 11-year old and lives in Paris. The movie shows the rebellion of the little girl against the conservative traditions of her family. She wants to free herself from all restrictions and join a dance crew that fascinates her. In this context, the Texas Jury claims state that the movie shows this ‘little’ girl inappropriately. According to the prosecutors, the film wants to attract prurient interest in sexual acts. Moreover, they state that there is zero literary, scientific, political, or artistic value in the movie.

Regarding the Netflix Cuties controversy, a representative of the company says that the accusations lack any merit. Therefore, they want to stand in support of the film. Moreover, the motive of the film was to focus on social commentary. It is to protest against the sexualization of minors and teenagers. The film seems to become the target of all the protestors after a statement of Netflix. Earlier, they mentioned the use of inappropriate creativity as a marketing tool for the film. As a result, it faces all the lashing, and there is even a campaign by people against Netflix. There is a chance of mass cancellation of subscription if Netflix decides to feature the film on its platform.

The director speaks about the Netflix Cuties controversy.

Now, Netflix is suggesting people watch the movie once before joining in the protests against them. Moreover, Maimouna Doucouré, director of the film, states that there is nothing wrong with it. Instead, the film gives away a strong statement and shows entirely feminist content. She says that the content of Cuties reflects the real picture of society today. Besides, she believes it is the same reason people find it difficult to accept the film. Maimouna says that the real face of society is indeed ugly.

The director reveals that the subject of the film was real. Once, she was in Paris and saw a group of young teenagers dancing on the streets. That is when she started taking an interest in the subject and kept researching for over a year. She was curious to know the feelings of these little girls about femininity in the present society. Moreover, her research topic includes the impact of social media on young girls like the one in the film.

The premiere of Cuties took place at the Sundance Festival in January 2020. The film got Maimouna the award for the best director under the dramatic cinema category. The media sources covering the protests against the film say that this is not going to last very long. Besides, they are waiting for the movie’s initial success, and all the drama will be over very soon.

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